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A sniper's Statement (of the Yi name)

 A sniper's readme
(name of Yi, the breeze brush and ink)
a woman is the enemy of free
misty fog, dispersed and gather up. Some damaged leaves and gently shake in the wind .
my arms to hold a range of 1,500 meters of the sniper rifle, by sight can clearly see the point of 700 meters from the fire, lying in disorder almost naked bodies of seven. Only one exception, because She is a woman. Women turn around there is a path, open spaces, good field of vision is the best place to attack. a fresh spring Wang is lying dead in the grounds over and over.
1984 theater old mountain front, wearing clothes only two people: one is above the battalion level officers, the second is a woman.
our troops there are no female line, the first time in sight to see the Vietnamese woman, she wore a bamboo hat, carrying China's aid AK assault rifle, carrying water bottles, Cat Lumbar Spinal forward. Maybe it is just a woman health worker, she risked his life to get water, just to give dying soldiers cleaning the wound.
in the old mountain front, we have two situations do not fight: a woman does not fight, the people will not play. hesitated, moved forward the Vietnamese female and tens of meters into the shooting appeared to be dead.
teeth, and pulled the trigger, sniper rifles issued a dull sound, cut through the valley deathly quiet. in sight, I saw a Vietnamese woman was shot between the eyes, hatched a bullet from her brain, plasma, bone fragments flying. her head back down, body and legs have lost strength, fast and soft fall down.
I do not want her life, but I am in great need of her body. accurate to say that I need her body placed in my shooting range.
two pierced ears in cats have
bodies behind me, those mutilated, hideous body, belonging to squad leader and his comrades Li Zhen Yang Ming Wei, Huang weir south yesterday. We also get together with broken cards have been tossed askew, pumping the company commander deliberately passes him the Hongtashan cigarettes.
Vietnamese artillery Zhaduan our phone line. Upon the command squad, I nude cat drilled 18 holes, went to check line.
that we have stationed a small hill, a total of more than 100 cats pierced ears, the more positions in the jagged, you have me, I have you. about two-thirds The cave is one of our control, hill and dale in the mines, you buried I buried the last one can not guarantee this neighborhood where there are mines, where a mine?
the bare mountain, all can occur in any living body, You can not estimate how many guns eye, in silence watching you. Suddenly a bullet in outer space flying, will take your life instantly.
from the I have been stationed at the 18th hole the cat more than three months. For me, death is just a matter no longer afraid.
hot and humid tropical rain forests, dry form of tortured my bones, bear into the head. mosquitoes midges bite, extremely intense itching. To reach out and scratch easily, and even wearing pants is superfluous. do not know when will the Vietnamese dropped smoke grenades or Bangalore? we want to do in the shortest possible time the fastest response: Yes, go pick up thrown out, or find a most secure location to avoid it?
for an already afraid of death, but I do not know how to die for people who go out to perform tasks The most fun thing. at least you can wash in the sun, can at least breath of fresh air.
I crawl like a snake to glide, sharp stones and clippings, and very quickly I've just scratched the wound scarring, drops all the way. I do not mind the pain of the wound, at least it makes me feel not so itchy previous. suddenly have machine guns burst, beat in my left front, mud splashed on my mouth. Experience has taught me: As long as the gun-fire Zhimiao shooting, my honor is unlikely. Vietnamese shells are rare, not more than five people in collective action, they are reluctant to fire the.
connected the phone line, I did not immediately return a hole. I eager for the sun and air, could not bear to go back.
Suddenly, there was a loud muffled behind, do not look back I know it is time to touch the air-raid shelter, the cat hole in the grenade explosion, or Bangalore. the enemy to do this, we No such dry hole emitting the smoke .18, Vietnamese, touch our mouth, and threw the lethal explosives. moments in the valley, four shots, I shot down one breath all the bullets in the chamber, the other Brother fire hole, also the same rain drop over. battle inspired by any point of the chain to spread to the entire theater.
