Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nineteenth General Assembly in Hong Kong, China opened Endoscopic Doctor

 Nineteenth General Assembly of Chinese endoscopists
mm opening in Hong Kong, Shenzhen Hospital gynecologist Dishu Yi to 20 held in Hong Kong, China's Vice Health Minister Huang Jiefu made a keynote speech, the Olympic champion Xiong Ni become the first Conference of the World Health Ambassador endoscopists.
According to reports, this is the first organized by the Chinese endoscopists endoscopists world-class General Assembly, two-day meeting, many well-known experts as special academic report of endoscopic and endoscopic expertise to test management practices, training, examination and evaluation standards, technical standards on issues such as access to seminars . China's nearly one hundred endoscopic training, clinical bases are sending experts and leaders meeting, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Ukraine and other countries and regions participating endoscopists sent.
invited to honor our hospital, mission director of gynecologic Di Shuyi study participants, and foreign top experts on the Comparison of different methods of tumor treatment These application areas to be improved and perfected many of our compatriots abroad, always trust a certain technology, in fact, our domestic technology is also very possible, in fact, I want to say is, I believe the medical technology that we have, we know that we know how to change combination We must not apply the formula The acceptance and recognition, Western medicine has an absolute professional, but Western medicine together? doctor's main purpose is to see a doctor, medical treatment, to cure. may be described if the director of the recent Dizhu Ren and several other experts, jointly proposed the

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