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A true story about wife-swapping

 A true story about wife-swapping
Article: preamble
judge by Guanguan
friends the consent of the story published by the Internet, in order to respect the privacy, after a number of artistic treatment, hope to have more friends to explore On excitedly told me he had developed a tortoise (turtle) in the first 79 eat, and being a hotel chef personally guided dish, let me share with him the past.
me and my friends many years ago a collective understanding of hunting, hunting in that operation, the amateur level of a bullet stuck because we became very good friends. Because, and this article has nothing to do, it omitted to hunt that field thrilling action, because it is another a story.
friend is the real power to send a bureau chief, then, just entering his prime, when ambitious that system a few years later married a girl with the system, even feelings of both husband and wife good. But after two years of marriage, husband and wife do not know what made nervous, her husband continued to cadres in the mix, they resign and go into a wife.
it seemed at the time was an incredible thing, the cadres teams are a sensation. But years later, the couple had to demonstrate that their choice is right. friend's wife to do after the resignation of a small company, now grown, and for them, money is not long problem.
a few years ago, in order to further improve the employment mechanism and the relevant policies (in fact, too many people do not work, overstaffing is serious.) to encourage the resignation of leading cadres to organize or start a business, and gives various preferential policies, friend's wife as being written about the typical, friends, and therefore the light soiled with his wife, from the RC into the Urban Council.
this model the ordinary cadres in the same year is rare in , but in the ranks of senior cadres, such signs are everywhere. For a couple friends, this is will take some guts, because the friends that time is just an ordinary little clerk. In those years, friends, the couple paid imagine the hardships that ordinary people can not.
into business for his wife resign his post, a friend explained that his wife has a good social and communication skills, although there is no power, but there are certain human resources. friends that, while those cadres usually very smart, but not have real power as long as the cadres, can only walk slowly around like a dog to eat rub drink, complacent light only. so his friends the couple decided that a sea business, to continue holding an iron rice bowl, even if the business failed, there is a hope, is that courage that they did get the results today.
Although the money, but a friend is both husband and wife are now living is very unique, hard to maintain his wife, for beauty, the SPA Center . My husband is out every day, eat, drink, food painstaking research, but does not stick and woman, two years, Friends has become a real foodie, also published some articles to related magazines. the two couples is not significant if it is not entertainment gather together.
During the banquet, excited to introduce his friends invented the first 79 recipes bastard, kept advised me to eat, his eyes full of hope that I certainly look forward to. I remember a month ago, he also studying the ninth species of insects eat the bread, the only thing changing very fast. Friends of the new cooking methods bastard really unique, spicy me with tears so big tortoise has not eaten so spicy, spicy hot return, I highly commend the Friends of the cooking method. because I no longer have to worry about friends forced me to pack the remaining food home to eat my dog, my dog died on the accident because of a Babao River (local a hill).
friends hang around the table at the reception year, lipids, blood pressure and weight more than the standard, also suffers from gout, the intake of high protein, high fat food, drink beer if both lead to gout, so his friends do not drink beer, drink the local brew a fine wine, he thinks the local liquor better than this expensive Maotai and Wuliangye poor, and those on the market under various names, packaged liquor than it is simply watered is a heaven and a ground. But for me, what liquor is hard drink, except a soft spot for me Langjiu, but now no longer Langjiu Langjiu the original.
I do not drink beer, drink wine, friends, drink a glass of white wine, I drink three glasses of wine. drink beer is fat because the body has already begun, and every time I use the mountain to fight fat, I found it is futile, so I just can choose to diet control. If you continue to gain weight down is not only unsightly, but also damage my first Mature killer arena name, Mature killer must build ah.
where I need to explain my definition of Mature, so some of Debating idiot to him to Japan by AV's Mature, Mature my favorite standard is thoroughly mature physical development, mental development and physical development but also simultaneously, which not only the body is full Mature sexy, even Naogua Zi also extremely sexy , aged 25 mm35 years old. I think that the MILF of the onto the road to ruin. To know that for a man like me, the most difficult not because of who, but the rejection girl. I prefer to Huan-ai between men and women the same as implied the wind blown over, and as like the flow of waves, ripples lot of attention but will eventually calm down, leave a good memory of each other without hurting each other.