three Vietnamese attack: one is my shot, shot the companion dragged the body of a retreat There is also a fire as a cover. Vietnamese, like us, even then catch a few lives, it will not leave the bodies of comrades. pulled the body of the Vietnamese partner, Huangbuzelu, coming into a minefield. bang, living with the dead is mine blasted sky, flying shrapnel, flesh and blood splash. landing shrapnel and stones, but also inspired a chain reaction around the mines, even as a last blast, the scene is very spectacular. yard hole, comrade Li Zhen Wei and Huang weir south, separating the first leg, body already divided. monitor Yang Ming is still alive, bloody, body curled. squad leader's head has not tell facial features, distributed to them constantly Maoxue; body also honeycomb of small marbles into pieces by horses. One time, I know what to do. squad leader suddenly in my arms shake a few times, no longer move, even without a word left.
three, Wai body reinforcements
real people have experienced war are clear: the state machinery to the young soldier driven to smoke, flesh and blood flying in the battlefield, something to give them a very good reason: or to national, or to the motherland. We so, the enemy is also true.
really burned when the flames of war, when > survival and hatred is the only one. so accustomed to brutal killings, no one thought to the merits. I want to become a group behind those already crushed to avenge comrades! I want to Vietnamese blood for blood! when my heart only the rest of them.
reinforcements around the corpse, in a very long time, in the old mountain was talked about theater.
first victim left me deep impression, it was a brave and reckless person He frantically rushed up and carry the body to the left shoulder, I saw his naked balls. I did not a cent of hesitation, gunshots, the Vietnamese, like to fall as the stakes, all returns in quiet.
I do not appreciate my victories, and immediately head shrink back, quick change location. sniper point is best not to put consecutive shots, or else expose after the attacks on the enemy's heavy machine gun will point labeled hornet's nest.
yard hole harder and harder to hot, humid tropical rain forest, once again tormented me, the bodies of his comrades have begun to smell moldy.
Vietnamese Bangalore destroyed everything, even the loaded cans stool also blown splash, the hole is almost no clean place. Fortunately, you can find some canned food and ammunition, sniper rifles is the yellow to leave the south weir. He is a regiment shooting champion, heads of corporations deliberately sent him yesterday our best sniper bit up, but he's yet to find opportunities sniper rifle fired a shot being fired to honor sacrifice.
Vietnamese who has sent snatching, a lot smarter this time, lying in the on the ground, bit by bit close to the body of a woman, and then hooked pole hook body, and then little by little, the body of a woman dragged back. I saw the body of a woman was in the process of dragging a faded T-shirt, exposing a fair, firm's breast, actually quite lovely, and perhaps women really should not belong to the battlefield.
If that Vietnam is not so anxious, maybe he really succeeded. he hid a large rock pool next to the back of the sole, it is my Fire corner. just about to pull the body around him, he leaned forward, holding out a hand to drag the body. He was too careless, and I secretly anxious. Vietnamese exposed his head, though only a small part Although only a very brief moment, but enough for me, I shoot with a sniper rifle, a bomb called him killed!
So, in that Wang water next to the body of a woman in the side that has been exposed, the addition of a body of a man. and I like the yellow skin, naked, in addition to bullet bag. I can even through a sight to see that his fingers before his death spasm.
four, mercy shot
behind the hole house surge came as the whir of Shen cow, we fed the hungry python, it is not a great head stuck in the cans waiting for me. Maybe that big snake house is the hole The real owner, no one knew the hole in our house has survived for how much time? one thing is certain, because the presence of python, very little of our yard hole mosquitoes, rats and snakes. weekdays, it is out of his head , we put the equivalent of two cans of beef rations, fed cut into small pieces, so it will automatically retract fed cave.
the horizon of the muffled thunder, getting louder and louder, more Recently, a heavy rain will come instant. behind the sound piece of Python, is also growing, more and more anxious. because I did not get fed, looked very impatient, and slowly climbed out of the stone seam, exposing the rough than the body of my leg also.
the reason I'm not keeping it, one is not good mood, and second, Vietnamese food has been ripping off Bangalore. python actually slowly close to the remains of his comrades and continue to test with, and then at me, and it seems to me in protest: shuttle sweep past the bullet on the stone, the Mars flying, almost to his ejection. piece of Python twisted violently and madly sweep the move, which makes the hole Feishazoudan. until it slumped does not move when I realized that now I became the only living creatures yard hole. a strong sense of loneliness, my heart, can not describe. I particularly want to cry!
