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15 unknown Chrome browser your killer app (Zhuantie)

 Why I wrote an article before Google
Chrome browser, be in use for some time after the Google Chrome little superficial knowledge, recently read an article in 15 Killer Google
Chrome Features You Might Not Know < br> About, feeling very surprised, the original Chrome there are so many useful features that I do not know, in these 15 functions, I know is that the copy and paste function, so the translation of this Article:
since released two years ago, Google
Chrome has been to maintain a steady upward trend, she is not without shortcomings, but she is simple, simple, but feature-rich. Here are some of the features, some of you may as early as to know, but you will certainly find hidden in this browser feature surprise you, this is the meaning of this article.
a fixed tab
just right-click in the tab, Select the
Second, paste and go / paste and search
If you copy a URL link elsewhere and paste it into Chrome's address box, you can choose to right click and select ;, the same token, if you copy a paragraph of text and want to search through Chrome, then right-click and select Chrome downloaded content through drag and drop to the desktop or any other computer folder, which means that, from now on, you do not need to change the settings each time the download location.
four, according to Resource Page
live Ctrl + Shift + I, you can call the Chrome browser offers the unique and striking feature of development tools, including the Resources section for the site administrator has a web page or any other site to know what the speed of Chrome browser Friends of information is very useful, as you can see the screenshot above, a variety of features to choose from.
Fifth, the Task Manager
Chrome browser, each page as a separate process handled So, if that page is a problem, task manager by the end of the process and prevent the whole browser to crash. She provides a built-in Task Manager, lets you view the page for each tag memory and CPU occupancy, you can by wrench - Tools - Task Manager or the shortcut key Shift + Esc to open.
six quick results through the address bar
Chrome's address bar, you know, a lot of google
toolbar contains the functions, but Did you know that Chrome's address bar can also be used to do some simple calculations, yes, such as input 12 * 50 and wait for a few seconds, the results will automatically appear (though the translator test it, it did not succeed, do not know how's going on).
seven, drag to adjust page text box
Maybe you think this blog comments text box is too small to write a few words will not drag down to continue to write? do not worry, Chrome browser, you can hold the text box and drag the lower right corner to make it bigger, you can try the Chrome browser, under the comment box of this blog.
eight, through address bar Search
If you have a website Site Search, the next time you can directly in Chrome's address bar directly Search, the specific method is: Suppose you had been the top right corner of this blog Search, So if you want to search again, simply enter keywords directly in the address bar, then click the tab, you will get a similar , About: Memory
you as a geek, Chrome offers a About: Memory page in the address bar About: Memory to view the different processes are consuming the memory of the details.
ten, creating Application shortcuts
Chrome you can create a shortcut to a Web page, the method is: Open the page, then click the wrench - Tools - Create application shortcuts, this feature useful to you need to frequently open the page. < br> XI sync bookmarks (AutoFills and extension) to the Google account
This is a very useful feature, in addition to sync bookmarks, you can sync your autofills and expand into your Google account.
XII Get iPad Interface
Yes, you do not need to see a iPad iPad on your page in what looks like, just on the computer, in Chrome, the specific methods see Switch To
iPad Interface In Chrome By Changing User Agent
String article.
XIII re-open all tags
Chrome browser has an option that allows you to re-open all just off the tags when the browser crashes, or accidentally close the browser and open when there are multiple labels very useful.
fourth, use full-screen button to switch the thumbnail
maybe you do not pay attention to this, but if you to open multiple windows Chrome and is used windows7 operating system, then you can use the F11 key in exchange for full screen zoom thumbnails appear.
fifth, plain text copy
last feature is not to say he is not important, instead, this hidden features very practical, at least for me it is. If you copy content from a web page, and then paste it into other places (in addition to a text editor such as Notepad), then the relevant HTML and CSS content copied from a.
under time, when you copy something from Chrome, and only when the text, use Ctrl + Shift + V instead of Ctrl + V, this result will be obtained paste plain text. 

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Compulsory meters shaped around the legendary point method, the Master unlimited ice. Era version of the family to play against the equipment ...

 Legend compulsory: m shaped around point method, the Master unlimited ice. Time to play equipment, and other versions of the family against the Experience! With tutorial
warriors and siege line will be blocking the delivery point font when the method of Wu Shimi.
Under In introducing the use of two small tiger how to adjust the unlimited ice (Mage will learn).
infinite adjustment over the Master's ice
plug recommend downloading 'timely fly'' ''BY '
are the same as the three external interface, the kernel, so it is not much difference with a personal feel BY stable. and support priests hands.!
specific transfer method: fine-tuning, the game 40. Attack 840. speed is not open. Super cards are not relative, professional knife in the assassination, automatic assassination. (no automatic fire, used to manually fire. not used to add their own `) following a knife quickly, move. attack hook seq. This transfer method, and then sealed the server speed will not be prompted for illegal, large-scale battles are not a card, and a knife fast. Daguai or both are no longer singled out other switch settings.
skills: cut because of the above plug-in support for NPC, so not many people out to find a place to practice post moves and more NPC cut cut. Although not move, but better than the people who will be moving! If not for your technology Laikan if they can help me. the most important. more songs, PK also need rhythm.!
soldiers plug transfer method!!
First, the shift should hook on the plug-in, shift after the equivalent of the hook the previous manual shift
on the keyboard also represents group P in the intelligence, because the only way to shift the hook real side of the PK side of the medicines can not stop! plug-in version of the game that many
usually you can hook on > There is a vocational program automatically brutal, the most appropriate in the circumstances if the hook is essentially its own level is the highest for the game of sand around a bunch of war or the enemy is always the case
your memory sets you can take the initiative to appear close to each other < br> and is often times the attack can be opened to the 4
are close to each other to automatically savage barbaric, savage and then we remember his first point as he opened the knife
to 4 times the apparent assassination attack the more pull the faster the speed
a lot of people open to the general habit of only 2 or do not hook does not hook the equivalent of 2
super brutal generally do not open if it does not matter
was running before the attacks in the times do not know that there is anything to go by is 1.5 2.0 2.5 ⒊ 0 3.5
I generally opt for the choice of 3.5 or other
move when you feel all the circumstances of the above I said after the card is opened, it shows 3.5 not
after declining 2.5 may be suitable for the
why I can near the top in the pharmacy a few people, that is, 2 points:
1 I kill fast
2 PK side of the medicines I can side with these two points up from the top to the real people
Quick medicines rely on digital
alt + number key you want to customary at 6 or 7
did not know that you found, I ran out of safety zone from the soil when in fact this is usually nothing to me but I ran
After going out to see other people near the pharmacy, I can immediately point about the formation of his attack, and then opening the NPC, to quickly buy medicine for a relatively cool at this time if the words can kill people, drugs are bought even if the opponents did not die, You can return quickly bought into when you attack people, to make their stand in the scope of the screen to see where
NPC just this evening I died several times, the memory units are surrounded by death savage no other memory sets of circumstances not around me, kill me 5 8
is difficult to kill me tonight in the soil as drug melee when a rival mage walking difficult for you to kill him immediately, If not killed instantly transform
another change those moments when I remember the rest of the Taoist Master
just PK process, I buy medicine for almost 80% of the time the screen is open !!!!< br > even if I die surrounded by others, I always broke when he died a lot of Xueshuang, not my myrrh, but sometimes the computer card, the next moment
another point, even off the screen, the hand still fast and rhythmically press alt + number keys, medicines were in fact still in!
relatively great pressure when the PK, I will open the screen almost always talk about the soldiers
medication other protection such as blood I 1000 soldiers, protected as far as I red more than 950 drugs to drink, if time is set as 3.00 seconds or sand our large line of battle or war opponents such as dense lines into the area, Xueshuang protection time can be set to 0.10 seconds to set even shorter
There was a garbage mouth, I rushed to the limit, do not know which family around the garbage mouth, surrounded by at least 5 layers, one person went so far as I rushed to open them!!!! time I Xueshuang less protection is set to drop Blood on the increase, the time interval 0.00 seconds!!!! the same time that I assisted to automatically brutal
and I now seem to only find timely BY plug plug plug on day shift the heart of the other two tigers seem to have such shift COM Brad and brutality by Gerry Crow HOHO PK also taught me a powerful high-level fighters out more
burden of PK I usually buy 4 other full Xueshuang a bundle of red that I return with medicine for many people to a VS group P
sometimes get stuck bit too fast this time will `look, or sideways with the brutal collision is quickly pulled a small mouse or a small retreat quickly back on plug, you can hook another point on the
is the plug and there was a professional orientation could hook on this brutal barbaric acts as directed, occupation to the faster
on fire, I suggest we all do not hook that he used manual I have a bad fire, if fire were on the hook, often contradictory and accelerate the assassination of my most used are: flight 0713 edition there is Version 7.22
timely PK is my hope that we can learn while PK side of the medicines (in order from the top people, even in the face better than your soldiers and equipment you can say the acceleration of the assassination (assassination is always faster than others)
burden in pre-space only a little while to press alt + numbers slowed down! If it is by too fast, a display pops up to buy drugs over the situation, To quickly press the Enter key!!! Sometimes drugs off the video out when the film press alt + R keys immediately!
Recommended plug: 'BY''
specific transfer method: Daguai state, the fine-tuning the game, magic speed of 150. speed is not open. vocational options for their own settings. This transfer method is not time version does not card magic card bit. PK state, just need to move to set high on the list, can also be used with the infinite. infuriating toilet paper a large-scale battles only 3.4 a day can make the magic warriors lie down, 3.4 1.2 seconds is the magic thing!