Since only two of us drink, no courtesy, with the sexual and drinking, chatting many things. the two men chatting in an informal setting, then chatted about the woman if it is not inconceivable that in the next add to the fun of wine on the topic of women began.
virtue of my friends is very clear that he I also know many who come from all over the mistress. But friends While eating, drinking, playing is proficient, but women are not interested. at least I know him over the years he had never heard of any affair, and even scandal no, it makes me feel very weird. to know the men as friends as long as the money and have some power to find little or no lover mistresses.
I asked my friends: you mess with it point out, what you lack ah? day of a big man to eat what ah, you see me, all love life, love, Mature, the days go by much moisture, you will not be afraid to eat food ah? Do you think you have the gun control, and hunting is not so easy to hit, he will have something to give it yourself, or also not to be suffocated? I wish I could come up with more cooking, I again this month, Guests say eat great taste. After retirement, can be a food consultant ah!
I: by, the snake village after the last exposure was not the province of Taiwan closed down yet? boss not afraid of death?
Friends: are the leading cadres and people in the food business, you can close? but most people can not eat it.
friend said that home is indeed doing very well Zhuang snake, snake in addition to main dishes, but also supply Many game, the most prosperous time, with both paws and tiger meat, but is frozen. snake away from the urban village in a valley Yishanbangshui, the buildings were put up in the logs and bamboo the decoration is very simple and elegant, charges are alarmingly high, where most people will drive tens of miles to eat on the go that place, are some people who do not spend money to eat, anyway, let me spend money I go there to eat never do, of course, the best can be considered Mature.
where the chef's job is indeed very stroll, a few kilos of Cobra, cooks in five minutes can return it to the skin leather, meat, go meat, tendons return tendons, bones of bone shabu hot pot in front of you, Snake is in a nice glass filled with liquor was in front of you.
my friends have been there twice no dare to follow, because the snake eat a lot of old people say the dead will be bitten by a snake, a snake and I especially love to watch particularly afraid of snakes to the zoo to see my boa constrictor on the special. there is one important reason is that environmental considerations for this argument is a bit loaded to force the suspects, but indeed affected by the environmental protection.
snake village was later reported, and closed a long time, this time re-opened, although the name of farmers under the banner of the meals, but some of the luxurious private room is still in the supply of game. but are are supplied to the powerful rich acquaintances, of course, the leadership of Forestry Public Security.
friends seem to have dilemma, do not play with me three glasses of wine a glass of white wine for the game, and started drinking from the Self discretion. I'm poor Jiu Li, drink half a bottle of wine drinking say nothing.
little Weizui friend peered askance I said: you guy flies really moist, I quite envy you, like bubble girl to because of who, what, then all say, what people dare to scold, like me, looks like I am beautiful, but I mingled such an extent, how many people jealous ah? is not the same as a man to turn tail everywhere carefully, a few years, I have to think of the NPC or CPPCC pension.
me: you only old ah? early for you? level of your business alone, and the , there are big name leading to the city you are accompanied by leadership, according to current trends, you sooner or later, when the Secretary-General of mingled Party.
Friends: I have not the ambition, all these years in our unit from the Secretary to the Division long planted a number of cadres? the city first, let me take this seat to see me rich, I do not think that there is no need income of black money; the second is that the level of my business really decent; Third, our unit can no longer an accident, or could not explain. You say I can not life in fear? So, ah, in order to divert people's attention, I can only put himself deliberately dressed as an amateur gourmet, in addition to eating and drinking, what are not stained, only Dry seeking to retire in peace, in my position, do not say how much the results of dry, very simple if we can get out of.
friends are right, they simply Shuoshu nest unit a few years a cadre of a former jealous because no one piece of fat, which the leadership does not want to own people placed in this unit? friends can control all aspects of the lucrative largely the result of compromise, because a few years, several people recommended by the leadership stumbled, and even dragged out a deputy secretary. No wonder friends meat and vegetables do not stick, he learned an extraordinary with people like me because of who you are not tempted to do?
