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Teacher's Day Juxian me and my teacher

 Teacher's Day Juxian: I and my teacher
Li Yunshan
third grade, the school has a Xiangmaotangtang versatile male teacher, all students are chilling to hear his name because he was the biggest feature is the to met him on the road when avoidance feet, or even three meters, meter hh
the reason that he accomplished, because he has a lot of people can not figure out the true identity of music teachers mm.
that he accomplished Not that he will be in addition to the accordion what is poetry, but he can hit the side of the accordion while the students. Of course, such play occurred in the classroom, after school or school but the way you touch him And do not let what he caught the handle, his hands are freed up the hh
wronged you, but you can not expose can not report because he has a second identity mm campus police.
how I did not think that this style of the campus police have a serious face tough trip to my house, and the reason is another school teacher older and seems to have something of my father, accompanied him as.
My father was the director of the town's substation in charge of a dozen villages in the wind up the following transmission, right quite small, and my father graduated from college, are intellectuals, but also a lot of books at home, which resulted in regular part of everyday local dignitary to come to discuss various issues with.
which is discussed in this, there was a scene I will never forget.
impression, mainly older the teacher, and I Father talking on their campus police the rules behind the teacher, outside the house I own Chu Liu, and occasionally standing quietly beside them, watching, or sneak a peek campus police the teacher's eyes, wondering about why he was so powerful, or is Imagine, if I like that tall, bearded, and that I was in school the more impressive. Later a neighbor, a small partner to call me out to play, that is to a nearby water and grass where arrested frog, my dad let I changed shoes again, I started looking for shoes, looking for a long time did not find it, and finally behind the campus police found the teacher, I was about to take over, bending down, saw the campus police pick up a teacher and was hh kind of put me at my house though, even though he is a teacher, but I'm still flattered, thank you I did not even tie their shoes and head down the nerve to say, do not know should not be said.
I'm feeling This time I feel safe in school, though not how to survive the past, beat students, and even take advantage of the opportunity of self-defense to punch someone else, but at least, I would not have been possible that he hit the hh
Although with campus police when backing, he can guarantee a certain extent, you're not hit other students, or after he was hit in a certain degree can help you report the point of hatred, at least you can frighten people bully, how much you back point face. but what happened made me understand that he has less than the local law enforcement mm teacher hit me, he can stop.
fourth grade teacher was thirty-year-old female teacher, Qi ears short hair eyed, do not wear pants only skirts, and often chock sub line and the arm, to see valiant style capable, she had a horrible feeling to the whole class skills mm willow cotton and silk palm.
the name of the stunt nice but not exactly accurate, it is called should be: Ruleiguaner, or bolt from the blue.
a class, I and a male student outside chasing, was referred to the last little bit too far, acute eye trouble, and that burly than me cried the nose to the class teacher students complain that the hh I was summoned, in front of the class teacher and a male teacher is standing talking next to the blackboard how to improve the ability to work and how well-off society of a serious subject, half did not care for me! my heart of course disturbed, but look at these circumstances, I began to be optimistic, nothing significant happened, so many students, other teachers, is enjoy your chat, I can not get the?
proved to me Optimism is very blind and naive, head teachers and male teachers chat in the process, taking time for me was Tushen, I cowardly attempt to restore the things of the whole process and try to prove that we are not really the violence, hoping hh A teacher slapped the child on my face! that did not save energy intensity of the hh from the judge, secretly pleased that period in my limited time, she has been in gestation for emotional harmony lungs is waiting for an opportunity!
seems to be a Unit raging fire burning in my face and spread.
If a camera in the shot, I think at the moment the picture should be, an eight-year-old child, body trembling, face flush, five of which side of the a fingerprint, he looked up at his mother in tears as teacher age, but under the fierce gaze, he quickly lowered his head hh he was not crying, not crying, he did not tears, if he dare not flow out of hh sound, or the tears in the face, it will usher in the second hand is the teacher.