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Yan Huang recognition of years of Chinese Spring and Autumn

 Recognition of years of Chinese view of the world's reflection
mm Yanhuang transferred by the Spring and Autumn
【Note: This is a continuation of the , big and Bo chaos, small office maintenance. So there is a The general public can take a rational look at. No matter how the next national road ahead, after 49 and 49 before the history is need to seriously face the origin.】
1. spirit of the times and new perspectives
History is always a constant reading of new textbooks. people study history, not for hair to be nostalgic, but to reform and optimize their own reality and future direction. Therefore, each generation, and every era of history should be Recognition .1949 own years ago and the modern Chinese spirit of the times is the research model has its own rationality. The new era of China was founded in the spirit of the revolutionary struggle should turn to the pursuit of modernization. Unfortunately, this change in 29 years after becoming a reality. Study the perspective of modern history, There was also correspondingly change. New Perspective biggest difference with the old model is that it is more important from the Field Write down only briefly at a few key issues.
2. How do the characters in the old regime and its revolutionary
need to seize power. For all the old regime, listing the justice and to mobilize the revolutionary forces. which gradually formed a kind of mindset: the old regime without merit. the merits, not the conditions at the time of departure from the careful scientific analysis, put up a theology class, , leave it to the side of the reactionary line. It is the country of China after the Opium War knocking, learn from the West with progressive movement. It opens in China under the feudal system of Western capitalist mode of production with a prelude to the promotion of China development of social productivity. though not without negative effect, but is conducive to the development of capitalism in China, to follow the development trend of Chinese history.
⑵ Late Qing. including the revitalization of commercial, industrial incentives, to encourage the free development of private capital; reform military system, the gradual abolition of the old green camp, anti-Yong, training new troops; Abolishing, do school, study tour awards; Reform Bureaucracy, rectify the official and so on. is a more comprehensive reform, much of the old feudal system reform . is a reform of the nature of capitalism, in line with the trend of historical development, and have a positive impact. Some Western scholars; Despite the corrupt Qing Dynasty, but its existing form still makes sense, it is possible to force him to go through modernization and improvement of ⑶ Nanjing Government. Qing dynasty after the warlords, different decree, the initial realization of the Nanjing government of national unity. and she rescheduled the New Testament, tariff autonomy, building three years to accomplish something. and the imperialist countries have signed Treaty of Friendship, Commerce. it might not touch the fundamental rule of imperialism in China, but it reduced its privileges in China, in line with the aspirations of the people, under the historical conditions at that time had definite progress. She makes the imperialist countries to make concessions, China won tariff autonomy to set tax rates since, free, customs, and basic mastery and control of the customs administrative power. before the war years (1927-1937), economic development and industrial and agricultural production has been restored and developed .1936 year, the GDP reached a record high. transport has changed. years built eight thousand kilometers of railway, opened up a civil aviation. If you do not lay the basis for decades of economic construction, China has eight years of war in To achieve the final victory will be even more difficult.
⑷ War. The traditional view that the KMT never negative and anti-Japanese resistance to the doctrine, active anti-communist; liberated the battlefield as a major battlefield; War leadership is *** the other, not convincing. should say. A war, two battlefields, three regimes. China's Anti-Japanese War, the whole Chinese ethnic groups, all classes of the war together, and not at the same time there is a foreign war, a civil war. There are two anti-Japanese war, this is true. two different strategic position of the battlefield. Kuomintang army offensive in the front of the Japanese strategy, the positive charge of field operations. the Eighth Route and New Fourth Army in the back or flank the Japanese responsible for battlefield operations behind enemy lines. two separate battlefields, the implementation of different strategies and tactics. Kuomintang army fighting, mainly regular warfare, positional warfare. Eighth Route and New Fourth Armies Zeyi main guerrilla warfare. liberated the independence war, the deterioration of relations with the KMT the increase. between the two battlefields, there are contradictions and struggles, and sometimes very sharp. War period, there are three types of Chinese soil Regime: The Nationalist regime, liberated and occupied areas of the puppet regime of the colonial regimes. Kuomintang Chiang Kai-shek Anti-Japanese National United Front for a certain role to play. because they hold state power, without their consent and participation, it can not form a Japanese national united front, can not form a national war of resistance.
⑸ Emperor. He is Manchu imperial family in more accepting of new ideas of the emperor, life is the most important political activity in the Reform Movement. He accepted all the recommendations of reformers, there is a high degree of commitment to political reform. In fact, forge ahead if there is no dynasty, it will not have the Hundred Days Reform. He is trying to follow the example of China's first modern foreign to the liberal reform the Emperor of China. he has the serious weaknesses, but does not prove that he is just a Westernization of the emperor. It was by analyzing the dynasty during which the status and Chikamasa The main results, stated he is a patriotic bourgeoisie of the emperor. This new point of view, worthy of note. Guangxu failure, natural reason. If conditions change, dynasty, without fail, go along the path of political reform in China How will modern development? worth considering.
⑹ Li. can not simply say that he is a traitor. diehards at the time than he is enlightened. He dared to face the facts, unwilling to die in an attempt to self-reliance. He advocated learning from the West's advanced technology, the founder of a group of military industry, which is resistance to foreign aggression side. has to a certain extent, prevent and limit the expansion of foreign economic aggression forces, delaying the process of China's semi-colonial, the development of national capitalism played a useful role. He advocated by the Western capitalist Westernization of education to develop human resources, which is the rise of bourgeois power, there is a facilitating role. in the struggle to reform and conservative, he out in the wait and see pragmatic, and more are secretly sympathetic to the Reform. In the Hundred Days Reform, he supported the revitalization of industry and commerce, support waste stereotyped, Xing school, to reform the political system are not entirely against it. but he signed a large number of the diplomatic aspects of the unequal treaties, is guilty.
⑺ Yuan. can no longer simply that he is a Qieguotaidao. for him in the late Republic of China under the specific historical conditions of China's political, military, economic, cultural, diplomatic, all aspects of modern education process the main role played by, it should be affirmed. First of all, created by the Northern Yuan government, should see its future generations, between the Far East and the world pattern of impact. and recognizes, which was the inevitable result of social and historical development. forces at that time and people tend to contrast, the Sun can not compete with Yuan Shikai's. Yuan Sun is the political power to replace the result of competition. and Sun advocated the organization of the interim government and the development of the , nothing to do with conditions very different, can not be achieved. Second, economic reform from the Late Qing to the Republic of China, the capitalist system is replaced by a turning point in the history of feudal system, introduced during this period Yuan capitalist policies is a reflection of the historical development of general trend. In addition to the economic reform measures (such as the development of transport, the establishment of infrastructure, financial consolidation, reform of the currency), the Yuan has set up schools re-education, new educational modern big way, pay attention to enlighten the people. In addition, Yuan also advanced diplomatic modernization, led the recovery of many rights movement. Yuan in people's minds a long time, not fully figure out the basic facts, or preconceived notions and of the conclusions. Objectively speaking, Yuan Diplomatic Thought and Practice, has broken the principle of the late Qing Yi exclusive system is basically a positive weak compromise and struggle a combination of diplomacy theory and practice. As to the inevitable progress of a price to pay, from the perspective of historical development, should not be attributed to the Yuan people. Meanwhile, the Late Qing Dynasty on the cultural and political easing policy, Yuan positive role played by the objective should also be sure.
Yuan emperor certainly is not right, reactionary. but should not negate his entire political activities. the nature and different with Zhang Xun Restoration not to be surprised. China for thousands of oriental despotism tradition, too deep. so for every country to get the temptation to live. From Hongxian Huang Di, the chairman and Great Helmsman, just a few. The difference is that, given a heavier form of change to the heavy content, quality gradually improved, and even theory. time is getting longer and longer, but not over the addiction to death.
⑻ Soong. from the 20th century, 20 years to 40 years, he in finance and foreign relations and other fields, have a significant impact, the KMT regime's internal affairs and foreign policy-makers and key implementers. But his research, but it is not dare to touch the subject of mainland scholars. In recent years only a little breakthrough on the diplomatic front, especially in his work during the war, to be sure. Pacific War broke out, China has made in the diplomatic a remarkable achievement, Soong made an important contribution to this. in the diplomatic activities, he insist on safeguarding China's sovereignty. as he put Hong Kong, Kowloon and the United Kingdom and other concession in China, returned to China after the war, as the inevitable ending. his diplomatic activities, but also for China's international status after the war laid the foundation. the original beginning of the Sino-Japanese War, the U.S. government policy toward China is quite negative. The Pacific War broke out, TV Soong negotiated in carrying out activities in the United States success achieved, this cooperation between China and the U.S. war to establish and develop positive role to play. This man has a considerable period of time some progress has been the tendency played a positive role, is worthy of further study.
3. Reform or Revolution
over half a century, the mainstream ideology in China, the revolution was seen as the driving force behind social development, is paramount. This revolutionary, natural in a narrow sense, refers to the class struggle and violence to seize power . From this point of view, the peasant uprising of the previous are positive attitude, and as the main line of historical research, for the improvement, is very critical. However, the supremacy of the revolution, is questionable [25,26]. First that Many phenomena, does not have the necessity. when they are promoted as produce two different styles of political tradition: First Anglo-American empiricism, weight improvement, advancing inch by inch, spiral, cool Feats; the other is represented by France, the European idealism, easily revolution, Hurricane processes [ ,],[catch up. Finally, look at the world today. nearly half a century, peace and development become the theme. And the worship of violent revolution, while filling some of the region into a and become one of the causes of terrorism.
⑴ on the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. The traditional view that he is the first time in modern history to farmers as the main character with a bourgeois democratic revolution. it represents the masses of the people of China anti-feudal, anti-foreign aggression and political demands, the general direction of progress, the nature of justice. Recently, someone made a detailed analysis on this [27]. Taiping There are three achievements: a tremendous shock to the entire feudal order; Although does not exceed the peasant uprising in the form of the frame, but reveal the tendency of capitalist modernization; not dare to resist the Qing Dynasty, but also dare to resist gun ships and vigorous foreign invaders. but he has his faults, it should be realistic recognition. First, It does not bring about the liberation of the peasants, but for a certain name, the farmers are still bound under the feudal system of exploitation. its capital in Nanjing after the decision to implementation of the feudal landlord class, land tenure. Second, it does not make farmers of political freedom, not to establish the real power of peasants. has established a theocratic monarchy combined with authoritarian rule. Hong When the rebel garrison Guiping stone feet, Temple on the set of 15. to the founding of Togo, to 36 by the Legislative Palace. Tianjing to the capital, augmented by a further set of 88 harem. in nation-building when he made his son Hong Tiangui for the child the Lord, to ascend the throne. Yong in Guangxi When the state to decide who seized political power, active, and Leidai hereditary. Hong ruling, legislation no chapter outline disorders, renew, cynical. Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of God is to implement the right to rule. If it unified the country, China will be back to the dark period of history. The third , Taiping not represented or establish new relations of production. Fourth, it is not an analysis of Confucian culture as opposed to the mainstream of traditional Chinese culture, society at that time and later had a negative impact. Youyi Sibu Xiang Catholic to do signs, not for the national psychology.
⑵ understanding of Tseng Kuo-fan, said here on more convenient. since the liberation of the traditional view of Tseng Kuo-fan was completely negative, that he is foreign to surrender, internal counter-revolutionary massacre traitor executioner. In recent years, this view against the increasingly commentators, the evaluation is basically over with [27]. First of all, Tseng defeated the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, to avoid the Chinese history back to the dark ages theocracy. Second He is the Beginning of Modern China, who. Westernization Movement is the first modern history of the Movement. and its sponsors, advocates, and practitioners is Tseng. He was the first planning to set up China's first military facility mm Anqing by the Ordnance. He is not satisfied with hand-made modern boats cannon to send the first study in the United States of Yung Wing, the United States to make the machine run the machine purchased in preparation for the establishment of modern machine industry. He co-founded with Li Jiangnan Manufacture Bureau. He also promoted the development of science and technology and education in the modernization of .1872 to the United States sent abroad, opened to the West to send students of our history. He promoted the building of China's navy, for the manufacture of ships from the Navy establishment, recruitment and training of sailors, to the navy and the naval articles of association to raise funds for the formulation, have made a lot of exploration. after the development of the Navy are essentially the blueprint for the development according to Zeng. He of China Modern Movement, not only the Beginning of the first of the power, but also to make China's modernization path towards a very important step.
⑶ for the Boxer Rebellion. a new point of view, it is not a progressive trend of history. China old peasant war was over .20 to Taiping century, the bourgeoisie has been the political arena, the farmers can not alone transform China. Boxer Rebellion in the anti-imperialist, but also reject the capitalist mode of production of modern science and technology, against the all with the said to be regressive and reactionary history.
⑷ the nature of the Hundred Days Reform, no big change. but there are two views, it is noteworthy. One is that it is the bourgeois democratic revolution. it is pursuing a bourgeois constitutional monarchy dictatorship, the bourgeois reform movement is the essence of the landlord class to seize power is a preview of Revolution and reformism, and are essentially different. another point of view, it is the improvement or reform of the bourgeoisie. because the reformists do not agree bottom-up approach to launch a revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty, it can not be called revolutionary. But the improvements can not be confused with the reformist. can not be modified under any conditions are called reformism. the Revolution despite opposition, but Under certain conditions, can be transformed.
4. open and closed
modern capitalist mode of production first in the UK, and this is the result of many factors [18]. history to say, the occurrence of the Industrial Revolution is inevitable, but the place where, when, it is the result of historical events improvise. It can only happen in such makeshift occurred in countries, and then spread to the world. have the necessary conditions for more countries to accept industry Revolution also more rapid; and the less qualified the country to receive more for the delay; acceptable way, also show differences large and small. is absurd. particularly in China, the arrogance of the heavenly, the Opium War and the British and French troops knocked unconscious, the Sino-French War in 1884 also knocked unconscious, until the Sino-Japanese War in 1894 banged about, only a body Lueqian to Boxer, Boxer did wake up in China, said that it would spontaneously give birth to capitalism, real estate, really balderdash! different point of view, is true. First of all, her door is closed. This is her Chinese centered, stubborn arrogant mentality, are closely related. The closure of 600 years of hurt us, so we were thrown far behind the trend in world history. In modern times, has hindered the development of capitalism in China, and the introduction and development of science and technology. Second, thousands of years of our material civilization, spiritual civilization and institutions of civilization, are closed with a distinctive mark. often too deeply in love After the failure, there are thousands living on the territory of Kazakhstan to the present [28]. grew to 12 million people, known as the peasant economy. talking about is still the Qing Dynasty in Shaanxi dialect, do not understand modern Chinese. It can be said that the closed nature of modern civilization and live specimens. contact in the open country the tremendous changes in the past 20 years shows how important it is open to development .
Opium War, from the perspective of the revolution, the imperialist aggression against China and China's War of Aggression. This is no doubt. But look at the history of the world, from a development perspective, but The advanced modern Western civilization, and China closed the collision between civilization and backwardness. two civilizations, their territories, there must be a battles [29]. the latter's failure was inevitable. paid a terrible price, but accidentally got a lifeline, opening up and modernization, so that we gradually awakening from the sink .1840 mm1978, China's open door has been forced. or even adults, Deng said, . open the consciousness is gradually improving in practice. unequal treaties signed after the Opium War, naturally the defeat. but there are many unequal treaties, in fact, sent by their own door. is due to ignorance, the Qing officials and do not understand diplomatic rules to allow people to Mongolia. these bitter facts, but also teach us to understand the importance of opening up.
for the New Culture Movement, the traditional view of her outstanding nature of the political revolution. affirmed the new view in the new cultural movement and the May Fourth Movement, under the premise of mutual promotion, focusing on the May Fourth Movement salvation reflected in the theme, the theme of enlightenment and the New Culture Movement and the assimilation of the collision. enlightenment of the new culture movement started soon after had to suffer the salvation of anti-imperialist political movement, the two soon merge together. Initially, the Enlightenment and the momentum gained by the national salvation movement, the Enlightenment, in turn, provided to the Salvation ideas, talents and teams. but soon overwhelmed enlightenment salvation. salvation of the situation, the state the interests of the suffering of hungry people, overwhelming everything, overwhelmed the intellectual freedom, equality, democracy, civil rights and all kinds of wonderful ideals and needs overwhelm the individual dignity and rights of the individual attention and respect. particularly in the salvation of the revolutionary tide, in the difficult long-term political and military struggle, the officers and men came in with the farmers and peasants fought together in the environment, the concept of democracy and enlightenment are some of peasant small producers squeeze out the ideological and psychological structure, took the opportunity to revive feudalism.
New Culture Movement is the first time in modern history the great ideological liberation movement, there have been short of contending situation. liberation is to break through the shackles of feudalism, but also an open. contending is open, She was able to occur because the country was not unified, and as the Warring States period. as long as the unified, oriental despotism in this country, there can be a real contending.
5. also predecessors to have been Modern face of historical figures
, in the contemporary been distorted, altered the most serious, than Hu Shi and Lu Xun had. on Hu's so-called useless, wicked people! This is Hu?!, in turn, on Lu Xun, then take the crown of a Ding Ding scary, perfect, resourceful now! Mr. nether world to know about that approval? can not help first question to ask, why is this? criticism Hu is a warning shot, knocking Tiger Town. clean up all the scholars on the mainland too, immobility, subservience. deification of Lu Xun, the subject by the . it is intellectuals, but it is a do not have a heart. also previous to its original feature, when? predecessors, should not according to the needs of modern people to expect, but starting from the conditions he lived to see his role in the development of history . make political and academic (including literature, art) from different perspectives. political factors, will gradually fade with the development of history. And the charm of the academic, but it is eternal.
⑴ first look at Hu.
① political performance needs analysis. Take the violent conflict. [30]. He believed in positivism, not in favor of setting any *** there is no hatred. He said to himself, his life did not write critical Marxism, communism, critical articles [31], while the opposition KMT article was written. In his New Moon and other characters, once to promote , bribetaker better than clean government, out to help the government help. but raise the bail, the students, but also personally talked to jen [32]. the relationship between Hu Shi and very delicate. can not say he has no political ambitions, but he clung tightly academic research. habits of a lifetime is not off rogue Chiang Kai-shek, who is actually playing on top of Hu in the shares of the palm, but Hu is not clear on this point. scholar of the tragedy is here.
② Hu's achievements. In the May Fourth Movement, he advocated literary improvement, promotion of the vernacular, personal liberation, emancipation of women, against the feudal ethics, etc. [23], a significant influence. single take imitation of the ancients, should pay attention to grammar, not for no groaning disease are advised to hackneyed set of words, not typical, do not speak antithesis, not to avoid saying folk characters. not only that time, literature played a significant role in promoting development, that is, get the present situation, have great practical significance. Hu advocated learning from the West, he said, ; Just think, how Japanese imperialist aggression hid for nearly 60 years of strenuous self-improvement? bundles of unequal treaties, why could not the free development of Japan? Man of people willing to bow to the rich learning organization and methods is the fundamental spirit of the pursuit of truth. ] he modern Westerners, especially Western scholars since the nineteenth century the history of scientific method to organize thousands of years of Chinese thirty-four historical and academic, to its dregs, its essence, the true colors shown by [36]. < br> ③ problem and doctrine of the dispute. founding, has been seen as Hu against the spread of Marxism in China and evidence. This is an injustice. Hu's article [37], written and directed by the motivation to, is the head of the Department Anfu , pro-Japanese military's Don Han Jian Wang. such a person, it has also advocated shameless politicians can easily be harmful to do all things difficult the study and solve problems. vain effort to study the costs which addresses specific issues. All in favor of some, and some slight differences. . Hu's indictment, is completely out of context later generations, the result of wanton speculation. I've got two surprises: First, all kinds of evil things. diversified, it means to study the problem as the center, do not adhere to a doctrine, have all learned to solve the problem. It do not coincide with Hu? Hu article 80 years later, in the meaning of these realities, I fear, Hu Li, Sirs, would not dream of it.
④ Academic Pursuits. He has a very brilliant exposition, careful pondering, ever been. First, Bo and refined [39]. scholars, both broad, but also deep. profound respect, is his special knowledge. broad, the search of his next Expo. broad to almost all-knowing, deep dimension to his almost only use, and no one can . Bo helped fine, second is the ; they can say is the heart to hand to the Dharma. seeking truth, seeking evidence of ground. not the slightest wish is struggling, do not scribble, give an example, establish a permit, the next conclusion is not struggling. and is calm, calm, open mind to observe. objectively unreasonable examine all the facts and evidence , put aside their prejudices and to obey the evidence, and gave himself from the people. relief is quiet study, Mo jump to conclusions. Fifth, under the wise kung fu stupid. people There was not a domineering shelf. this point is to get this point of view, but also quite valuable. Third, meticulous scholarship. Fourth, ; tolerance is more important than freedom.
⑵ look at Lu Xun. can be said that one of the most controversial figures. So far the academic factions still hold its reasoning, the differences can be seen everywhere. Xun scholars in Taiwan have been efforts to play down the political tendency to them as traditional literati research. Japanese academics influenced by the mainland. Xun study of some Western scholars, with an obvious anti-Communist political tendency ...

