Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sentiment sense of balance

 Innocent heart thinking that no evil. People as a mirror, according to a hill, according to water is water. Go with the flow, go with the flow, you can have quiet, peaceful and Zhi Yuan! Cake and eat it, knowing that can not have both, but would like to best way to get the result, can not have both, sad indeed! can never please, but for the well-deserved my heart!
Schopenhauer said, the human desire to live in constant between and tired, desire fulfilled finally got tired, so he produces new desires, new ... ... so tired of it. After all, in fact, became in the utilitarian society, and education, work, life skills no more than that. If the university did not finish maintaining a good future in the hope of the poor, who are willing to eat so much pain but also their teeth to send children to college? the work itself is turned into extra cash could bring the engine, the early 80s, college student Zhang Huawei rescue dig dung off the pool 69-year-old farmer gave his young life. which led to a However, the commodity economy, people are judged by utilitarian point of view of everything.
peasant brothers always envy the lives of city convenience and efficiency, as they experience the hardships of life too, so eat more into the city dukkha more grievances will not back down, they feel that the refrigerator was a luxury, it can be used on the day that lives in progress. The city people began to feel better in rural areas, can hit well, eat their own kind of food is a culture of life also in progress. It can not help but puzzle me, well water and a refrigerator, in the end which is more luxurious?
Importantly, after integration, can continue to maintain a sense of balance?
What stride? from the literal understanding of unbiased nature of things to see in order to find a solution to; personal norms, care for the young, modest, serious work, but also made sense of balance, as only a minor issue, it seems plain, but the significance is not any.
why can not we get down to clear the original intelligent mind, thinking and cherish all life, truth, goodness and beauty of the thing? why our mind is always repeated in the empty, arrogant, impetuous, ecstasy, confusion, anxiety and even despair among?
life, career, happiness is our ultimate objectives. but in a space full of temptations, the people around, continue to affect you in the right and left you. for the feelings and suffering for the cause of the mad, all these, too tired, the heart becomes more and more impulsive. do not remember where you saw this sentence: am particularly sad.
reason why the future in our eyes there are so many uncertainties, because we are in an unusual view on life. This view contains too many expectations, too much desire, even too utilitarian. so life is not necessarily happy, cause there may not succeed.
If you go back to the past, I only see the front of things to do immediate things; see the immediate well-being, to firmly grasp do not let go live! the heart naturally flat, your heart will naturally like a flower blooming. If you want to go back to the sinking would have stride back once or maintain a normal, possible that our hearts become clear. with a broad mind to include all life to be taken calmly, with a heart filled with joy to enjoy the good and the beautiful life.
more love and less anger; more understanding and less Some complain; more effort and less vanity; simple life, happy life! why not?!

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