Friends: temptation, of course, the temptation, you saved my life, I put you as their brother, tell you the truth, my family though a bit of money, but I did not give leadership sent a penny, how many people are now waiting to grab my handle, in such a small city, you need to have something, and it would be talk of the town passed, usually between those who set me how much effort it took to win over I, the money I despise, I can not be beautiful, but if you do not have any problems, but other people will be marginalized. so handle public money to eat and drink less, which in official circles things are not really big fart Even checked out, also take their own money up to fill the line.
friend then said: Do you play on the network every day, you should know ** Discipline Committee in the capital province of prostitutes were caught, right? you think about it, this is a simple prostitute? Then away you can grasp the handle, all in a city where, needless to say. So, ah, Caution is the boat!
me: that you leave The time to travel to find Miss it? safety factor as high ah!
Friends: I'm sick ah, say, where time travel is not your wife a piece of me? your sister in law is not easy for so many years and made How much sacrifice, we couple to the cause of middle-aged a son, a baby sister in law how much to eat when you suffer? That was advanced maternal age, ah, when the Caesarean section when the doctor told me to sign I am almost scared to death. If I go again, Miss, I'm sorry she ah!
friend changed the subject: are you so ask me, it seems you must look over Kid Miss!
me: absolutely not, there are no outsiders, and I kept What are you doing ah? I do not want to, but not necessary, I have so much say hello, but to say hello Mature, find what Miss ah? say, the nineties, I is in the endocrine strong period, although there are girlfriend, but did not dare openly dry kind of thing in school ah? time I did not find too few students, Miss, I am eager to try, by chance, fellow medical school where I saw a skin disease pictures, called a nausea, anorexia after me for several months, if I got that sick, I want to live. I was thinking, ah, if the public security authorities really want to help clients repented, get sick they are skin album Well, fine processing are stronger than anything.
friend listened to me laugh: You really do not say, * Xin Matai Bureau organized a seven year tour, come back less than six months, their Deputy Director committed suicide, when many people think that what is involved in corruption cases, communication was talk of the town. But the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the friends said, askew Secretary had never been reported before, the accounts of the basically no problem But I am a relative involved in the investigation said the case came back after traveling frequently askew Secretary to the provincial capital to run the hospital, and later went to hospital in Shanghai, is not seen a doctor in the local hospital, concluded that the organization later became askew Secretary excessive work and stress before committing suicide. You say this, perhaps the Secretary askew what really got too awkward in the wrong.
me: now the majority of the so-called sexually transmitted diseases, skin diseases are some of the hospital mountebank who are contracted out, you do not let you go into sick sick sick became ill, anyway, do not let you give up the money Taoguang. Lao Chen last time the hospital is a liar in the cursed Hospital ** He went a little ache in urine ** hospital, those experts said, speaking in a foreign accent, what he is suffering from chlamydia, what prostatitis, so that Lao Chen treated the same time the two couples, both husband and wife to the hospital during the day treatment because of distrust shouting at each other and accused each other of not decent, toss half a month is spent over 30,000 yuan but not good, most of the drugs can not be included in the scope of health insurance, had his own pocket, and later her wife A friend said to listen to country fried grass fields of corduroy hot drink hot sugar can be treated like disease, he would find people to adopt a lot of fried hot drink, did not think three days is like, five dollars less than the cost of money, two in-laws want to go to Lao Chen anger that the hospital afterwards. Now see Lao Chen to warn acquaintances acquaintances to those ads do not play the loudest skin venereal diseases hospital.
friends laughing, it really easily stopped down, he asked me: the newspaper had published a policewoman because the Office of Shaanxi Liquan wife-swapping sites and units involved in wife-swapping action is dismissed, how do you see this thing?
me: Damn, Is there anything to say, word, and my cock, I decide, as long as a fair voluntary, without prejudice to the others, the relevant people what ah? Chinese people speak of this, mouthful of virtue and morality, if there is opportunity to take your pants off bullying, As long as no one knows, his grandson in a split quasi clothes off their heads. China's human rights have developed several generations, and there is harmony right, bread right, is not the right cock.