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20th anniversary of the death of Hai Zi (a)

 Zi, the story of an era
the 20th anniversary of the poet's death the memorial day mm2009 Haizi on March 26, I sat on a train bound for home Hai, the same car, as well as the poet Nishikawa, poets and writers Daisen relaxation. Nishikawa as the most well-known Classics of the poet. Age poet has been born, that is, Hai! dining car drank too much wine, one asked the other: the night before the trip, opened the curtains, only to see vague shadows. suddenly was not sure where it will sail, only know that it takes a long time to arrive. maybe we turned the direction of the line against the tide, do not intermittently over the age of the drove.
that time, Hai Zi is ecstatic, proud of fantasy with a youth poetry, he at the end of puberty to the age of 25 of the body of the train lying on slow track, on suicide. It was like he was honest and frank and exciting poetry final signature, but also the beginning he was deified. The story of martyrdom for the poetry provides a simplistic but attractive fantasy mm great poetry does not come from special historical environment and the efforts of the poet, but a genius is always stuck in adolescence spontaneous emotion. He committed suicide the moment, has stimulated changing aesthetic ideals and life habits of the barrier, is also a sign of broader changes, ;, become a pillar of poetry, a symbol of idealism finished, a legend with the death of youth memorial.
that era, and guidance of our era today where all of this, but it is itself in today is incredible. At the time behavior, tastes, endowments, and now hard to imagine; was a dream has now disappeared; a time when the history of the new history has been smooth. that era 20 years ago, however, many people have personal experience, in retrospect, like a interval of 200 years. the pen name of camphor trees in the village street, in a Bay ponds, Haizi mm in front of his childhood to show he was playing barefoot in the fields, eat in the wild rice to neighbors, such as a mouse; He was also the night after the wheat harvest , is a view into the charred stubble burning, the feelings of center / are you burn hh the sky, absorbing the bright sky. the village of the young men work outside the home, leaving the elderly, children and mother, a typical village in southern Anhui, home alone and lonely. rapeseed grown like rural annual shell, with abrupt penetrating the heart of the vibrant.
as a spring rain, cold weather down, Hai Zi's mother, 75-year-old operating mining Jusheng a fire bucket mm one kind unique heating tool in rural Anhui, along the barrel has a prominent containing a point Tanpen, sitting bucket, feet stretched out on a baking Tanpen body. She is not flexible legs and feet, while carrying his hand a foot had stepped into the bucket to see my side of the trembling I sit in greeting. We next leg leg, the name pops rain eaves, the house quiet and dark. She took out from the edge of the bed a poetry? thick accent, carefully read slowly, often stopping to identify words, poetry has been turned too dark curling, uncommon word mark next to a simple yet neat homophones. she read the attached and br> mother (poems)
beautiful fruits of the wind the wind
little wind beautiful natural breasts
water beautiful beauty
no water, ah
time talking to you
the door of your house in the old poverty
beautiful cover (air, good water, that is our home so poor, he also felt the U.S. ah)
wind blowing across the prairie
green horse bones (which said that he himself, his own horse, just like that > biological mother of the blue lips

with the body (over his own chest)
covered with wild flowers of the piano rock

bones and glass
cloud cover
old, white hair hanging down to rest your
mother (he let me go to rest, but he now rest, I'm still alive)
quiet hillside Fuzhao son
Like the quiet mountainside flowing water
I sing rain clouds
beautiful tribute to marry
I know there is no use of poetry lovers (he had been going good Therefore, not used)
I sing I know I will eventually happiness and all the holy people

meet in heaven (he is now to heaven, he was happy)
mother sat on a low stool home to me (referring to a bench on the ground)
a stool as if it was my mother's snow roof roof

tomorrow morning
Rays ten thousand

I want to see your mother, mother
your foot facing the barn at dusk

I know that you become increasingly aging (she took off caps, let me look at her white hair)
language and the language itself well

like a mother always something to say, in riverside
cross the river in the experience
cross the river in the phenomena
flowers as soft wife
listening ear and a place full of poetry

listen to the water falls on Good Friday of the water
far (he went the distance, never come back)
Hai Zi's parents live in a House, the door The villagers are accustomed to it as a landmark. the emitting a smell and you can never forget the smell. The old couple gradually reduced, from the physical to the spiritual, as if staying here, they never closed the door, always welcomed visitors, quietly sat side by side, the exercise of Museum administrator responsibilities, feelings of is that the 8 back. Haizi not lived the old house, renovated in 2004, the pattern intact, it took more than 50,000 pieces, with the , cover a full six months, he just played in a hollow in the house, and now also hung an empty cement floor, and the village can not find more impressive than this, more of a light and spacious. such energy for? old people come to see, we can not shabby people joke. imposed mercy. He has a superior ability to survive, once known for the tailor, master planting, rural kiosk owner, tofu shop owner, he is no doubt the parents. Occasionally, he angrily entered the main room, shouting with dialect , just as calm after suffering people suffered temporary cynical. He distinguished, conceited, never been down. he backs straight.
Ju mining operation back a bit bent, a year fall, taper waist dislocation, had never healed. She s got a soft, thin face, mouth shut, the skin appears to float in the muscle, as if a windblown rose petals, or big black covered haystack plastic sheeting, rain and wind it lost its luster and flexibility, thin surface also give birth to a lot of bubbles. she is exposed to more clearly against the spirit of some, squatted her shoulders, she was so quiet, slow, cautious . She always was about two emotions: to pack belongings when Hai, Jiao yellow bird dog hair can call her laugh, it was bought Haizi work, Laotaibuxiao, and also play cat and the dog ah, that grow up Yo-old boy; turned unpaved covers the blue box on the sofa bed sheets, Hai Zi used his lifetime, she depressed to softly Well: , Hai Zi eve of the anniversary of the death of 20, a self-proclaimed Beijing boss came to the tomb of Hai rebuilt. room grabbed his hand, his eyes moist to scrutinize mm thick, the beard is more dense, and also split the folder mottled white spots ballast. She looked like another son. check is all it is etiquette not single out the slightest No comprehensive master, throwing chairs off the back of a jacket, shook themselves from the spirit raise visitors. They do not call Haizi imaginary name, the ; Hai ; not immediately buried, must be temporary in the temporary tomb In 1992, it buried the ashes of Hai Zi, graves small, front-end is set with a bottle of two bottles of Buddha Sakya Muni mm, a bottle of Green Tara, are Hai Zi September 1988 is to go to Tibet Mani Dui pick up from the back. in front of vertical tombstone engraved inscription: , calling him a Big Zhasa brother Charles spent two months Shuming tombstones rebuilt, retaining the original graves, cement casing in the above puzzle, widened, and established a small Beiqian huge blocks of granite tombstone, inscribed It is unique in the hills, self-contained pieces of cemetery style. worship before the ceremony, to watch the villagers head sweater, sitting on the cement edge of the grave basking in the sun on the steps. county leaders made statements, will be placed Peacock Southeast Haizi The story takes place to fly, Chen's hometown in this context, Nishikawa's hand is always Jinjinzuanzhao.
High River Middle School Speech Team, reading aloud, real start, enjoy the cool air, and squatting on the ground smoking, chatting, taking pictures, are solemn and there are like suddenly realized, poetry and the poet should not be forgotten. But it is only memorial ceremony, ; another highlight and flash back, it occurs far away with the poetry of rural Anhui, in the outside world, rarely recite poetry, the poet gradually becomes quiet. on the death of memory is too strong, far greater than Death claimed the life of the memory of the much stronger, Hai Zi has gradually faded image of the poet, the work of civil servants. that moment, everyone seems to have review and understanding of his death.
word. He would not talk about more. chrysanthemum mining operation only when the mother sigh mm inadvertently help him at home if getting a job, if he went south into business, if hh
1989 in the second half, Hai parents think reading useless, so the other three sons all dropped out. big brother Charles Shuming has three college entrance examination, the smallest check Shun Kwan, never graduated from junior high school. three brothers almost in years, and now were in Hefei, Xi'an and Beijing to work, selling physical and do a small business, living in straitened circumstances.
Hai Zi's alma mater, but also the alma mater of three brothers, the evening class of high river school basketball game on the playground. Students bursts whistle surrounded by a packed, playground back, once Haizi class teaching building, has long been demolished to make, from the Building rules, brand-new small building, in the past have been without trace. suddenly have the students recognized Nishikawa, people like Bay Colony came from the playground, autograph. no one has recognized the crowd outside the search Shuming, a manuscript he left behind like a lengthy period on the outside. He inherited the home Aishou check the stocky stature, dark complexion , simple and honest a little shy, but also entrenched the weight of life in him, as if that will never leave. He heaved a sentence: children a layer of gray, as if from a more distant years are passed down. The old couple still sleeping in it. Christmas midnight sea, mining operation, 31-year-old Ju, head of the two girls, because not only called the midwives, please doctor, a 2-year-old died and another lived only 7 days. Haizi born, the village barefoot doctor, and won the boy, the next few years, but also the first meet Pengguo three male, were large Shuming brother Charles, two brothers check into training, little brother Charles Chun Shun. Zha Wan there is a saying, boy, first child of a hard life, both prisoners and other family grams, in turn relatives gather a single essence. < br> 1984, the Hai family, the first show to the long poem he wrote, the money. and Milan. Kundera's daughter, has chosen that broke the engineer. the vibrant beauty. she work in the tea factory, had a good voice, good Huangmei, is the art troupe of the Tai Zhuzi factory. That year Rehearsal in the second prize. around tour of the station to the sewing factory, and found the whole investigation is. He h frail, 13-year-old school tailors, artisans have been known for more than 20 years of age. ; 50 years past, when I start speaking of love Ju adopted, only the light sentence. old hide their emotions, in front of outsiders does not reveal a trace of affection, can rely on and crushes between them even better than the day they met but also They made a strong mm for life, despite family opposition, ran away on foot from Linxian Qimen Huaining come and take a 5 days and 5 nights.
Hai was a child, is a beautiful round face and little boy , smooth skin, cheeks broad, gentle and pleasant. check hard-working family belongs to a class, and at that time, China's rural families, survive the winter, hunger, work overload, only natural that parents, eat, and can survive is the most important, intelligent, sensitive, romantic, nothing to do with the living, if that is the gift of an accident.
maybe it is a little bit with her mother, Hai Zi brought some rough and desolate village life out of tune characteristics. He loves clean, wearing his father's Dacron sewing a small package, the back of a small cloth bag, containing Quotations from Chairman Mao, a child head, ran down the street one day, a little mud on the shoes are not. read mining operation through private school in his daisy-old early childhood literacy to hand, so he took a hand, a palm-leaf fan and then told a small partner to listen to. He loved to sing, sing often minor: once selected, a soldier came to power a guest.
5 years old, Charles Wan's 48; in the second half he was holding hands sitting in a classroom investigation Wan Primary School into the .10-year-old to skip school .1975 in High River, High River away from the political center since high school, no suspension of classes due to the Cultural Revolution, transformation river, half-work half- Like school children did not back down, Hai Zi Li Zhi bring junior high school students increased in the question on the exam: Chile is very fuzzy image of the campus, just All of the stubborn temper is up, and rebuke, said: . In order to earn a home, work points, the day working on the tree, Hai Zi, the village and some people call him admitted to the University, he Cengceng climb down, breath and went for miles outside of High River High School. the family is very grand celebration ceremony , invited neighbors and distant relatives, to kill the head of 200 kilos of old sow, Zhi Teachers College after graduating high school to do to stay in High River language teacher, he faces all the Chinese secondary school language teachers have to deal with the problem: Let's talk about selection into the textbooks to the students of the it is optimistic or pessimistic. Zhi insists that it is the first positive beautiful poetry, but also explain the old school of suicide .1989 January 28, the last time they met back home Haizi retained the habit of visiting students , but also nothing to talk about, and that night stayed up late, Zhi pushing a bike trail along the Hai Zi village back home, but also means the then buried Luanfen Gang Hai. weather is chilly, the wind facial pain, as that what has been blurred in memory, Li Zhi, said he had never really understood the roll, but found that the root does not pull off the feeling. his parents, brother, little communication, like a lot to say, and even if only small things you can talk in mm on the ban has been in Beijing, he still loves clean, holidays back, insist on family tofu shop door that opened a large pot, burning a pot of boiling water, climbing into a hot shower. He quietly, like the cold weather in winter, find a place where the sun sit down and sped his pen, operating mining Ju asked him: inch black and white photographs, he also insisted to talk about his understanding of the causes of suicide Hai Zi: to social injustice, he chose to Shanhaiguan lying on rails, both the means of devotion to country, but also angry and helpless. you see he left a big beard, and dense and long, what would Marx, what would he. > 1986 -1987 years, Hai Zi in the Teachers will be teachers after graduating from

