Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bin teach you to take a small surplus as Fan sweater!

 Hello, Hello everybody, I was little to report back again oh Bin it! 13, 5555 ~ tomorrow, but as the wedding ~ miss Jay students to participate in a concert or in the forum to reveal a face it is very HIGH ~ ah! Comparing the first in Europe and America, large card ~ placket fur is very long, will play the effect of lengthening the body take a snow wool shorts. very IN. South Korea is the flagship store clothing care love snow today, the wind `ah ~ Europe can short to wear, you can also pull down the knee Director ~ each have their own taste to wear a scarf ~ great brand casual feel particularly like the collar and sleeves soft and thick wool ~ ~ date of this section like a princess when you can wear oh ~ is to force ~ pin used in the sweater, is nothing new, but it's still good to see a striped ~, wearing a fur hat, uninhibited FEEL the lines of this sweater is rather special also comes with a bib ~ sock love warm cool! piece really love the pin number is enough, there is also a great sling veil ~ a very casual yet licensed, some little woman temperament ~! College wind sweater can be a long paragraph dress to wear, out wear a plaid coat ~ vintage British style to come out! Institute of the wind is ~ chest embroidery needle embroidery decorations are eye-catching number is relatively full, and looks very texture of which is to take the more classic plaid shirt you,cheap UGG boots, download pleated skirts, knit fabric is relatively warm mother, I went to school, ha ha ~ sometimes it can be loved Oh,UGG boots cheap, very bright out and can feel a lot better ~ ~ ~ do both very eye-catching ah ,Bailey UGG boots,:) big mouth monkey, hehe ~ ~ love it though Halloween has passed, but still like the pumpkin color T have a very good personality ~ ~ Ao Chao sweater running away from the theme of the regression line of small cape ~ Japanese T-shirt ~ in the Journal of the wind is taking the more relaxed,UGG boots clearance, which can wear several pieces of the ride are all right ~ very unique color pattern that is a big bag of wind in Europe and America there are bright spots, but very comfortable color panda sweater worn ~ In particular there is a refreshing dots ~ Puff Sleeve ~ Oh hey lovely run again under the title `the end of

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