Since then, every fall I was hit the face, from the ears at the beginning of inflammation, has been swelling to the ear boss, or even seriously to fester hh two years later, my left ear also often fever, even though I am not sure still, and then suffer for that slap on, but at least make me the association, life did not forget.
I hate my teacher who played it? hate, really hate. But as I grew older and vision of the open, I relieved a lot, because I know that slap more serious than I N times the human engineers soul masterpiece.
most sensational example is the place many years later I have moved to this city, a high school female teachers in high heels criticize a male, in criticizing the process, I do not know She kicked partial or deliberately targeted, just kick the guy's crotch in the male genital scrapped mm. This matter was disclosed by the newspaper, became national news, is still a matter of record.
few days ago a picture on the network caused quite a stir: a girl kneeling down to lead the class in the playground. I looked at this picture for a long time in silence, meditation, and then could not bear to look at, because it reminds me of the familiar scene.
fifth grade, I transferred to the big city from rural primary school, the local primary school was the first car on a par with the other school for the children of large enterprises, said China fired its first intercontinental missile, on the Pacific Ocean using certain electrical components is manufactured by the enterprise, the factory and living area to be called a small city. to go to a school this size and background studies, I am naturally very pleased, but also secretly vowed to give parents a long face, must not be naughty .
very surprised and shocked me is how I have not started working on it, less than two months I'll be taken seriously (really be taken seriously). I was a good student teacher becomes a model set up, fast I own are difficult to accept!
career I have never been treated as a top-notch students who have children, is a muddle-headed Zhong Dengsheng (primary four years ago, what good can be good to go, what difference can go bad.), but I quickly understood the reasons for the emotional stability of the original, the class teacher (female, forty years old) is a language teacher, rich in experience outstanding performance is said to have a large range of influential, came to our school for the children after , the principal had to make three points, for those of ordinary class teacher level is simply not her eyes. With such a reputation and prestige, a direct result of our little girl these callow little boy on her five-worship of the body cast, she is the Han Yam even it is no exaggeration to say that as long as she gave the order, so the whole class for one of the students face and feet Dressing, Who can say that there will never be not a word, but had to show willing look. and I do, just outstanding language, written in small print there is norm-like, plus I'm new here, and natural expression of rules, obedient, and other results are not too Lai hh So, I was the class teacher phase, and say every day is blowing my praise, but never more than three days time interval, so that, in my mind the status of the students on the booming until several students sit first chair.
this feeling that Jay lowers their mouth closed before muttering the phrase ad mm not cool. Shuang Shuang go, I and other students is another worry, and bear the inevitable blow, which comes from a class accustomed to rigorous scholarship spirit and style of work chasing.
day morning, the whole class is listening attentively math teacher lectures, sudden, I hear do not squint toward a student snapped: stand blankly at the stage, blushing, from beginning to end, the first did not dare turn, did not dare put hh
fart another day of morning. everyone in the quiet study hall, suddenly, sudden, I hear Suddenly the door opened again! class more to the podium, Qiangyanuhuo shouted: when our class heard passing inside the buzzing! Ganluan to? class fire! questioned squad leader, squad leader was a girl and we have a good relationship, she insisted on the principle of seeking truth from facts, insisted that no one spoke.
destined to be the class teacher that her temper can not retreat into! say misunderstanding nothing that was not her style, she looked at me, I immediately lowered his head, rapid heartbeat, meditation: you give me a break, although cultivation of your hand to me, so I did not cool before, but you can not force me to act against their conscience to lie ah, that's over forty pairs of eyes and fear in the heart thumping and ah, can we say, what the students next to me by a piece of rubber with the people said thank you, I also have to He identified them, said he is not when you take the lead in undermining discipline and lawlessness? to be so engaged, then I'll not only their own life, the whole class had to feel insecure, that your students do not head all day long lift the atmosphere could not breathe can not have a shred against your emotions, it shows that effective performance of your outstanding work, and we are good students yet? my heart think so, but dared not say it.