in a dawn and a simple farm girl fall in love with

But why I came to the tavern and city
with the whole village could hear the voice said to him: , Charles was all tears, and Hai see a little sad, eager for the future.
as the reopening after the second session of the new school and some terribly busy, not enough quarters, a class of 10 boys and a few more than 30 girls, are living in a large plain room. classmate Liu Guangan at first beheld Zi, he mixed with the noisy excitement of the new mattress in the bedding, if there is anything non-special, really small heads, age is also small, almost a child, but also quilt fabric has his march in a group of green is a very garish. law courses loose materials are not available, and everyone kept on simmering reading, archeology, philosophy, literature, poetry hh find anything to see what.
80 years of college campuses is clearly not the provision of social experience, not even the vocational skills training, they instinctively get admonished mm into the superb, from the reality of the knowledge of the Republic, the Republic of Greece, Germany, France, the United States for the traditional intellectual tradition those new immigrants, as recruits, as empty-handed, no matter the brain, they are their own best teachers, to find clothes to wear, find food, find it intellectually limited variety of support materials. Liuguang An said that the university four years has made him later, in writing, He, a row of head drilled out from the drying pants, Hai Zi is the smallest heads.
year Peking University, organized a poetry reading on campus, the auditorium can hold 1,700 people, crowded the station crowded rush 2,000 people. Poetry Society are everywhere: giant of Chinese literature of the , Library Department, some twists and turns. numerous busy information to bypass the distribution center, Hai Zi carved wax paper at the door to help him his first book of poems mimeographed own people, called the relationship with the Faculty of Law near the floor. I did not expect a shy timid so little, much, like a hermit away from the noise with the Centre. may Whitman Hai Zi and quoted a poem:
North often Shen chant. Sun Festival pocket, out the kind of color, a dust mask foot one pair of white sneakers, as if from a distance and return journey, walk around the campus. He came from 79 Chinese literature, backbone, a minor celebrity on campus poet. > They were all age 20 years old, Haizi minimum, it is in their prime age, they are only interested in poetry and in poetry, when alive, there is a sense of invulnerability mm do not see something in this world can hurt them. sometimes go to the playground side of the May Fourth Movement is the discourse center; old wood with him choking a bit dry; Haizi he heard, he spoke; Nishikawa, after 20 years as the only memories of those who, talking about Hegel, Kant, the translation of the discussion, looking forward to Dante's into a small space, where the air is warm, moist but not mobile, as a point from morning till night closed the windows in the room air gas furnace. party will , most of the quarters in Changping Hai Zi, a distortion in the chair, the other three cross-backward a single bed the next day at noon and then be through the blue curtains of sun light woke up the sun.
total and Luo Yihe as a ratio, Haizi more introverted, rural youth may be a bit shy, but he loves a clean, not dirty, but will flower white T-shirt dyeing, and no one else to dress, reveals a wild boy's stubborn. In the studio Nishikawa, let him talk is even more memorable, more thrilling story of friendship, he thought for a long time: Haizi clean, easy amiable, people want to spend with him. too humble, in the memories of the screen in almost transparent. is called assigned to the China University of Political Science after the magazine editors do Zi, as many as 80 young people who received a copy of his times, neither the right to choose, do not worry about the future, the end of the campus life, social life, a prelude; as a head buzz sound of the poet, he used to such speculation: Changping communication cut off from the expectations of the soul of the poet, the loneliness of the poet added. Changping, Beijing is located in the northeast, An emperor cemetery and placed a pool of several reservoirs, rural quiet , 1984 -1989, 20 years old -25 years old lake in spent here.
1983 summer, the first gang to be placed in the the downtown area, then next to the township government, a small alley of a street, opposite a row of pig pens, it is Law of young teachers quarters. smell smell smell smell certainly get used to it, from morning to night on the dormitory roof tummy to beat a fly. a hot day like to wear long-sleeved shirts, walking like foot dragging to the Zi, carrying a water bottle to the head quarters to open water, and meet new colleagues, to get to know.
Hai is the Tang Shizeng University of Political Science's first friend. He came from Beijing University, Health Committee r who picked up the vacuum bottle is empty, then that would back such as the prick. camera is useless, social shark's mouth is open, you swallow, exterminate you and your spirit.
1984 years, they were a big barra to Changping, school leaders complacent about them on the station planning wasteland : Here put up buildings, where the library has been built into the foot of the hill. absently listening to these young people, schools did not cover, they was the first to stay. Western is in the residential buildings of the early Changping First, the six small building red brick, white paint dotted the hillside, high and grand, 15, 16, bought the two buildings were done teacher living quarters. two people share the Bedroom, and then there is a person resident city, it was the one. Haizi almost alone in enjoying, Building 15, 302, compared to students crowded dorm, living Tongzilou colleagues, much more comfortable, the first year to do supplementary wage 45, the second year rose assistantship 56, both without the need to fight, no suspense, neither more nor less, commercial city of civilization and the philistine style dragon has not yet begun development, more money, the desire not to spend money from any person role.
group of ..