Friends: Yes ah, if even his dick can not themselves, and you can do the masters of this country? This issue is not resolved, what is the right to talk.
me: is not, is people have emotions, are Flirt right to pursue, let alone the people, the President is his old man ah! as long as no harm to the interests of others is voluntary, but also in private circumstances, and I think others have no right to interfere in! < br> Friends: Oh, that if someone accused of social impact and social ethics to do such acts?
me: Generally speaking, the wife-swapping such acts are in extremely private circumstances, as long as someone is not deliberately pry into the privacy of others and intends to expose, there is no any effect on society. As you say the civic, that thing is ridiculous, the Chinese people have morality it? piece in their own home sites in addition to the Chinese people also speak on the point of morality, out the door, than anyone else wicked. This said, are complex, but simple, if everyone felt both in the home or outside the home owner has a sense of happiness do you say that the Chinese will be full wicked you?
Friends: You went on to say, I'm listening.
me: What is the Chinese people since ancient times, when there is a real sense of the owner to do? Please note that this is just the feeling, is not the master of post- the proud owners do not say, you look at the history of China took place many times, to have ethics? If so, then still do what morality? What the building of spiritual civilization? from the most basic point of view, we state this situation, the legal system building in the absence of a good situation, talk about what Orthodoxy is self-deceiving nonsense.
friends nodded in agreement, by the encouragement, I then said: those who Tuomohengfei to blame others right? affect him why since this society people eat human blood, or so much bread? This damn thing is be affected selectively, Oh digress, do not say that I also poured out.
Friends: I did not expect a simple then how would you think? for example, I have to go to wife-swapping, I mean such as Kazakhstan.
me: Otherwise, there will be the shadow of the woman psychologically.
Friends: You're right, that's not really play such a call, this behavior was first flow of middle-class households in the European fashion, according to their theory called gentle, : Haha, you Tingyou research Well, give me a full explanation, please? quite interested in my next treatment with the MILF, then there is the talk of the.
friend smiled, did a glass of white wine alone later went on to say: Director Ang Lee you know? is that the film changes in the history of the family, the movie had on the , in the left gathering convened by the organizers of everyone gathering together to take from the bowl touch the keys randomly, not if you touch that put into his earlier, then you need to take someone else's wife or husband back their home overnight. Of course, this approach is not suitable for our mainland China.
me: ah, you say I have not heard that, but the small Park (in the customers of a company resident representative in China, South Korea) told me said that meeting in South Korea called kind of boring literary fiction mode, and now both the newspapers or the network said those on same, but the operation is much more to be hidden, as I said before, someone is engaged in such gatherings through the network, there are some people spontaneously engage in this game through family gatherings, but the real way to engage in such a club or club gathering As far as I know, only one place in our province has, called ** clubs ** in ** City Beach Hotel has two separate venues. The club is a member of Japan out of a Corporation, they consortia In our province, the construction of several large investment companies, as the senior club called ** friends of his personal and Japan are engaged.
