Thursday, February 17, 2011

Manchester City broke 40 years of hard fighting 4 games unbeaten at home victorious 5 skeptical promoted the war in Europe

 Since 2011, Manchester City status has not been ideal, the team increased the wounded, bought did not play an immediate and dominant effect, after Carlos Tevez to score after another began to state repeatedly. Reflected in the record table, Manchester City 11 games on all fronts, winning only 4 games, but added level of 5 games lost 2 games, winning only 3 percent over. Just lost to Manchester United in the derby, and ill-begotten war in Europe, nearly 5 games 4 games victorious.

Manchester City Manchester United throw off not only the league points are very far away, almost expect to win, also suffered distress Cup at home and abroad. Leicester FA Cup opponents Bihu off war, playing a replay pass only the first four inflow encountered surprisingly League One rivals Nottingham draw opponents, the European Cup knockout opener, also against the strength of less than Aris their results played only a draw, there are questions about whether the cut.

Manchester City draw with rivals in this war, not Mancini snub opponents down, basically in the main before the field can have on the appearance, but still broke lack technique. Elimination of the war in Europe on away goals are very important, Manco emit a combination of the two striker partner is hoping to win into one, but unfortunately did not do so, after the match the Italians in the home team could only vent their anger on the golf course turf.

Aris at home always has excellent performance, there is history. Although the team only in the Greek league ranks in the middle, but the war in Europe was very sharp, the group stage three, 1-0 and 2-0 home win over Atletico Madrid, respectively, and the draw against Rosenborg ,0-0 Bayer Leverkusen , with this war, not Diuguo 4 consecutive home the ball.

Similarly, opponents Manchester City are unable to break the home record of 40 years, numerous World War, after whom Chelsea have played against other teams, but Aris War 1 5 2 wins, 2 losses, are the two defeat In the British land. From 1970 to the present, Ali Siou played 25 home games war, 13 wins and 12 level, never defeat, Manchester City did not become the first people who tasted the crab meat.

Back home, if Manchester City beat Aris course to qualify, but have to beware of is the dark horse shifted the blame. The score is the first leg 0-0 draw in the most insecure one, the second leg as long as the opponents goal, Manchester City will be very passive, still dominant, but the defense should not have any effect. It is worth mentioning that, Aris Calderon in a 3-2 home win over Atletico over the defending champion, has upset precedent.

Juventus Manchester City despite the overwhelming qualifying group match, but the performance is not stable against the lowly, they beat Salzburg 2-0, 1-3 will be no inflow of Poznan Lech crisp defeated. On the line and strength, but also in Poznan Lech Aris should be above the closure rivals Manchester City is not easy to zero after six group stage games they have lost the ball 4.

hopeless war in Europe after winning the league champion Manchester City's primary goal, the two round tie their opening game, in any case holds the advantage of Manchester City is only the second leg to urge caution. Mancini further strengthen the attack, but also have to guard against the opponent's rapid counter-attack, had just joined the Bobadilla Moenchengladbach has a strong personal attack capability.

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