Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chapter XIII Huahua Li to view it as waste of money - big your culture blog - the focus of blog

 Zhang Jing and Lei Chun boring,Discount UGG boots, as the right one, that do not play the next, the three eldest have exposed him naked. pushed aside. you guessed right, amazing! Once the boss goes on fat face laughed, and went to shake fat face, then suddenly waved hands to the Jing-interrupted. said. way slowly up to his house the door, took out his keys to open the door and go in the. Leichun Gang disappeared in the corridor, Jing-look to have changed. Jing-less from the bottom, Da Cici to sitting on stair railing, and his face like a quiet backwater, eyes fixed on the fat boss straight in the eye, see a fat boss uncomfortable. questioning voice echoed in the hallway, feeling a little faint. a wave interrupted him, know, not to mention Warwick, Beijing, Tianjin little head and face as long as the three companies and business leaders he could very familiar. Jing-gang of people now just want to know what to do in the end? Zhang Jing said to myself, and Warwick did not mix, also there is no certain distance, it should not come to revenge the. Nanping, Zhang heard so much about diamonds is hand name, Warwick wanted to do something to help Mr. Chang. Of course, the cost can be assured that I have brought! out a check to the Jing-handed. number zero. GUO Lian go to the city to recover the hand, this hand, so much meat, cut down and weigh the less have to have a three hundred fifty-four pounds. holding this hand, Zhang Jing in the brush to write on the back of the hand people a telephone number. and then again back into a gold pen that support the hands of others. Sorry, you may return it! The three men left in the door. Zhang Jing slippers into the house for a time, Lei Chun was watching TV! TV is nothing more than put some of those foam Taiwan and South Korea show, for the Jing-run, to give him the money he does not see, but mine has chosen to see the pure concentrate, a box of tissues in her hand,UGG boots clearance, ready, ready to wipe tears. , no need to worry, well, I sleep! little backing. just met and when the three men,UGGs, Lei Chun clear in the Secretary of the male to see a Swiss Rolex wrist watch, a secretary are so lavish, that was what the boss characters? and this boss actually so respectful of Zhang Jing, Zhang Jing and that should be what kind of people? that day, but really tired, and Jing-down on the bed, fell asleep a few minutes. The next day, ten more, before rubbing Zhang Jing hair to get up, stumbled out of the bedroom to error can not happen again. Zhangjing Song open the door handle, bathroom door Qiaoliaoliangxia. After all, men and women are different and Lei Chun, how can I always be there no matter what people loitering! But do not just knock the door from the ground and Zhang Jing laughing out loud, he smiled and they are a little too sensitive, it is ten o'clock, and Lei Chun went to work early, which was also. reality is always a surprise, things are always people want to jump, pull the bathroom door open, the Jing-look at him again, see Lei Chun Mei Xiao to sit on the toilet, as if deliberately waiting for him,cheap UGG boots, this moment, Zhang Jing really want to go jump out. respected powerhouse off. out loud, is, and you, just so people do not say anything Qiao Wan door to come in and I thought you voyeurism it! Lei Chun have gas to be rolling his eyes, but for a moment think of any reason to dress her, King can be thought of for this reason. steal a kitten salted fish.

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