me: I do not really have such a club? this, if at Shenzhen and other places, I believe we have not heard here, I'd know ** city there is a high-level club is dedicated to SM tuning and service areas, I've seen them do a SM live performances, not interested, I'd the whips used on the show are very interested in that stuff is too fine, and able to get into the body of Miss performances sound very loud when, but they do not leave visible scars. at that show lady wearing the clothes, including underwear are of paper, gently pumping to crack, to see her one to enjoy it. At that time my dog has not died, I think that the whip is used to train my dog was right, neither It can scare it will be wounded. I went there because there's a manager one of my acquaintance, he is to step down from City Hall ** a waiter, personal qualities and management level is very high, in the province several star hotels are in the dug him, and he worked at the hotel ** quit after one year, then hired away by the SM club, I go with that is that he did not know where to put it out of a membership card , there is no membership card, they are not receiving outsiders. I asked how much of his annual salary, the guy that confidential, but there is a membership card annual fee yuan, depending on, a little expensive, because the members in addition to eating, drinking, to live without money, the other is to pay for the service.
Friends: Actually, you said the house is not high fees SM club, its services and broad range of objects, in general, as long as the money is to join, it is very easy to mix some low-level or even ulterior motive of the people, the protection of personal privacy of the question. I said that money is not enough, there must be a member to join pre-introduction after introduction of the professional doctors go through rigorous physical examination, and only after passing the examination can apply for membership cards, so you the proof (such as proof of marital relationship) through review and ensure compliance with club rules and regulations to pay to get your membership card after.
my friend interrupted to say: ah so complicated, multi-Leia, not that love it? screwing up so cumbersome?
friends: Do not interrupted, and then listen to my introduction to speaking, members of the couple received a club membership card can not directly participate in the activities, members have to apply to participate in activities, clubs will be paired according to arrange off-site meetings, the local club is absolutely not allowed many of the husband and wife to the party, which serve mainly for the protection of privacy considerations. to the party of those couples, education, training, hobbies, etc. Basically, all on one level, the only way to communicate members do not feel impaired. In addition, each club must accept to participate in activities exclusive of medical doctors, doctors, men and women in the club, a dedicated member of the couple to attend the event to provide health checks. only in the health examination by the case of activities in order to participate the next step. activities are divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced three levels.
heard here, I know my mouth open and was the boss, the couple did not expect much trouble exchange, friends, looking at large puzzled puzzled look and then smiled down, said: participate in the activities of junior club members must be full-time staff couples counseling and knowledge necessary to learn before they can participate in activities, generally with the activities of the primary party nature, but no specific sexual activities, but through the performances, and other interactive ways to discourage new members into the couple's concerns, to lift their psychological stress. for example, by random draw to determine the men and women know each other performing on stage to touch the non-sex the main action, like making three films, like, surrounded by the audience, every man has the opportunity to show his wife and others, his wife also have the opportunity to perform, someone else's husband. At first not used to, but then it slowly way to adapt to, and in the field, we can all learn a lot of his usual touch of lovers do not have a way, a joke, a bit like my kind of activities the scene to observe the party's General Assembly Council and the exchange of experience.
of their friends not yet finished, I laughed, I know this is rude, but I can not help, love and serve the people doing different things * Well.
Friends: What funny, which is to help members husband and wife to dispel concerns and the best way to relieve stress, not to mention no dew point, not leaky, at best, is the sex dance. performed only in men and women in activities such as simulated sexual touching way to learn, to experience pleasure from touching the opposite sex and the necessary The early exchanges. This is for those who are shy or even psychological barriers are especially good. If you think this pattern is similar to pyramid schemes, and those who engage in it, laugh could be forgiven, and the site office will be where it now where?
friends in order not to lose the continued interest in the topic, I hastened to admit: I'm sorry, you say what senior activities are not the same place?
