Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nine cool body art net to force boarded the New York Times, people have surrounding countries

 Geili to force
Chinese Internet buzzword which means , the term br> ; cool , this is who set the standard ah ~), based on its sound, > But it was the wordrs antonym extensive attention is the opposite of the word Times SCHOTT around the world to find words and phrases that encapsulate the times in which we live or shed light on a story of note. If language is the archives of history, as Emerson believed, then Schottrs Vocab is an attempt to index those archives on the fly .
Simply put, this column is a thesaurus, to collect all the official news site, the world is not a formal vocabulary of fun.
following article in the following countries surrounding the masses:
from Connecticut State of the users of small h:
How would this be pronounced? I friends from Quebec, Canada by JT:
Fascinating resemblance to a buzzword used by German youth.
coincidence it, blame the country young people also have such a small word eh.
Gray from resentment States agreed:
Yup, indeed, a strange coincidence that there There, there is a slang word blame the country with this same meaning, the spelling is almost melancholy words written Geil (pronounced guy-el), a strange coincidence, ah.
Originally, that word meant ; (but that , fertile with similar meaning in English (this means do not hidden already had), was used as word for understand, I'm sure I heard that in this variant.
David from Brooklyn, is experienced in teaching students:
The correct tones for pronouncing it are 3 and 4: gei3-li4. The third tone sort of starts at middle voice then drops to low voice then goes back up to middle voice (like in ).
is three times the correct pronunciation and tones: gei3-li4. three times beginning in the middle of the sound, and then go back to the middle to lower (such as the word whoa), four tones are from the high children whispered tone down (with the order like).
Also, gei is pronounced like both put together, like the English pronunciation side close to Like you, is pronounced 

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