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Beauty Street

 Eyebrow Shaping General
eyebrows is one of human hair, is located above the eyes. Has a protective effect on the eyes. Eyebrows good or bad and hair follicles, dermal papilla inseparable part of a normal follicle or nipple part of the base have their own varying amounts of blood, weight loss Street tube is put into the hair bulb, the lower the blood vessels and blood vessels surrounding the hair follicles each branch of transport, constitutes the capillary network to the papilla, and hair follicles on both sides of the capillary network under the nipple, and the connective tissue layer of the hair follicle capillary network, and form a rich vascular plexus, the blood through the vascular network and the vascular plexus, providing the material required for hair growth nutrients. hair growth in addition to relying on the blood circulation around the hair follicles beyond the supply of nutrients, but also by the nervous and endocrine control and regulation. endocrine significant effect on the hair, the male hormones on hair follicles have a certain role in promoting the sheath. endocrinology, including pituitary, gonads, thyroid, adrenal and so on. Thus, mental stress, can lead to physiological causes eyebrow, less eyebrow. eyebrows growth and replacement have certain rules, is not continuous, but cyclical.
and eyebrow shaping eyebrow shape that is, shape, contour, line manual trimming.
the framework of the eyebrows, the eyes It increases the intensity for the facial expression on the face play a decisive role, even if you do not have make-up, as long as your eyebrows after a good dressing, the whole face will look really buff. delicate eyebrow, and put your more three-dimensional whole face. But most people have varying degrees of eyebrows defects. bold hands, according to your desire to repair their own personalized weight-loss Street cut eyebrow.
more than a dozen make-up Eyebrow Shaping years ago, women did not pay attention to the treatment of the eyebrows, at most, the eyebrows and darken the door, only older women would be to tattoo.
women now is not the same, to make himself appear to have mental , young girls will consider the tattoo. hostess or salesperson because the job needs to be every day make-up, they will consider tattoo, saving time for thrush, so that made it easier to make.
but if bad tattoo will feel awkward. Some women wax yellow with a straight face, eyes, listlessness, rough above, but wore two thick blue-green fake eyebrows. how very natural and soft lines, and the safety and health? beauty of the women have to pay attention to what happened? weight loss Street < br> The most important
health and safety of a tattoo is a tattoo, tattoo dyes, most of them are unlikely to cause allergies. But the tattoo is safe or not, the biggest key is likely to infect certain diseases such as hepatitis B or C hepatitis. but also because of blood-borne diseases, like syphilis or AIDS. because of tattoos or tattoo is a needle or gun, the pigments into the dermal layer.
Unfortunately, no research that caused because of tattoo hepatitis B or hepatitis C how many? but there was a study, there were indeed infected with syphilis because of tattoos. compared to the female population tattoo, tattoos of the population and more complex sites, the chance of infection comparing infectious diseases Great.
doctor's advice, the use of disposable needles or tattoo equipment to determine whether the sterile high-temperature weight loss street drug consumption, is the best way to prevent this disease.
wash the tattoo professional laser tattoo
After the eyebrow will be fixed. But some people change with age or mood, you may want to change the eyebrow or color, this time need to wash eyebrow, do other changes.
the past to the beauty salon by beautician with corrosive acid, this approach can be washed off color, but there will be minor chemical burns. like tear the skin off, not only will damage the skin, leaving scars, but also hurt the hair follicle and hinder the natural hair growth.
beauticians will also use the flesh colored dye to cover up the original tattoo, this approach left some chemical substances, if more might encounter laser black. so doctors need to do before laser treatment, the patient should be told doctors before this flesh-colored dye is used to prevent another injury.
before the invention of the laser technology, is a dermatologist microdermabrasion treatment tattoo. It is the first weight-loss Street cortex grinding table, and then wear leather layer, this method will also hurt the hair follicle. microdermabrasion and more used to the scars, such as acne pock, because it can control the depth to be grinding, but is now slowly being replaced by the laser.
present to pigments are niobium-YAG laser technology, Ruby and Alexander. they are different wavelengths of laser, the material is very effective to melanoma, they were used to remove the tattoo.
Comparison of the laser several best
approach to laser the best, harm is minimal. corrosive acid or chemical paint the flesh is a weight-loss Street to do a comprehensive destruction of the target, of course, relatively large damage. The biggest damage is the destruction of hair follicles, hair grows again. < br> The so-called , bad things will be very rigid and sluggish tattoo, as if a good tattoo is very important teachers, or redo is both time-consuming washing eyebrow paying the money to back injuries. So, how to choose a professional tattoo teacher do? can ask friends and family around, inquire and compare more than a certain reputation and credibility to find a tattoo division. tattoo Unlike other beauty items such as makeup or hair, you can try again, do compare or eliminated. one life pattern usually only one eyebrow, so have to find a weight loss Street Teachers can save the reputation of the tattoo a lot of trouble.
a good teacher should have the following three tattoo capacity:
will not thrush, design eyebrow? a good teacher can seize the guest tattoo features full communication with each other to find the right eyebrow.
will not be mixing colors? good tattoo teacher will follow the color of their skin tone a suitable color. not very professional tattoo division, will take ready-made tattoo pigment. like wearing the same clothes will not color, with well, you can present different results.
will not be an acupuncture treatment? good tattoo teacher to figure out the degree of difficulty of an acupuncture treatment, bar well you can present the eyebrow of the three-dimensional feeling, will naturally soft and beautiful. eyebrow tattoos are beautiful problem, do can not do it, if possible, special attention will cause harm, so division for the selection of tattoo apart Street to lose weight not to overlook safety and health.
eyebrows eyebrow shaping tool tool usage instructions