I was only just turned 19 years old. While I was wiping away tears, while the squad leader and his comrades were packed snake's body messed up. They remained motionless, dead body when it was just not as soft and warming up, it has become hard, cold, Stinky.
Finally, I huddled in the corner and cried and cried, saying that fear is not clear or lonely. do not know how long cry, tired, sleepy.
looked at the bloody body, I threw his teeth , and reach for that support sniper rifle, aimed at the patch of open land, aimed at the body of a woman that with Vietnam. my gun rang four times, there are four Vietnamese, will always remain in a small water puddles.
The rain was pouring endless underground, through the rain cover, I saw the bodies of the Vietnamese efforts to grab the last time. at least one class of Vietnamese flocked out, like moths to flame to crash into a small pool of death .
our large cannons. I heard the shells pierced the air wailing sound, saw the bombing of the living from the hands and feet were shells flying in the air, also saw the body of the bombing of scattered heavy jump up into the sky and to fall to the ground hh
there something crawling, I adjusted the sight of the focal length, only see it was a Vietnamese artillery rest of his life, his leg blown off, his stomach ripped also spent intestines dragging on the ground, maybe the blood has been shed, I do not see the bright red blood. can be concluded that he lived only five minutes, but he is still moving forward little by little difficult, the direction of the body of a woman closer. every movement, whole body spasm, and he is so difficult and painful!
I can not bear to see him so difficult to be alive. gun rang again, sinking kind of bullet, clean and cleanly through his left chest, and he will not move out.
that day, I may kill most of the day in my entire life. seven injustice head ghost, but I just hide in a corner shot by one to the other world.
Vietnamese are gifted artisans like , shells, shrapnel, grenade pull ring in their hands after playing with a few, it becomes very fine works of art. we actually been trading with the enemy did not stop, the Vietnamese side to make pumping with two fingers smoke-like, and then threw the necklace or bracelet they process what, we'll throw cigarettes in the past. The more we throw the cigarettes, the more high-end, get the more delicate Vietnamese handicrafts.
days, gradually black! squad leader and his comrades dead bodies suspended in water, washed out in dim light in the expansion, and more terror. turbid water surface floating box with some canned food, we mounted the stool that was used, because they can not out of its hole, so the stool box in the canned solutions, only be dealt with until the takeover. Vietnamese fried Bangalore to defecate all over the place, floating in the water, and stained my body. my stomach like spilled oil bottles, one has vomiting once.
six unaccompanied independence war
I actually fell asleep, I dream as if there are two, one in a dark hole I crawl yard massacres, one of my floating suspended in the sky. also a voice in the continuously reminding me: so that they are to continue to sleep, but also tried to tell myself wake up quickly, the Vietnamese came!
night, cans and rocks of the collision, and keen and worried, I woke up a camel electric shock!
gun The action is the brain has not been, not fully awake when the bullet has been moving in the direction of audible raining fire. can not see the enemy, can not determine the direction, just remember that day abnormal bright flame spray gun.
the enemy does not fight back. shot did not! I choose not to bite the outside to listen to static. distance and touch ring tins, and objects in the grass the sound go away.
I am relieved, the enemy away ! I no longer sleep, the eyes do not dare even close. That night, I was a total of three times the attack, so I blindly fire in nothing. the enemy fought back and hit the shells flying, rock Mars splashing chaos. I'm safe, safe and sound must have enemies.
dawn, I fell asleep again. I had a dream company commander praised me on my shoulder patting is lone hero; dream personally head I put Liberation Medal; also monitor their dream and aspiration with Hongtashan cigarettes, drink Liquor, Kanda Shan, Daniel hh
blowing seven, was the backbone of prisoner abuse
sudden I felt cold, and then choking, and drink it's no longer a mellow Maotai. a few big and strong hand and hold my head, clamping my arm. I choking, breathing body into the bubble, pythons and stool sewage. < br> Vietnamese attack in the most unlikely time to me! I struggled to move the handle to the chest, I instinctively want to sounding the chest of the hand sturdy and I could not move. I suffered a heavy head impact, must be Vietnamese gave me with rifle butts two Now, I immediately soft down, confused!
