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Compulsory meters shaped around the legendary point method, the Master unlimited ice. Era version of the family to play against the equipment ...

 Legend compulsory: m shaped around point method, the Master unlimited ice. Time to play equipment, and other versions of the family against the Experience! With tutorial
warriors and siege line will be blocking the delivery point font when the method of Wu Shimi.
Under In introducing the use of two small tiger how to adjust the unlimited ice (Mage will learn).
infinite adjustment over the Master's ice
plug recommend downloading 'timely fly'' ''BY '
are the same as the three external interface, the kernel, so it is not much difference with a personal feel BY stable. and support priests hands.!
specific transfer method: fine-tuning, the game 40. Attack 840. speed is not open. Super cards are not relative, professional knife in the assassination, automatic assassination. (no automatic fire, used to manually fire. not used to add their own `) following a knife quickly, move. attack hook seq. This transfer method, and then sealed the server speed will not be prompted for illegal, large-scale battles are not a card, and a knife fast. Daguai or both are no longer singled out other switch settings.
skills: cut because of the above plug-in support for NPC, so not many people out to find a place to practice post moves and more NPC cut cut. Although not move, but better than the people who will be moving! If not for your technology Laikan if they can help me. the most important. more songs, PK also need rhythm.!
soldiers plug transfer method!!
First, the shift should hook on the plug-in, shift after the equivalent of the hook the previous manual shift
on the keyboard also represents group P in the intelligence, because the only way to shift the hook real side of the PK side of the medicines can not stop! plug-in version of the game that many
usually you can hook on > There is a vocational program automatically brutal, the most appropriate in the circumstances if the hook is essentially its own level is the highest for the game of sand around a bunch of war or the enemy is always the case
your memory sets you can take the initiative to appear close to each other < br> and is often times the attack can be opened to the 4
are close to each other to automatically savage barbaric, savage and then we remember his first point as he opened the knife
to 4 times the apparent assassination attack the more pull the faster the speed
a lot of people open to the general habit of only 2 or do not hook does not hook the equivalent of 2
super brutal generally do not open if it does not matter
was running before the attacks in the times do not know that there is anything to go by is 1.5 2.0 2.5 ⒊ 0 3.5
I generally opt for the choice of 3.5 or other
move when you feel all the circumstances of the above I said after the card is opened, it shows 3.5 not
after declining 2.5 may be suitable for the
why I can near the top in the pharmacy a few people, that is, 2 points:
1 I kill fast
2 PK side of the medicines I can side with these two points up from the top to the real people
Quick medicines rely on digital
alt + number key you want to customary at 6 or 7
did not know that you found, I ran out of safety zone from the soil when in fact this is usually nothing to me but I ran
After going out to see other people near the pharmacy, I can immediately point about the formation of his attack, and then opening the NPC, to quickly buy medicine for a relatively cool at this time if the words can kill people, drugs are bought even if the opponents did not die, You can return quickly bought into when you attack people, to make their stand in the scope of the screen to see where
NPC just this evening I died several times, the memory units are surrounded by death savage no other memory sets of circumstances not around me, kill me 5 8
is difficult to kill me tonight in the soil as drug melee when a rival mage walking difficult for you to kill him immediately, If not killed instantly transform
another change those moments when I remember the rest of the Taoist Master
just PK process, I buy medicine for almost 80% of the time the screen is open !!!!< br > even if I die surrounded by others, I always broke when he died a lot of Xueshuang, not my myrrh, but sometimes the computer card, the next moment
another point, even off the screen, the hand still fast and rhythmically press alt + number keys, medicines were in fact still in!
relatively great pressure when the PK, I will open the screen almost always talk about the soldiers
medication other protection such as blood I 1000 soldiers, protected as far as I red more than 950 drugs to drink, if time is set as 3.00 seconds or sand our large line of battle or war opponents such as dense lines into the area, Xueshuang protection time can be set to 0.10 seconds to set even shorter
There was a garbage mouth, I rushed to the limit, do not know which family around the garbage mouth, surrounded by at least 5 layers, one person went so far as I rushed to open them!!!! time I Xueshuang less protection is set to drop Blood on the increase, the time interval 0.00 seconds!!!! the same time that I assisted to automatically brutal
and I now seem to only find timely BY plug plug plug on day shift the heart of the other two tigers seem to have such shift COM Brad and brutality by Gerry Crow HOHO PK also taught me a powerful high-level fighters out more
burden of PK I usually buy 4 other full Xueshuang a bundle of red that I return with medicine for many people to a VS group P
sometimes get stuck bit too fast this time will `look, or sideways with the brutal collision is quickly pulled a small mouse or a small retreat quickly back on plug, you can hook another point on the
is the plug and there was a professional orientation could hook on this brutal barbaric acts as directed, occupation to the faster
on fire, I suggest we all do not hook that he used manual I have a bad fire, if fire were on the hook, often contradictory and accelerate the assassination of my most used are: flight 0713 edition there is Version 7.22
timely PK is my hope that we can learn while PK side of the medicines (in order from the top people, even in the face better than your soldiers and equipment you can say the acceleration of the assassination (assassination is always faster than others)
burden in pre-space only a little while to press alt + numbers slowed down! If it is by too fast, a display pops up to buy drugs over the situation, To quickly press the Enter key!!! Sometimes drugs off the video out when the film press alt + R keys immediately!
Recommended plug: 'BY''
specific transfer method: Daguai state, the fine-tuning the game, magic speed of 150. speed is not open. vocational options for their own settings. This transfer method is not time version does not card magic card bit. PK state, just need to move to set high on the list, can also be used with the infinite. infuriating toilet paper a large-scale battles only 3.4 a day can make the magic warriors lie down, 3.4 1.2 seconds is the magic thing!

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