Thursday, March 3, 2011

15 unknown Chrome browser your killer app (Zhuantie)

 Why I wrote an article before Google
Chrome browser, be in use for some time after the Google Chrome little superficial knowledge, recently read an article in 15 Killer Google
Chrome Features You Might Not Know < br> About, feeling very surprised, the original Chrome there are so many useful features that I do not know, in these 15 functions, I know is that the copy and paste function, so the translation of this Article:
since released two years ago, Google
Chrome has been to maintain a steady upward trend, she is not without shortcomings, but she is simple, simple, but feature-rich. Here are some of the features, some of you may as early as to know, but you will certainly find hidden in this browser feature surprise you, this is the meaning of this article.
a fixed tab
just right-click in the tab, Select the
Second, paste and go / paste and search
If you copy a URL link elsewhere and paste it into Chrome's address box, you can choose to right click and select ;, the same token, if you copy a paragraph of text and want to search through Chrome, then right-click and select Chrome downloaded content through drag and drop to the desktop or any other computer folder, which means that, from now on, you do not need to change the settings each time the download location.
four, according to Resource Page
live Ctrl + Shift + I, you can call the Chrome browser offers the unique and striking feature of development tools, including the Resources section for the site administrator has a web page or any other site to know what the speed of Chrome browser Friends of information is very useful, as you can see the screenshot above, a variety of features to choose from.
Fifth, the Task Manager
Chrome browser, each page as a separate process handled So, if that page is a problem, task manager by the end of the process and prevent the whole browser to crash. She provides a built-in Task Manager, lets you view the page for each tag memory and CPU occupancy, you can by wrench - Tools - Task Manager or the shortcut key Shift + Esc to open.
six quick results through the address bar
Chrome's address bar, you know, a lot of google
toolbar contains the functions, but Did you know that Chrome's address bar can also be used to do some simple calculations, yes, such as input 12 * 50 and wait for a few seconds, the results will automatically appear (though the translator test it, it did not succeed, do not know how's going on).
seven, drag to adjust page text box
Maybe you think this blog comments text box is too small to write a few words will not drag down to continue to write? do not worry, Chrome browser, you can hold the text box and drag the lower right corner to make it bigger, you can try the Chrome browser, under the comment box of this blog.
eight, through address bar Search
If you have a website Site Search, the next time you can directly in Chrome's address bar directly Search, the specific method is: Suppose you had been the top right corner of this blog Search, So if you want to search again, simply enter keywords directly in the address bar, then click the tab, you will get a similar , About: Memory
you as a geek, Chrome offers a About: Memory page in the address bar About: Memory to view the different processes are consuming the memory of the details.
ten, creating Application shortcuts
Chrome you can create a shortcut to a Web page, the method is: Open the page, then click the wrench - Tools - Create application shortcuts, this feature useful to you need to frequently open the page. < br> XI sync bookmarks (AutoFills and extension) to the Google account
This is a very useful feature, in addition to sync bookmarks, you can sync your autofills and expand into your Google account.
XII Get iPad Interface
Yes, you do not need to see a iPad iPad on your page in what looks like, just on the computer, in Chrome, the specific methods see Switch To
iPad Interface In Chrome By Changing User Agent
String article.
XIII re-open all tags
Chrome browser has an option that allows you to re-open all just off the tags when the browser crashes, or accidentally close the browser and open when there are multiple labels very useful.
fourth, use full-screen button to switch the thumbnail
maybe you do not pay attention to this, but if you to open multiple windows Chrome and is used windows7 operating system, then you can use the F11 key in exchange for full screen zoom thumbnails appear.
fifth, plain text copy
last feature is not to say he is not important, instead, this hidden features very practical, at least for me it is. If you copy content from a web page, and then paste it into other places (in addition to a text editor such as Notepad), then the relevant HTML and CSS content copied from a.
under time, when you copy something from Chrome, and only when the text, use Ctrl + Shift + V instead of Ctrl + V, this result will be obtained paste plain text. 

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