Thursday, November 18, 2010

Star Wardrobe - effortlessly over the winter

 Star Wardrobe - effortlessly over the winter
on the jeans: the most essential winter items than a thick single pair of jeans, especially tight jeans, on the one hand, you can easily put it into the boots which increase the degree of warmth, on the other hand, it can very well and in the upper body of the bloated feeling. Sienna Miller is a simple black boots with navy blue sweater cardigan Rag & Bone, Cameron Diaz stiffness of the leather Zeyi Link Check boots with a light gray short coats, although different styles, but all looked very spirit. loose, like a useless boyfriend jeans, just like Joy Bryant, like the rolled up trouser legs, boots no problem, and then Top beam in the waistband, the Department of a wide leather belt, both handsome, and airtight.
about the sweater: Recently, including Claudia Schiffer, Kate Bosworth, including many female stars are wearing a long coat of neutral color knitting Street, even the claws of Rihanna has always been no exception. Claudia Schiffer in a light brown coat with a knitted sleeve fringed boots and Balenciaga bag of mixed colors, Kate Bosworth Zeyi Chloe brown long thick cardigan with red and black plaid Isabel Marant shirt, plus black boots, the former elegance, the latter playful. Rihanna is also able to knit dress is fierce, the key lies in the lower body, black leggings and black high-heeled sandals mm, of course, for her, this is considered a very comfortable dressed. Milla Jovovich in the body, we have found a new inspiration, that is to thin pieces of the same color sweater to wear stacked.
on the skirt: If not buy a dress for winter wear, better go look for your wardrobe carefully. Since the leggings can be worn all year round, so winter wear skirts and silk chiffon, or why not? In fact, it is sweaters and heavy coats are a good partner, thanks to they are soft and elegant, winter will not be too boring. As to the specific how ride, see a model Diane Kruger: cashmere coat with black and white printing seasonal fuzzy skirt, and then the following are solid lines with warm leggings and boots.

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