Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recommended abandoned Maoe anxiety

Ding Dong alarm mad burst of sound, the beat suddenly woke up from a dream lower case. Sitting up, the heart still beating full steam ahead for. Yeguo corner of the quilt to cover the chest, some equatorial side gradually. From the yard unearthed a end of the bed legs to press the alarm, but life and death is not pressed down, it suddenly come to understand Today is Saturday, one week does not work. It is not ring alarm clock is ringing the bell. <> is still sending Ah Jie anxiety here. < ;> lower case to come to boom bang jumped and ran into the bathroom, splashed open faucet. brushing is too late, can only dip a finger up and down the rag wet teeth, and skim a small handful of cold water along the cis wild hair. the mirror wiping his face with a two-Chu Xing's flushing, looked at fairly so-so pleasing to the eye, this Ta slippers Tititata to go open the door. <> walked while thinking, in fact, their own way what kind of rotten McNair not seen it yet? those days, flies were not ghosts not ghosts of people that he did not care before. now care about it? <> then lower case first came to Toronto, yet McNair was in college studying PhD. mentor hands only half scholarships, and that the other half were, is to rely on working to earn lower case. are working, lower case and read along with his wife to play it not the same work. the other wives go through rain and wind are the subway transfer bus, or to wash the dishes in the restaurant when the waitress, or to the Chinese supermarket Zecai cash register, and lower case but never needed to go out. lower case work apartment building is the care of three children, a neighbor, is a five-year-old and eight months each. In the morning before going to work the parents put their children push to her home in the evening after work from her home and brought back. clothes and food and beverage applications such as a product , are the parents prepared a day a large package, she only needs to pick a hand on it, even to the threshold are not taken. She does not need to go out now, it do not worry about dress. In the morning wake up What is it like, what is going to bed at night. One day, when in addition to brushing inevitably shake before the mirror, she hardly looked like himself all remember. go abroad to do a front box fashionable clothes in a closet hung motionless for a few years. When she finally remembered the time, but had to wear did not go in fat. that the thoughts are in fashion McNair papers, the family is for him to sleep for a meal one night's sleep place. She thought he did not care about her appearance, but she was wrong. until the time she was aware of the problem, it has entered an irreversible spiral. <> outside the snow. <> this is a short fall, the leaves of the branches have not yet finished off the winter came. without the weight of the snow is the kind of dry snow, floating in the air, is a gray dust. fell to the ground, or dust, but the color is more more dirty, long time but not a drop of water to tread. the wind like a hungry wolf in a long, sensual piercing, but not much effort, the branches shook some bravado. lower case opened the door and saw the still standing in the doorway Jie neck dwarf in the velvet collar, frosted eye image of two pan-overdue influx of plaster, vaguely stick to the two eyes. coat breast stuffed, wrapped inside the Arab-Israeli anxiety. <> ; Shang Jie at the door, Ah anxiety to jump out from his arms, staggered roll over toward the lower case, lower case Xiu Xiu to smell toes. one by one heard of, the body will fall toward ground, spread out Siti, revealing a yellow belly. lower case know it is meant to be scratching her to crouch down, up and down Naoliao up. A sudden anxiety big eyes small mouth up, grunt masterpiece. Naoliao several back and forth, lower case suddenly found A stumbling left forepaw soft curled into a ball, the total would not extend to, to good to breaking. The Breaking, A anxiety stood up to call, a few steps back again and again - - but with the three legs. <> \. <> A anxiety is a year-old teenagers in the cat, is still lower case Jie adopted from an animal shelter center. that every night, go to fashion school for McNair paper, lower case a person to stay at home, do not see knowledge of English television, and having no friends can talk, it is boring lonely, to beg a dog yet Jie company. said several times, yet McNair was silence. then it is forced, however, was that the English do not have time to learn OK? TOEFL Speaking Class class writing class, to what extent have, easily find a class on the line. lower case said the three kid tired me all day, learning does not go ah. Shang Jie face a tight tight that you Zheng Yanxia ready to do this forever? at least you have to understand weather the police doctors, right? lower case Xipixiaolian to say I do not have you? We two have a pass in English on the line. this life, I rely on you because it is . Shang Jie without words, a long while, only with a sigh, and said too much trouble to walk the dog every day, as a cat it. <> The next day I asked two people to the pet store price, not half a day out to the tongue reduced come back, but never speak of this subject. Later, the students told them that there is an animal shelter, Dongcheng center for free adoption animals.

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