Friends: primary activities only experienced talent and the courage to participate in activities can apply for intermediate activities, intermediate activities must provide some of the couple's sexual positions such as sensitive points and preferences and other data and information, which is the couple exchange activities in order to eliminate as much as possible strangeness, and promote the harmonious activities, formerly known as harmonious Now with the in the face to face communication, can also assist those brochures as a reference to their own satisfaction with the final selection of the exchange of objects, once both sides have agreed to be the of, and that how they ensure safety, such as how to avoid the spread of disease and prevent some injuries exchange objects of sexual perversion.
friends: the spread of the disease may rest assured, because of our own in addition to providing medical certificates, the exclusive club doctors will be careful for your health check, including blood, reproductive system and other checks, each check to the club's time in the blood, and even the need enema, every year we organize medical unit, had never enema, clubs the credibility of doctors than the general hospital of the medical doctors to be much higher.
friend that had the bottom of my heart here, and friends should be involved in such activities, it is impossible to know such details. is not drinking I quickly put my empty glass full of wine and friends did a glass of wine after, dedicated friends seem to have forgotten the rules of one to three. but I drink a glass or two of active complement.
friends went on to say: In addition to those measures are not enough, the process of life must be used exclusively for the Durex condoms clubs, club rules and regulations is also emphasized in the Member Information is also necessary, in order to prevent the exchange occurred during the phenomenon of the woman wronged humiliated, will all of a rigid provisions must be fully respected the wishes of the woman, not by any means to force the woman to go against the will of my activities. In general, to participate in such activities, the couple's personal accomplishment and quality are high, the woman will not be contrary to the will of action, because the exchange's wife, her husband's hands are the other side, and, in exchange for members of the couple's feelings are good. club has not had such unpleasant phenomena.
I: intermediate activity relative to that primary activities, in addition to a substantial exchange of couples, there are any other differences?
Friends: Intermediate activities of the most obvious feature is that all members of the woman's husband and the wife of professional consultants in accordance with the recommendations of clubs put on sexy clothing, of course, those clothes are not worn in life, the ladies dressed in sexy clothes and exposed the club is definitely not an ordinary kind of ladies wear, while sexy and exposure, but definitely not vulgar, this atmosphere of activities indeed played a role in fueling. those clothes are all supervised, if the ladies can not buy out the right clothes, all specialized clothing stores will be paid to provide its members. If you participate in such activities, see the President , you will nosebleeds.
me: the opportunity to have this experience I really want to go then, of course, I do not have to provide the exchange of objects, I see opinions, look at fixed-line not?
Friends : You may do?
me: disguised as waiters okay?
Friend: You look more like the waiter his father, a waiter you are so old it? waiter they can not approach , only in the peripheral activities.
me: Oh, that's what senior activities?
Friends: It is more exciting activities, many people are only willing to participate in secondary activities, as husband and wife exchange intermediate activity requirements sufficient to meet the needs of most members, many members of the couple is only active in the mid to stalled at this level, because high-level activities and the primary form of activity is similar to the primary activities in different places is no substantive sexual activity, and High activity is not the case, members should participate in drawing lots, once able to get performance tab, you will be drawn in public and another of the opposite sex performing on stage is a real sexual activity, which is a boost for everyone, like we usually eat aperitif, was on stage, people generally did her best to get more recognition of the opposite sex, after the performances, we can according to your favorite people a free pair, the level of activities for many members discouraged, because they do not to achieve that kind of mental capacity, of course, also a member of crazy.
me: This upscale event is the culmination of all activities in the bar?
friends: Yes, as far as I know, to participate in the activities of members of senior usually only a couple dozen pairs, relative to other levels of activity, the members of relatively fixed, so whenever a new member of the couple from the mid-level activity is added, is when they are most excited about.
me: if only these activities, I think the annual fee of one hundred thousand yuan is too high, can also accept two million. Those members pay so much money is not some innocent?
friends: that from what looked, clubs is the level of service provided high, unlike ordinary family gatherings, in addition to the above arrangements for activities, clubs often employ the image of the top designers for you beautician and member of lectures and make guidance. members benefit, especially the Ladies warm welcome.
me: You will not see Mao Geping those experts right?
friend: And you do not need to know, anyway, the experts are very popular all kind of high visibility.
me: Oh, well Other services do?
friends: Yes, club members also employ psychologists to provide counseling and psychological counseling, psychological barriers some members therefore benefit the praise of experts.
me: you said foreign experts, right? at least ...

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