Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wenzhou to Zhuhai discount tickets directly connected to American Airlines announced details of the scheme, said not charge ...

 What user model?
And the U.S. Society of Travel Agents (American Society of Travel Agents) and the Business Travel Coalition (Business Travel Coalition) have asserted the contrary, American Airlines (American Airlines) that I do not intend to vote for their basic Price and optional services, travel information, business or GDS company charges.
American Airlines spokesman Stephen Schlachter to this user model, described as Strategy Director Cory Garner described the company's Direct Connect plan outline, Wenzhou to Zhuhai discount air tickets. This plan will affect the world's travel agencies and enterprises.
The airline has put a small part of the trading volume of the XML directly with Farelogix Even streaming out.
this direct connection model has been in existence for several years, there are some agents to book flights through this mode, it can not order the U.S. aviation ancillary services, including baggage, lounge with the cabin WiFi, food, pillows and blankets.
fact, these services are now unable to book through American Airlines website AA.com, but only at the airport or the cabin of American Airlines to buy.
But Garner said , Luzhou China Southern Airlines flight departing response re: Air Mainland enterprises closely together (Figure), all this will change in a few months later, as American Airlines will begin direct connection through the dedicated mode, so that travel agencies and companies can book these optional services mm or a retail function.
Garner said, travel agencies and enterprises can BookingBuilder, AgentWare and TravelFusion these third-party integration platform, Pudong, Shanghai to Zhuhai discount air tickets, or travel agency's own integration platform, and using Farelogix conducted with American Airlines Direct, Nanchang to Zhuhai discount air tickets, in order to gain American Airlines ticket and optional service information, Erdos ticket from Shanghai to the second round of the reorganization of aviation industry crisis.
Garner said that these additional services and straight through AA.com even the mode of introduction, while the GDS is not to be included in the initial scope of the list, depending on the airline and the GDS has begun negotiations may be. American's GDS agreements expire in 2011.
the airline that each GDSmm such as Sabre, Amadeus, Travelport's Galileo and Worldspanmm not agree with the direct connection to American Airlines to use its retail function. At present, Tianjin, Yantai discount tickets, GDS through EDIFACT to establish a connection with American Airlines, discount airfare to Zhuhai, Changsha, Qingdao, Ningbo, special fares to the Civil Aviation Authority officials acquitted 5, in order to gain information on the latter content.
Garner said, travel agencies and companies do not need to pay to American Airlines or its technical sub-contractors Farelogix, discount air tickets to Yantai, Wuhan, to obtain basic information on fares and ancillary services. He said, travel agents, product selection tool is simply to integrate with the Farelogix technical integration between the two does not need to build business relationships.
Garner said that American Airlines is working with North America, Europe and Asia, and corporate travel management company to negotiate optional service packaging products. This is only U.S. airline to build part of a whole network of cooperation, and specific agreements will be based on different travel agencies vary.
he said, American Airlines travel through a variety of ways to encourage the transition to direct-attached mode, Kunming to Zhanjiang discount ticket, and for different travel agencies Next

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