Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The role of U.S. President --- soybean salesman outside the trapping of foreign dignitaries Talk about China

 U.S. President's visit to China more bluntly purchase of U.S. soybeans, the French president's visit to sell Airbus bluntly,Discount UGG boots, these are our conventional thinking is difficult to imagine at the head of state also talks such trivial things? To do their business directly to a salesman?
USA French President's visit to China, not just talk about politics foreign affairs, to help domestic firms to lobby to the order, the surface phenomena ought to see is, in fact, is representing the national interest in international relations are now the core of the battle mm market.
The current Chinese private enterprises Government departments for their help. Private enterprise can not just go out pursuit of economic interests, ignoring the security costs, investment must be effectively cut the country's government, police, customs and media sector, for more protection. Also, solidarity, work together development, more integrated into local society.
In fact,bailey UGG boots, compared with the state-owned enterprises to go, private enterprises in the process of going out, little experience, the history is not long to go out and face the risk of more is uncertain, they are necessary to understand the market rules, but also know how to diplomatic rules. In recent years, with the establishment of the dominant position of the enterprise market, as well as the growing strength of private enterprises, private enterprises are constantly going out to speed up the pace. how to Good support for overseas development of private enterprises to participate in international competition, a diplomatic service for the reform and opening up an important part. diplomatic resources to go out for Chinese enterprises must take advantage of the enterprises with foreign trade rights does not mean there will be a trade capacity, Chinese enterprises need to understand the exporting country's political, economic, cultural and other aspects of the situation, diplomatic resources to help private enterprises to go out an important resource. private enterprises to go out well, we must have its own strength and courage, but also the challenges facing the external environment. government authorities need to: first, through strengthening government relations for the private enterprises with more business opportunities; second directly on the private enterprise provide information to guide foreign investment; third is for private enterprises to provide more legal support and political protection; Fourth, to guide private enterprises to establish early warning mechanism to effectively avoid the overseas venture; five private enterprises as soon as possible to eliminate policy barriers to go out. < br> At present, China's private enterprises are faced with exploration also has to face lot of confusion and perplexity. CRCC events in Afghanistan, Spain, shoes, events, and burning shows us real examples of diplomatic resources should not be confined to business matchmaking, and guide enterprises to go abroad, to the world, it should also be reflected in the maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and citizens overseas, the various policies. but as a business,UGG shoes, on the one hand to establish the risk prevention awareness, on the other hand want to know how to use diplomatic resources, relying on the government and various international organizations active overseas expansion and realize their dream of going out.
individual regions of China by foreign goods and the interpretation of the extreme behavior of the child version of the China threat so much, from the Chinese military threat to the threat of China's population and then to China's economic threat, With the objective facts of these fallacies are dismissed one by one. now concocted a new term - threat big country, but then China is also a big consumer of goods ignore the facts.
, of course, Europe and the United States has already formed a strong brand in general, should a new brand from developing countries deeply rooted in the minds of foreign consumers, takes hard work. Recently, some Chinese goods facing the anti-dumping investigations, experts believe that a large number of OEM production is a big cause. In fact, for some enterprises, OEM, although simple, but faces trouble less. the one hand, easy for processing and export volume OEM and experienced foreign trade barriers, on the other hand the initiative is not in their own hands, in the international supply chain easily controlled by others, in order to gain the initiative in the international market, we must expand its own brand of influence. visionary companies fully understand what the truth than the brand, and practice. in the appropriate diplomatic resources to cope.
even though China is the world's large number of commodity producing countries and exporting countries, but exports the proportion of own brand is not high, the proportion of independent brands and value-added exports is relatively low, in the international-known brands on the few, very limited gains from trade, the quality of growth is not high, export quality needs to be improved. from the exporting country into a export power, the need for the support of a large number of well-known brands. At present, the overall situation of China's foreign trade well, continue to make breakthroughs in the import and export trade volume, exports under continuous development of the scale, many export enterprises have exported a large scale,Bailey UGG boots, but the product quality is also higher than low, not high selling price and number of efficiency is not high, urgent focus on product quality, improve product quality, and only pay attention to branding, to gain a firm foothold in the international market. It is obvious from the previous Fair, the exhibition encompasses nearly all Chinese exports. However, you will find understanding, although the Canton Fair is the provide sufficient low commodity prices, and then paste their own brand of the fact that huge profits, but it stirred, suggesting that the Chinese companies can no longer be buried blindly focus on exports, but should bear in mind the brand awareness .

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