Thursday, January 13, 2011

0-2 Qatar national football basketball hot Zhu 8 Magistrates have been studied in China

 CBA's official website NetEase
January 13 report:

the Asian Cup early this morning for a game in the second round, the Chinese team lost to Qatar 0-2, to qualify to be riding on the blood fight Uzbekistan. Because of the importance of the game, many people stay up late to watch the national football basketball game and made comments, Zhu Fangyu respect referees have been studied in China, and Yang Yi, 2 goals behind in China when the ridicule: the ball. Qatar, the Chinese team and the game started, Zhu Fangyu also stay up all night in front of the TV watching the game, but the half ended, the Chinese team 0-2. South Korean referee Kim Dong-Jin in which several fine obviously toward the host, at halftime, the micro-Bo Zhu Fangyu said:

When we saw the Chinese team offensive weakness, unable to regain the score, the Zhu Fangyu said:

Yang Yi, deputy editor of Titan Sports, the television also watched the game, when Qatar during the first 27 minutes break, Yang Yi, with When the opponent scored again in the half stoppage time when Yang Yi, quipped: I think, now takes about a third of soccer ball. people reply to me, to solve the problem now, he only needs a handle 。。。。competition. The second half, Zhu Yanshuo in micro-Bo said: (This article Source: NEW YORK Author: Yi Jia s)

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