Monday, November 15, 2010

Canton Express within two deputies proposed trade integration BEIJING Beijing 3 ...

 Two courier: deputies proposed interview, said, of BEIJING, Beijing March 12 (Xinhua Fu Yu) National People's Congress of Hunan backgammon limited liability company, chairman of supermarket chains fill the 12th king of an interview, said, market development needs, a comprehensive open to mainland buyers. This is the current financial crisis spreads, shrinking demand abroad to alleviate the pressure to export is particularly significant meaning. Canton Fair also called China Import and Export Fair, the Spring and Autumn each year two quarter,UGG boots, held in Guangzhou, so far,UGG boots cheap, more than five years of history, China is now the oldest and the highest level, the largest and most complete types of goods,bailey UGG boots, country of the most extensive and comprehensive international trade event. Fair leans to export trade Lord, you can also carry out various forms of economic and technological cooperation and exchanges, commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising and other business activities, and its addition to the traditional trade against samples, the Fair was also held online. has been banned in the Mainland buyers purchase or entry, leading to the procurement of domestic distributors to resell the domestic market is difficult to export products. developed to the favorite, in recent years, a variety of ways, some of the domestic market, export products sold to meet the needs of Mainland consumers; is conducive to domestic procurement bigger and stronger companies rely on exports; special time, especially in the current financial crisis spreads, the procurement of domestic buyers, can ease the demand for foreign atrophy caused by pressure to the export, the export products of these manufacturers to help expand sales, to avoid getting into the sharp decline in foreign demand, limited production, layoffs or even bankruptcy of the dilemma. According to media reports, by the financial crisis, many international brands present coastal bankruptcy. . Foreign sales platform,UGG shoes, followed by three more days or a week as a domestic trading platform. 

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