However, bile little timid and did not let us lose reason, we always stick to the bottom line mm silent.
this under bad! result of this confrontation is that the class teacher announced a decision to allow teachers and students stunned: out! all out! gave me to line up outside the main building to stand! Who is a direct violation of orders, she eyeball stare you, do not you dare it? especially the first row of students up, dare not move the second row? so, a whole does not fall out!
twenty years, I remember clearly I remember the hh ah, it was a gloomy morning, the dark clouds of the sky seemed to rain down at any time, our class was like a battlefield as soldiers escorting prisoners bowed head, and looked frustrated standing on the corridor in front of the main building, facing the door, ordered the class teacher never gone to a formation, in our main building in front of onlookers crowded under the eaves of the students, their eyes filled with pity and sympathy, but no one dared to stand up and speak for us, then the bell rang, the onlookers scattered without a trace. that familiar ring ah, you're ringing in our ears, but is so far away! then we begin to tremble mm cold rain drenched us hh
This is why, I see that girl to lead the Internet to kneel down in the playground on top of the class picture, but not the reason to read full text That scene, I have not forgotten the past two decades.
human soul, ah, how you doing works!
I always thought that a person will form a kind of life, in fact, have been doomed his childhood the. And I grew up, engineers of human souls in this statement is very painful.
why the same person, are flesh and blood to eat whole grains grew up, some people have become the engineers of human souls it? no conditions and we must by their works? Are they in the womb is specifically tailored? advanced than we eat? they read the books we do not see? looked good did not they understand? I not understand.
Some people say that changing the law psychopathic extreme ravages of the teacher students are a minority, no more than fifty percent, not representative of all, I think these words is an irrefutable truth!
According to my personal experience (eight schools in three cities and two provinces), the teachers mainly focus on physical destruction of the students in primary and secondary schools, junior and senior high students to build gradually after the tall, knowledge gradually, gradually open field of vision, temper gradually tough, basic'm straight waist to speak with the teacher, and this time began, the teacher began to shift strategy for the main direction of the soul destroying.
after junior high school, my The reason is very simple, the class teacher is not a language teacher! number of physical and chemical blowing, I am caught off guard.
And this time I have been obsessed with the extra books, and parents are busy working outside year round, especially my father, no mother and the world war, like Television is forcing the children every day, some parents go to bed to learn that torture, I have never received before, I was almost entirely a state of anarchy, I always wear a cotton coat and ruffled collar posing as students to the University Library in the mix, but also a lot of unauthorized collection of classic from that.
brighter future reading, so I lost interest a few physics and chemistry, math book does not turn a year (except school), a new semester, a new math book, direct reselling. was lonely and well-intentioned teacher taught me: them that the number of people, have not heard a mathematician. Han change, that is the Cultural Journey with Yu do not, travel all over the world! then PHYSICS OF CHEN'd serious, but he did not seem to even their own all over the house, disabled the hh remedy of the.
two days after I wrote almost no serious work began, a serious side branches, each final exam, the teacher read aloud in front of my laughter when the results will lead to English 85, Physics 45hh , and I decided that in fact there is another reason, that reason is also a direct result of a number of years after I worked hard in other areas, because I do not want to be divided into three rank or grade, and you are inferior.
That was the end of second grade junior high school, we were suddenly several classes of middle school teachers cried playground set, we had a premonition that something to happen, or there is a big decision to publish.
several classes neat and precise, unusually serious head teacher of each class in the front of the students pay close attention to the movements, like the ancient in the night on fire Rebellion announced the usurper, as I am afraid we will announce a decision after the body defection hh cheekbone sunken eyes, dry eyes, such as soaring electricity still remain a handful of President Hu Yan Dan, we looked up to see him standing on the wall, that moment I thought of the film encouraged the soldiers to attack Hitler, momentum is pressing!
painful wait, the principal declared:
president delivered his are each other's sadness, frustration, compassion, envy, disappointment, despair, crying at the same table hh once had a buddy, a former partner at the moment, we are close, but distant horizon it! bless you, forget hh
me while I was assigned to the second class, but in the eyes of ordinary people, is garbage, like the detention center inmates, do not expect much contribution you do for your country, do not expect to see you Huijia, you just do not make trouble, do not give the school blunder to OK out.