* Stubbs eyebrow folder: to fight against the short Soke, uprooting skill 一级棒.
* Revised eyebrow scissors: repair long eyebrows, so that the eyebrow is more three-dimensional.
* Xiumei Dao: the perfect eyebrow point of repair.
* eyebrow comb: Let warped eyebrows obedient, but also help the eyebrows When cutting the length of the control trim eyebrows. slimming Street
thrush tool usage
* eyebrow: eyebrow pencil light and color than natural for people to use a clear eyebrow. to brush dipped in an appropriate amount of eyebrow pencil eyebrow, the first in the back of the hand and then draw the eyebrow color and mix thoroughly so as not to bias inequality, the first peak-to-Mei Wei thrushes, and then the remaining part of pastels brow, and then brush with a brow brush to smooth the eyebrows Let eyebrow color uniformity.
* dyeing eyebrow cream: can the natural eyebrow color adjustments, but also to the eyebrow-dimensional, people can use to have eyebrows. out of dyeing eyebrow brush, the first dip in the surface of a piece of paper out excess dye eyebrow painted cream, the use of dyed hair from the root of eyebrow brush cream, from Mei Wei to the brow, hair streaming in the opposite direction toward the brush. and then flow along the brush hair dye cream eyebrow, eyebrow color will be more obvious.
* eyebrow Pen: used to draw the spine and lower contour line can be drawn clearly brows. Eyebrow color selection and weight loss street close to the color, the best color is brown and brown eyebrow pencil, colors are more natural. pen core to be small, easy to draw fine lines. pen core moderate hardness, color more easily. with eyebrow pencil to draw upon, and then brushed over the entire spiral brush, more natural eyebrow color.
* Eyebrow plastic: Gross fixed warped flow, so that the eyebrow is more solid, dense enough people eyebrow color, eyebrow color to paint the first draw eyebrow gel, only modification effect.
* pencil solution: Ultra Liquid brow sweat resistant pen, liquid eyebrow pencil before the brow with a swab of the emulsion, clean Cream, more lasting eyebrow color.
eyebrow shaping tips
eyebrow shaping tool should be prepared before, usually with eyebrow pliers, knife shield with the repair would be more convenient to use with it. In addition a written whittled duckbill-shaped eyebrow pencil is a must, because it can be coarse to fine with it, described the natural brow out. best to use tweezers alcohol consumption of a poison, eyebrow shaping face wash before.
eyebrow shaping, the first pen with a white tick position to unplug Soke, so you have a fixed concept of eyebrow after, and then with your fingers the eyebrows a little upward tension on the skin after plucking, from top to bottom, the pain decreased. Then, wipe up hair broom to smooth brow, the duck with bird-like weight-loss Street, pencil nozzle, gentle strokes to , the uneven parts, the point type of a pen filled with water, so that only the natural flow delineate the eyebrow.
eyebrows are the rules, such as the meniscus of the brow, cheeks wide for surface shape; eyebrow arch angle, for a round face of the person; pointed face the people, a commanding straight brow best. In short, the eyebrows have to consider their own face shape, should not blindly follow others, otherwise, then others will eyebrow fashion laugh at you tacky.
eyebrow color in winter, is intimacy with a warm soft colors, like chocolate color, brown, chestnut color, etc., as outlined with the eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil and eye liner with a description, make eye makeup department at one go, see the bright round eyes big benefits.
eyebrows caused by the errors
1, Q Mei popular weight-loss Street
not chase fashion from nature, is a continuously updated fashion, when it After the majority of people agree, it becomes fashionable and popular, but fashion has its time limits, periodic short flash in the pan, so fashion, pop songs can chase, but the text eyebrow eyebrow design is definitely not chasing popular, as in previous years, What does the pain left? Some people left a permanent scar, some people can not be recovered even eyebrows, people fear and trepidation, to chasing the fleeting to popular, not only have no personality at all, so painful and costly, of course, it would not be beautiful, then how can we grasp the popular, but without being eliminated by the time it?
I think the text of the permanent art form eyebrow surgery, eyebrow choice should be consistent with personal identity, temperament , and can fully embody their own independent personality, so that everyone in the face in the crowd in the street with all the charm of independence, a weight-loss, the only way into the classical to popular ingredients, so long lasting, always unconventional.
2, Wen Mei better than thrush
Wen Mei is good, in fact, truly superior tattoo superior than thrush.
First, the accelerating pace of modern life, for every professional women who do not have much time to wipe the coating applied, fine fine art scanning, superior tattoo so that they can draw the eye troubles get rid of Miaomei to avoid public embarrassment Tuozhuang sewage makeup, not because of aesthetic self-defeating lack of subject and skill is more important is the text of eyebrow pencil pen is only one fiftieth of core, carved in exquisite fine rendering of the actual situation in the same shades of affordable three-dimensional dynamic beauty is the pen can not be replaced, so the paper can not help but thrush eyebrow than saving time, effort, persistence , and more vivid, expressive, comply with the development of the times, for the life of modern people have a more diversified Street is a fashion do not lose weight, but life must be.
3, Miaomei not posted
Miaomei take in the beauty market is currently posted on the quiet rise of a new thing, its manufacturing principle is very simple, but designed several standard models of various shapes patch, use attached to the eyebrow area, in the The color can be inserted, this method is indeed simple, quick but the effect is not ideal.
in everyday life we often see a phenomenon, just look at a person's facial features are the United States, but the combination of would feel very uncomfortable with, mainly because of facial features did not meet the overall harmonization. appearance that the United States the highest state of harmonious beauty, is the facial features.
local and partial, local and overall coordination, and eyebrows on the face is an important framework, through the location of the eyebrows, shape, color adjustments, the use of visual difference, to make up for lack of face to achieve the modification of the role of landscaping, while taking into account only Miaomei paste their eyebrows, but out of line with the overall features , the effect is certainly not ideal, like the beautiful streets of Paris, though all are Enchanting natural weight loss street, but it is difficult to find two exactly the same attire, everyone has their own unique, the same people's faces has its own characteristic features, the requirements of a blessing for the eyebrow is the best general had several eyebrow, and imagine in this crowded city streets, you can see with the too dull, blank, and the lack of diverse color and vitality it? therefore Miaomei posted undesirable.
eyebrows on Q &
Q: on the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow as dressing, which is more Good?
A: Regardless of whether your bushy eyebrows, if you do not have the habit of eyebrow shaping, a well-cut pencil is very useful. Of course, the kind of the tail with the eyebrow brush to use eyebrow pencil will be more flexible. The use of eyebrow is more complex diet Street complex, it is appropriate and hard fine brush, brush surface oblique eyebrow brush, dipped in flour and makes a sweeping brush. eyebrow can be a more natural effect, In particular, sparse eyebrows can become more dense, but compared to the use of eyebrow pencil, operating gestures more skilful.
Q: What color of eyebrow pencil can best embody the natural effect?
A: Avoid deeper than the hair color pencil, so as to make the repair less obvious signs. Therefore, even if the hair is dark brown, but also avoid the use of a black eyebrow pencil. If your hair is red or auburn, Do not use brown red. If you are a blonde or Suse, brown hair, please use the pencil in and cool colors; such as beige, gray, or green (blonde weight loss street applicable.) black hair, black eyes are suitable for use dark brown or light black, dark gray pencil. must pay special attention to the nuances of these colors.
Q: There can be the eyebrows pulling tips?
A: First, select the appropriate tweezers, which clamp the body such as the ; pliers rough accuracy of the ship is too low; the edge of the body if the clamp is too sharp, there will be cut off when pulling eyebrows eyebrows.
Second, pulling eyebrows eyebrow should follow the growing, if hard the opposite direction, is likely to make thick eyebrows looked new chaos. eyebrows with the middle finger and index finger up and down both sides of the taut skin, relieve pain when pulling eyebrows.
Finally, try to avoid removal of the upper eyebrow hair, it served to shield the eyes role. But if the eyebrows is much too dense and unsightly, or covered with fluff valuables, you can make an exception. But look before the operation is best to seek the advice of beauticians.
addition, eyebrow wax can fade, but generally only in a very large area to be faded hair or hair faded when the first attempt to use, definitely better than using tweezers and high precision with wax.
Q: can trim long eyebrows?
A : With increasing age, some eyebrows would be the longer the length, cut long eyebrows, you can lose weight Street to reproduce a clear brow and make eyes become God. In operation, the first brush eyebrows upward , and then use special scissors by root pruning. In the pruning process should continue to comb the eyebrows to avoid cutting too uneven.
Q: When should I turn to tattoo?
A: When the eyebrows by plucking too much and no growth, or eyebrows too short, too thin, does affect the appearance, can be tattoo. but by a professional beautician or cosmetic surgery doctors. surgery is quite difficult, but if those in charge is a master of color have keen sense of harmony with energy hair, skin, eyebrow color (as time goes by, the tattoo's color will change), that tattoo will not make people have a strange feeling, you will bear the pain of the value of that point the.
Q: When the hair color changes, the need to also change the color of the eyebrows?
A: Not necessarily, because it might give people a false feeling. If you change your hair color, in respect of listen to stain experts, do not make their own claim to act in haste, because the rapid aging after dyeing eyebrows and easy to change color.
Q: What is the right eyebrow shaping step?
A: First, to sort out in all directions Clean eyebrows; if necessary, removal of excess eyebrows; then, weight loss Street, complete with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow brush trimmed from the film depicting small line started to simulate the natural growth of eyebrows.
like to remind that the two apart close eyebrows give people a sense of preoccupied. too thick eyebrows lines are contours of the face will appear too tough. If the two eyebrows are too sparse, but also appears to lack character. No matter how the shape of the eyebrows, stir up the line, lead people to become more dynamic.
eyebrows Note
1. unless the brow of the hair is too long, or repair without deliberately short so that more delicate eyebrows.
2. thrushes eyebrows when not all be complementary color, or have too dark of the disadvantages can be the eyebrows fill the gap at the beginning, the shortcomings of the original amendment can be the eyebrows.
3. thrush should not be drawn down, the direction of the line should be pulled out would not the situation caused by drooping eyebrows.
4. while adding color eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush to one side with a uniform, you can make the eyebrows more layered.
final note is that the two eyebrows in close proximity give people a sense of preoccupied. slimming Street is too thick eyebrows face contour lines will appear too tough. If the two eyebrows are too sparse, but also appears to lack character. No matter how the shape of the eyebrows, micro pick up lines, will people become more dynamic.
eyebrows eyebrows
1 5 small tricks up their sleeves before the election an easy to use tweezers eyebrow shaping, eyebrow comb with hair spray and then down the side of the comb, and then up the side of the comb, At the same time remove the missing eyebrows, and then sort out the eyebrows shape. the little fine hairs between the eyebrows to be pulled out, but do not pull the eyebrows above the Soke.
2 even out the skin when pulling eyebrows, and a one root to pull the eyebrows, eyebrow clamp tight with the root of the eyebrows towards the growth direction of pulling eyebrows, so do not put the skin on the brow Larsson.
3 The next step is to determine the position of eyebrow: a ruler placed vertically on the front of the pupil should be the top of the outer Mei Feng, Mei Feng decision that should be the most perfect location. In order to avoid excessive pulled eyebrows, make-up artist recommended to cover with a light-colored strokes out of the eyebrow, and then pull. eyebrow shaping time should preferably before bedtime, if the skin is some redness, then sleep the next day all right.
4 to deepen the color of the eyebrows and your hair gray with a similar color to paint the eyebrows This was naturally drawn eyebrows, no artificial weight loss Street. eyebrows drawn with a pencil, when to use a small feathery way to draw a small amount spent for each natural eyebrows than you should not be long. from Part brow began to draw back, and then use a small brush or your fingers to open the color halo. In addition, you can stick with a sponge head make-up stained with qualities similar to the color of your hair, color of the shape along the eyebrows.