woke up, I lay a corner of the room great. I saw three shadows towards me shaking, the Vietnamese began hearing me.
they shouted at me Jiliguala of few words, I just did not understand. loss looking at them, and was very depressed, why should I asleep? soon I made a decision, since he made a prisoner, it would never again become a traitor.
a tall came up to me, waving is a slap in the face. His hands are thick, big, hit my left ear was deaf instant. nose bleeding, eyes rolling into the. tears and snot streaming out disappointing. I'm haste panting rough gas.
questioning they had, or that a few Jiliguala. I spit spit toward the ground with a bloody spittle, his eyes had swollen into a line. I squint to see who hit me what? big tall, tall, dark, naked to the waist, chest and thick chest hair, he seems to enjoy torturing people happy. his eyes toward the person next to barely tolerable, with two people standing around me, my aerial up. Armed with a generous belt big man beat on me. every beat about to bring up a piece of flesh. I'm tearing up the screams.
big man then stuck my neck with his left hand, took me from seat on the lift, punch and punch and then hitting my stomach and weakness. I heard the voice of his fractured ribs, dislocation of the rib into the internal organs, the kind of suffocating pain enough . an the smell of blood was coming from the throat, I began breathing in vomit blood. embarrassing me the most is the urine flow out along the thigh, and I incontinence. I slumped down, and unconsciousness.
I do not know how long, I had the sense, and I twitch violently, my mind passing a few strong stimulation of the screen, again and again that Vietnamese women in my shots in the fall. the big man's fist time and once fell on my stomach. night fighting gun fire continued, jumping from the rock hh
sparks flying in my lower body came a sharp pain, those things that son of a bitch, actually tied with string I live in the lower body of the . so I do not know to play the long game, they finally tired and lay down a rope, around I watch, do not kick me from time to time. I struggled to sit up and look at my rope deeply embedded in the scrotum has been festering in the testicular damage from broken scrotum actually exposed! I cried, I completely broke down. around all wild animals, not human!
I am not afraid of death, Really! time, if someone gave me a shot, I'd be a brave and glorious martyr, and I will not even frown on his brow, on the contrary I think that is the greatest pleasures in life. But I really can not stand the inhuman physical and psychological torture!
eight, live in heaven
not hear gunfire, smell smoke, what is that place? not shoot real people, not Dengyuan their eyes down from heaven preparedness shells and Bangalore, where it is? not soak in water where dead bodies are no longer with the company of, what is that place? no snakes, mosquitoes, hot and wet, what is that place? no one beaten with a belt, no people hit the ribs with his fist, no one bind me with ulceration of the genital cord, holding walk around, then there is where?
I was lying on the front line People's Liberation Army hospital unit to receive the best treatment. white linen, fragrant odor of alcohol, and a beautiful nurse.
captain helped me a little bit of the story in series No. .18 dig a cat after being pierced ears, completely lost all contact with superiors, regimental officers and men stationed in that we were all killed. captain fiercely took me a shoulder and said: , naughty night until dawn that day, I actually committed themselves to fight their own people were serious errors. company commander said I lost Debu unjust, the regiment Te Wulian three best fighters, went to great lengths catch me.
beautiful nurse dressing a day to rub my body. He gave me genital dressing changes, no red face look, what I'd feel embarrassed to own up. nurses out of the room always Looking back to me to smile a smile my bones Dusu. so I can get out of bed when the nurse helped me in the hospital tree-lined walking trail. twos and threes of the wounded came from our side. There Meng eye, is missing, broken leg, arm, wheelchair, there is a cane limped, there are hanging gauze looked very sad. There is also the reality of disabled people can not accept, hysterical tantrum.
I directed at the nurse said excitedly: br> September, the harvest of war
discharged that day, between nurses and I have become reluctant to part with, and she silently for me packing. the hospital door waiting for me there is a big man.
I know him! lifetime never forget that torture me again and again, long big man with thick chest hair, apology.
his fists and flying over, I do not prepare. His fist is still as heavy as before.
gun do?! I am two people! you owe me two people, you know? .
