Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Canton spring break 20 million people see a visitor

 Guangzhou Railway Group announced that, as 13, the Canton Spring Festival passenger volume exceeded 20 million total passengers, passenger volume for the calendar year, the highest in the spring. Among them, more than one-fifth by the Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger high-speed rail, Guangzhou-Zhuhai intercity and Eastern Ring completed, formed by the EMU has become an important new network

13 days, the Guangzhou Railway Group sent 78 million visitors, up 29%; this point, the whole group of Spring Festival passenger volume exceeded 2000 million to 2050 million, more than 387 million last year, an increase of 23%.

gradually forming high-speed rail network is one of the main transport. According to railway authorities to statistics, since the spring, Canton through the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Guangzhou-Zhuhai intercity rail, Hainan East Central High Speed Rail High Speed Rail to send three of 442 million passengers, accounting for 22% of the Group.

demand Changed the face of this year: According to statistics of the railway sector, 5 days, tickets are more liberal south, most of the passenger station to buy tickets the day the south, in the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail in the boost phase, the south is no longer difficult ticket requirements.

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