5 Eyebrow V software, and you do not spend a lot of money to buy professional products are particularly expensive. the moisturizing lotion, moisturizing lip hair beauty fluid or oil on hair in the eyebrows, the eyebrows are erected on the V posts. Do not throw away unused old mascara wand and put it with soap and warm water clean, and then use it to fix the final comb your eyebrows.
how comprehensive anti-aging?
should certainly not rely on a comprehensive anti-aging anti-aging skin products , but also to Age anti-aging.
25 years of age, moisture is most important. At the same time to strengthen the protection during the day, although many makeup base has sun protection, but it would be best to use a special weight-loss Street to help the skin against sun protection products against ultraviolet radiation and external pollution; must pay attention to exfoliate regularly as likely to cause too thick cuticle can not transport nutrients to the underlying skin, naturally less absorbed by the skin.
30 years old, mainly to consolidate the skin stretch. in addition to moisturizing, sun homework, but also to supplement the loss of the dermal layer of collagen, elastic fibers in order to maintain flexibility.
35 years of age and after the antioxidant to be from the inside out. moisturizing one less program , in addition to moisturizing cream, cream indispensable mask twice a week nursing care should be unshakeable homework, it is best to skin beauty salon can do maintenance on a regular basis. humid environment is also important to improve your humidifier is air humidity, a good partner. wrinkle homework to be from the inside out, in addition to skin sebum and moisture, but also to supplement the loss of dermal collagen layer. Also note that maintenance of neck skin Oh.
six anti-aging errors
Myth # 1: hard to get rid of those few spots whitening
expert opinion: Do not have unrealistic fantasies whitening products, whitening products do have some spots for the dilution effect, but not for all weight loss Street .
the causes of different spots, and internal factors than external factors. but whitening skin care products can only dilute the spots caused by UV, while for other types of spot improvement is very limited. and skin metabolism of the original natural pigment off usually a month or so, to do dilute the pigment is the need for a long process. The correct way is: According to the spot to determine the types of solutions. At present, you can use whitening products to help fade sun spots types spots, acne spots, you can also supporting a number of AHA products. If the class pigmentation freckles, or spots and genetic-related, it must rely on the kind of medical cosmetic laser means to play down, even with the amount of whitening Products will not be much change.
Myth 2: Only one fine lines Push
stared at the expert opinion: a hedge against the natural sense is a good thing, but if too much material to the skin, not only overburdened , but also no little effect.
particularly important to reduce the burden on the skin. We see many young girls, face powder, but poor skin, there are many women, many painted in the face of various kinds of weight-loss Street skin care products, essence, but also got his face acne. What is the reason? Because the skin is also tired, but also breathing, ventilation and rest. Therefore, the experts advocate, and the skin to be done to subtract beauty. the so-called subtraction Beauty is deep cleaning (you can go to beauty salons to do), is the accumulation of fat deep into pores, acne and dirt, makeup residue were all discharged. periodic deep cleaning, make the skin better attract nutrients and water, the inner skin lay the foundation for health.
Myth # 3: multi-purpose product can only know that lack of exercise
skin expert opinion: poor blood circulation, detoxification poor, with more useless products.
too many facial expressions will result in expression lines. However, good blood circulation helps the skin to attract nutrients and waste discharge. skin how sports? a massage now! Some people worry that massage can cause the skin loses its elasticity, this worry is unnecessary, Because massage can tighten the skin, improve its appearance, light weight street Chak and circulatory function.
Myth # 4: hand gestures to help your wrinkles deepen
expert opinion: The skin is like a piece of paper, day after day to be pulled, can not afford to eliminate traces of nature.
a day to focus on acne, a fine lines, and constantly pull it with your fingers, touched a spring, not knowing that these may not seem too little trick , is increasing day after day to help you wrinkles! facial expression muscles and muscles, the more practice the more advanced, and the formation of wrinkles and expression of muscle is closely related to the level of activity. usually you light be careful not to laugh, do not always frown, but you know, facial skin is like a blank sheet, the total hand squeeze, just the right, a long time that is difficult to restore the natural crease, the skin connective tissue if for regular exercise or relaxation can lead to fracture, this is the reason for the formation of wrinkles. If you can not control the facial expressions, at least from now on, when in addition to skin care less hands touch your skin!
Myth 5: the top weight loss products with expensive street all OK
expert opinion: the effect on the product expensive than low prices of natural products, but if you confuse your skin problems, they simply think that the more expensive anti-aging product to be effective, but likely to cause overload or skin allergies Essence mm which is very common in the dermatology clinic patients.
over 25 years of age you start to feel your skin decline, and so they bought the top for my mother to use skin care products, but this is not necessarily for your skin with good results .25-year-old to do is add a few more skin care program anti-aging products, but not obsessed with efficiency and top. not to say that the significance of aging Only products of high nutrition to be effective. the major skin care brands skin care products are broken down into several series, is to be more detailed in terms of age, skin, skin problems and other aspects of weight loss Street meet the needs of different people.
you to do is appropriate in the routine maintenance to join the anti-aging products, and adhere to the meticulous job in the sun, this is your skin really needs. to clearly expensive skin care products must have it good, but not necessarily suitable for you.
Myth # 6: Fresh anti-aging ingredients should try
expert opinion: new course attractive, but the anti-aging products must vary according to local conditions!
introduce new anti-aging ingredients of skin care products It seems the more strange, the name of the more difficult to understand the ingredients, the more likely people are flocking. and those with high concentrations of people think it is the essence of super-efficiency. Of course, those precious ingredients and let those high levels of course product better than ordinary cream, but it does not mean it fits your skin muscle weight loss street. The new composition is really interesting, but first you need to do or to understand their own skin, to understand the aging of the skin condition , choose their own ingredients to be effective, or even thousands of dollars a bottle you use expensive ingredients containing the essence of no help!
anti-aging secret
(1) face does not need the Lao side
Ingredients: 500 grams of ginger, jujube 250 grams, aloes, cloves, 25 grams, 200 grams of fennel, salt, 30 grams, 150 grams of licorice.
Know-it: pound for the end of the markers, and the uniform use. < br> how to eat the most effective: 10 grams of boiled water each morning, when the morning tea to drink. with the elimination of wrinkles, face is not aging effects.
(2) Ganoderma quail egg soup diet Street
required materials: 12 quail eggs a, 60 grams of Ganoderma lucidum, jujube 12.
1, the fungus washed, cut into small pieces; dates (to the core) wash; cooked quail eggs, peeled .
2, put all materials into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, high heat after boiling, slow fire to burn to the fungus the taste, add sugar amount, and then pot boiling Serve.
with the blood essence, Yuet-color wrinkle reduction effect.
(3) skin wrinkle drink
Materials needed: celery, broccoli diet Street, vegetables, tomatoes, red grapes, grapefruit, orange, honey, milk, the amount.
how to do it:
1, will celery, broccoli, tomatoes, grapefruit, orange juice with the mix;
2, grape juice stand alone; the honey and milk and mix thoroughly with warm water. These were evenly mixed drink.
how to eat the most effective: 1-2 times daily. often take a Feng Ze muscles and reduce wrinkles skin effect, skin whitening ruddy, rich luster.
(4) anti-wrinkle porridge
Huang Materials needed: Rehmannia, Lycium each 20 grams, 10 grams of chamomile flowers, chicken breasts 100 grams, 60 grams of rice, fine salt, ginger, monosodium glutamate, the amount of green onion. slimming Street
Know-it: Wash the chicken breasts, cut mess, alternate; will Rehmannia decoction of herbs such as 3 2, juice, alternate; Wash rice, put in casserole, add concoction with chicken breast, slow fire to simmer soup, porridge into Xi Yan added, green onion, ginger and MSG and mix thoroughly, cook for a moment Serve.
how to eat the most effective: 1 day, breakfast, 1 hot finish. every 20 to 1 treatment interval of 5 under after a course of treatment available. a beneficial skin and blood, nourishing the liver and kidney, UFA Guchi effect. Jiufu have anti-wrinkle anti-aging effects.
(5) almond milk, sesame paste
need Materials: 150 grams of almonds, walnuts 75 grams, white sesame seeds, glutinous rice, each 100 grams (glutinous rice soaked with warm water for 30 minutes), 200 grams of black sesame seeds, evaporated milk, 250 grams, 60 grams of crystal sugar, water amount, wolfberry fruit, fruit material amount.
Know-it weight loss street: first micro-sesame stir-fry until fragrant, mash together with the raw material paste with gauze filter juice, sugar and water to boil, then pour into the paste in the mix, sprinkle wolfberry, the fruit material, slow fire to boil.
how to eat the most effective: cool food, 100 grams a day, morning and evening. with moisturizing beauty, anti-wrinkle skin aging and anti-wrinkle effect.
aging women 10 priority conservation intestinal organ
did you think that this guy is coiled up to 5-6 meters, turned out to be the best place to start your aging. Indeed, because the intestine is important in our bodies digestion and absorption systems, absorption of nutrients from here, toxins, waste discharged from here. medical experts pointed out that 90% of the human body and intestinal diseases related to unclean, 1 day is equal to smoking three packets without defecation weight loss Street cigarettes.
intestinal Aging The most immediate problem is constipation, intestinal accumulation of the highest to about 6.5 kg of stool, large stool blockage in the intestines, making the toxic waste can not be discharged even gut as a lead to dull skin, spot pox ridden, bad breath smoked, not only that, since the accumulation of too much oil the abdomen, small
1, weekly consumption of high fiber foods 2-3 times. bran and wheat bran in dietary fiber content, and they can promote colonic motility and shorten the stay of food in the large intestine of time, prevent constipation; on the other hand they can be like a sponge, intestinal absorption of toxic substances, and excreted in a timely manner to reduce the intestinal absorption of toxic substances waste.
2, intestinal spa. also known as colon hydrotherapy, constipation is often room for improving the intestinal cleaning degree of effective methods. However, this method go to specialty hospitals and treatment, and would like to doctor.
top2 chest weight loss Street
25 years old, it began to appear signs of aging hh
mind being a woman in the chest, mind your own dick just like a man, like, perfect chest is a strong symbol of sexy women, and 90% of the women than for men praised his boast beautiful sexy happier! However, the chest with age Of course, there are effects of gravity will slowly begin to sag, and if not pay attention to breast health, and may suffer from breast hyperplasia, breast cancer and other diseases.
experts recommend:
1, good lingerie can be the highest point of your chest move up. Generally speaking, this should be in the middle of the shoulder to the elbow.
2, always remember the breasts are the most vulnerable parts of women, even the occasion of his harmony, but also can not tolerate He roughed up your breasts.
3, a baby now, at the right time. because when you first child, meaning you can reduce the possibility of breast cancer by 7%, and if you choose to breast- feeding can be further reduced so that its weight-loss Street 4.3%.
4, using the Breast, Breast Firming Cream breast.
top3 brain
30 years of age, we begin the aging brain, the weight from The most important of 1600 grams slowly reduced, to the long years in the future remains the queen your status in the family? then you have to let the old brain was a little slower Oh!
in the end a man or a woman smart smart? Even if the problem is God does not have a definite answer. study found that, although the male brain volume ratio of 15% -20% females, but the rate of cell death in the brain, the male to 2 times faster than women.
experts recommendations:
1, slowly, as not only to keep fit, but also make the brain are not old. When teeth to chew food 20, the brain's blood flow will be significantly increased, we can guarantee for the amount of blood the brain, maintaining weight loss is Street often the thinking activity.
2, play musical instruments allow the brain to control the number of muscle coordination, is undoubtedly a beneficial brain exercise, so that frame the long-admired musical instruments let him pay for it immediately!
3, chat with ...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wenzhou to Zhuhai discount tickets directly connected to American Airlines announced details of the scheme, said not charge ...