I learned later that night, he and his comrades were ordered to come to dig the new name Yao cave. Yao hit a new name is the first sound the tin soldier, he was blind fire my bullets hit back Back to Group Department has not. Yao is the new name and the big man's best friend, he had risked his life saved two big life. so big be so hard for me to start. And so ended my military career the.
Then, after a few years, the border reopened old mountain. The more people in there, but also as a village with people dearly and better. I took tens of thousands of dollars back to the border, start of the so-called on the Her holy body, we have a total of 16 Vietnamese heroic warrior, will always remain in that damn small water puddles.
In fact, I thought the white out, I was then shot and killed Heart suddenly panic, hum and haw, for fear of a slip of the tongue, revealed a depression, that the Vietnamese governor not to be strange if I smashed into a sauce to do!
the need to account for one: Maybe I do, and nurses affinity, take care of my nurse, eventually became my wife. married her temperament changed dramatically disappeared the previous tender. I earn every penny, must be handed over to her, she would not let me hh, also allowed I hh, better not let me hh.
short, my stiffness of bone is not up anymore, sad sad ah!!
breeze Description:
this novel, not a masterpiece, very touching. of the Yi name, there may be untold Yinzhong, it deliberately incognito. However, He was deeply etched in my mind, it is difficult to forget. breeze brush and ink are three meanings:
(1) the original is very long, in the Word document where the font with a small �ĺ� 13 pages, I did a more substantial Remove modified, compressed into the present seven components. but still rather long and need to be refined for further enrichment.
(2) To enhance readability, vivid and fluency, I made the necessary polish. < br> For example, there is a novel written in the original is so: a few human lives would not leave the bodies of his comrades, pull the body of the Vietnamese partner last Huangbuzelu ran into the minefield, together with his body was pulled on a mid-air bombing inspired mine, large pieces of shrapnel cut their crack, and then down, and then inspire other mines, and finally into the debris. as a cover for a fire. Vietnamese, like us, even then catch a few lives, it will not leave the bodies of comrades. pulled the body of the Vietnamese partner, Huangbuzelu, coming into a minefield. a loud crash, the living Together with fried dead by landmines on the sky, flying shrapnel, flesh and blood splash. landing shrapnel and stones, but also inspired a chain reaction around the mines, even as a last blast, the scene is very spectacular. ) pay attention to punctuation of the original too. Some whole down, each one full with a comma more than 60 characters, without any punctuation. After I brush and ink, after the use of punctuation is more standardized.
original rough around the edges, no bells and whistles, the use of sketches. As first-hand source material from the field, write out of something closer to a war scene in the original.
write the enemy, not completely demonize the enemy into bloodthirsty demons evil spirits. Vietnamese also quite impersonal, in order to snatch away the Goddess, big man no less brutal nature of the eye of a murder is not derogatory executioner!
novel , the blind and indiscriminate firing, the results of our soldiers two manslaughter. also so over. highlighted the danger of the soldiers in the firing line, there is no chance of promotion; not in the line of fire officers, but a lot of promotion opportunities. Is this a reflection of our military mechanism in military forces problem? worth discussing.
the enemy! the basic principles? very doubtful. under the Geneva Conventions, Red Cross ambulances on the battlefield to see, or see health care workers with the Red Cross armband is not opened fire.
Python is a tropical rain forest The Big Mac. as long as a python in the vicinity within a radius of one square kilometer, mice and snakes will be extinct. python is the most poisonous snakes like to eat a picnic, it can be one of the most toxic if swallowed out of the forest the largest king cobra snakes, but not their own fear of snakebite poisoning death, the body may contain a variety of anti-venom python protein factor, it can be vulnerable to the attack. Python-like predator living on carrion are not interested in eating more will be poisoned carrion. So the novel the three years. pythons eat three square meals a meal, you can go hungry 8 months, because it is cold-blooded, the body is very low energy consumption, while the assimilation rate as high as 45%. That is, it eats 10 kg of fresh beef , there are 4 kg into a snake. Python is also quite in humanity, why to shoot it? not understand!

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