Sunday, February 13, 2011

Influx of mainland tourists snap up milk spread from Hong Kong to Macau

 Xinhua BEIJING, Feb. 10, according to the British Broadcasting company reported that recently took place in Hong Kong imported infant milk powder was spread by the case of signs of panic buying, Macau milk powder supplier said sales of local milk also appeared in Nestle milk powder in Macau radio quoted a local dealer said that the recent Macau milk distribution points for Mainland visitors and the

quoted pharmacies responsible person, the Spring Festival holiday period people to buy more milk to the mainland, and mainland visitors because there have been unable to buy milk and clamor of the situation.

had already appeared before the Spring Festival in Hong Kong in the infant milk powder imported buying tide. Chinese New Year holiday period, the number of Mainland visitors holding large milk cans out of the hotel scene is also very common.

According to reports, a pharmacy is responsible for fear that the current shortage of milk powder has not been added in the next period of supply will be even more tense, but agents that manufacturers develop the supply of the region every year the supply of aggregates will not be changed casually.

More and more parents began to use imported from the Mainland infant formula, but the price of milk is usually high in the Mainland. Many mainland tourists to Hong Kong travel in the bulk purchase of these imported milk powder, especially those who live in Guangdong province and often crossing man.

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