Monday, November 29, 2010

Pressure sands

 Summer to the home of the , and Watermelon like to express their joy. Bo Friends of the old man left after the paste in the text called difficulties no one solution to a big loss. The Government often comes to performance. it will not come to the difficulties of farmers. Watermelon is also a lot of the worries home.
my hometown is a serious drought areas, farmers are dependent on the weather. Ten years ago, home waste of money irrigating the Yellow River Diversion Project, the farmers were filled with longing to spend a great strength to the formation of land for the irrigated field yellow. Who would have thought did not last long, only two or three affairs, and irrigated land because of upstream water diversion project on too much, can not guarantee the timely resumption of water and dry land into irrigated by the day. This years weather Drought continues year after year, the home must produce the basic food and agriculture, only some of the slope in the semi's Watermelon some pressure sand melon harvest. municipal government through the investigation, trying to melons as a breakthrough, in my home town to promote br> mobilization initiative of the Government, farmers have spent great efforts to vigorously formed nearly a decade ago, mu irrigated farmland into sand Guardia pressure, known as The local government has become a major achievement. but in that year's watermelon growing because of the drought did not see economic benefits. Last spring, Premier Wen Jiabao to the local rich in trace elements of the health of green products, and this pressure sandy soil moisture has the effect of drought, he was sympathetic to the livelihoods of local people hard, told local officials to give vigorous support. Subsequently, the Prime Minister brought a timely rain eased the severe drought, when plant growth can be considered successful, Watermelon have a small profit after all.
fall of last year, the city government decided to expand the selenium sand melon cultivation. because of severe drought in recent years, the pressure capacity of sand is limited to the drought, farmers on the land after the earnings pressure sand harbor these doubts, the attitude is not positive. Government, in order to dispel people's concerns, and actively organize the , to expand the selenium sand Kuala publicity, visibility, multi-contact sales. In order to cope with drought, the Government has also invested into a piece of melon in the selected points in the wells, pressure pipe water. In order to implement the work pressure sand scheduled as soon as possible the number of acres, all also indicators of the civil service mandate, sent to the village under an extended stay,cheap UGG boots, supervision of work to do to mobilize. I work in the county is the task of Mahone sister and urged the farmers back home brother brother every pressure to dozens of acres of sand, not finish Indicators can not go back to work, extended to deduct wages bonuses. After the town Story, a fall and winter in the past,Bailey UGG boots, the home has added pressure to ten acres of sand. stood beheaded Hill overlooking the original green blue yellow earth all became the rocky ground.
pressure sands is not a dead grandson, Puwan acres of land, often too tired to sanding bowed and bent. covering the land in addition to this Carboniferous sandstone soil moisture, increased temperature, leakage of differentiation decomposition of zinc, selenium and other trace elements can improve the quality of melon , so only sands is the father planting trees,UGGs, the son shade, to grandson hand, the land has become tasteless; over and over gravel, it is difficult to replant wheat.
the future who also refused to take so many things, as long as the immediate visible to grasp the benefits. government investment played a few mouthfuls of deep though to extract salt and water is astringent, but the machine free of charge to help hard working Watermelon wells have saved a melon under hot sun Kaoshai seedlings. see more than a dozen water ten feet deep underground to play, the local people who have their own brains active investment in the three fifty thousand dozen wells, and then poured the water sold to those in need of maize, potato water to the farmers. However, groundwater is also limited , and heard a few mouthfuls of the first two years to play well after two or three years Kuangchou can no longer water. A few days ago read the news reports, the regional government should continue to invest in the arid regions call nineties deep wells, with to solve the problem of irrigating the local farmers. This makes the joy of the news or mixed: the already deep water table in these areas,bailey UGG boots, this large density of wells pumping do not know will not cause ecological degradation. most important is that needs while maintaining a well a few years? not get underground, when the Watermelon where they ask what should the water?
benefit from the government to take care of this year compared to last year, watermelon, and finally a productive per acre three to five extremely heavy. I went to Guatemala to visit is early August thing, only a small amount of mature melon market, sell thirty cents to thirty cents per kilogram to about five. then Watermelon are very pleased with his hard work at prices one year harvest, the feeling to have eight thousand, ten thousand very satisfied with the effectiveness of this. This large area of mature watermelon days to maturity can not stand one day put the melon, melon traders who took the opportunity to lower prices, a pound of high selenium Sand can only be sold for two hair melon, Watermelon they also will discount the expected benefits.
graduated out over ten years, dozens of Tankan returned home, only to see the back is a large green hope Farmers felt the first time looking forward to the new mental outlook and energy. If the implementation of a policy to give leadership to bring performance, and the people get benefits from the performance, then it may well be a good policy. As for the future, I think as long as the country's continuing concern about the > near and overshadowed the long and short term, proven people enjoy being brought new hope for joy. Zhantiandoudi several decades, they are already afraid of difficulties. way to people who want out, if they work hard, hope, always have.

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