 What user model?
And the U.S. Society of Travel Agents (American Society of Travel Agents) and the Business Travel Coalition (Business Travel Coalition) have asserted the contrary, American Airlines (American Airlines) that I do not intend to vote for their basic Price and optional services, travel information, business or GDS company charges.
American Airlines spokesman Stephen Schlachter to this user model, described as Strategy Director Cory Garner described the company's Direct Connect plan outline, Wenzhou to Zhuhai discount air tickets. This plan will affect the world's travel agencies and enterprises.
The airline has put a small part of the trading volume of the XML directly with Farelogix Even streaming out.
this direct connection model has been in existence for several years, there are some agents to book flights through this mode, it can not order the U.S. aviation ancillary services, including baggage, lounge with the cabin WiFi, food, pillows and blankets.
fact, these services are now unable to book through American Airlines website, but only at the airport or the cabin of American Airlines to buy.
But Garner said , Luzhou China Southern Airlines flight departing response re: Air Mainland enterprises closely together (Figure), all this will change in a few months later, as American Airlines will begin direct connection through the dedicated mode, so that travel agencies and companies can book these optional services mm or a retail function.
Garner said, travel agencies and enterprises can BookingBuilder, AgentWare and TravelFusion these third-party integration platform, Pudong, Shanghai to Zhuhai discount air tickets, or travel agency's own integration platform, and using Farelogix conducted with American Airlines Direct, Nanchang to Zhuhai discount air tickets, in order to gain American Airlines ticket and optional service information, Erdos ticket from Shanghai to the second round of the reorganization of aviation industry crisis.
Garner said that these additional services and straight through even the mode of introduction, while the GDS is not to be included in the initial scope of the list, depending on the airline and the GDS has begun negotiations may be. American's GDS agreements expire in 2011.
the airline that each GDSmm such as Sabre, Amadeus, Travelport's Galileo and Worldspanmm not agree with the direct connection to American Airlines to use its retail function. At present, Tianjin, Yantai discount tickets, GDS through EDIFACT to establish a connection with American Airlines, discount airfare to Zhuhai, Changsha, Qingdao, Ningbo, special fares to the Civil Aviation Authority officials acquitted 5, in order to gain information on the latter content.
Garner said, travel agencies and companies do not need to pay to American Airlines or its technical sub-contractors Farelogix, discount air tickets to Yantai, Wuhan, to obtain basic information on fares and ancillary services. He said, travel agents, product selection tool is simply to integrate with the Farelogix technical integration between the two does not need to build business relationships.
Garner said that American Airlines is working with North America, Europe and Asia, and corporate travel management company to negotiate optional service packaging products. This is only U.S. airline to build part of a whole network of cooperation, and specific agreements will be based on different travel agencies vary.
he said, American Airlines travel through a variety of ways to encourage the transition to direct-attached mode, Kunming to Zhanjiang discount ticket, and for different travel agencies Next