From that day At first, I made a qualitative leap in performance.
a test, I make a big fuss on the test paper mm multiple-choice questions, write me outside in parentheses: A not vote not vote not vote for Chh B I think it is also written Yes, answer the purpose can be achieved, the teacher Nengkanmingbai.
handed in children, I also possessed inspiration 乍现 east slope, the top of the census page in the paper was written a poem mm answers when a cottage, to pen the sky, I want to push the door away ...... the result is very serious.
I was the class teacher (four-year-old, female.) separately called the office, she sat on a chair, I stood in her ashamed to do in front of like, in fact, I do not want to tame but see the office filled with the teacher, they form a powerful gas field, and I are weak, it is unwise recalcitrant, like prison inmates if pleaded not guilty, will be further clean up, means plenty, until you bow so far, the reason I understand, so I decided to eat immediate loss.
teacher from the character to the soul of me in-depth comprehensive analysis of large in the analysis of the process, she found that although I have no obvious resistance, but my face and eyes and no obvious sense of conquest, so, she launched a general offensive! her feet in high heels made me mm water drift is drift flying kick.
tall as the teacher is very small, five-a few meters, coupled with my prior and she maintained a distance, so even though the strength of her kick is not small, the direction and position is right, But to me the damage was not enough, so she thundered: forward points!
moment in my mind to think of that was destroyed and the genitals of the boys, I was constantly sensitive to the observation of the eyes plan, each teacher will the arrival of the flying kick, may fall where, how much effort, how far away from my little brother hh may be due to the Office of Azeri was too much, and always maintain control of her actions within the scope of hh
in After the teacher kick enough, I was allowed to turn back, and I take the office of the moment, my heart a stone off the ground, Yangtianchangtan, Buddha bless mm did not steer my teacher!
be fair, the class teacher Compared with those martial arts master teacher, there is not a hit.
but less physically beat you, let you go does not mean the mind, the class teacher is the leader in this area, this is understandable, the human soul do, how people powerless in the final analysis an engineer, as I said I was an architect, but I did not say I was an architect building a house or digging the architect, right, broadly speaking, digging also building within the context.
when I attended the University High School, school spirit is prohibited, except for school, other times there Jin Yiwei (Ji Jianwei student leaders) in the entire tour. all kinds of rules and principles into a broad array of books into a book, Freshmen are going to host reciting contest, the top three with a certificate. Of course, most content is not remember, but you must remember that the most commonly used, such as expressly mm class ten minutes, the corridor in addition to the right of passage, are not allowed to appear was running behavior, even if you just start. Otherwise Ji Jianwei catch points. fined standard basic line to the Olympic Games Race Walking.
time, members of the class art Wherein very happy because I do not know, forget the rules on a whim, in the corridor running up quite a nice gesture, perhaps feeling too good forgot to observe, was being captured on the spot inspection of the Jin Yiwei! class points.
Arts members are boys, she is more fat, beautiful singing, academic achievement mess (students highly recommended to save his art under the title of members). This determined that he is not bound to see the class teacher to be standing. And ancestry calamity caused the class missed the red flag with the months, the class teacher Qi He would be willing to let go.
platform on top of class distinction stands, the crowd panic students, particularly the recent work not completed on time, classroom discipline, poor performance of the men are, silently praying, teachers do not seize upon this opportunity to expand the war hh
teacher expectations, just matter-of-the art criticism of members, and key features under his personal care, sharp-tongued style edgy look of anger in the name the teacher shouted: like, you run it! In memory of Art members, clear life.
mighty force that ran in the nineties, inspired by the sea tide, my parents This caused me to frequently transfer, many people never heard of, read the six grades of primary schools in five, me. no interest from the village of dilapidated buildings about to collapse into the open air there are two primary TV VIP willing to focus on school visits, I have read. which inevitably caused me to countless students, teachers remember hh
to the most junior high school, my family finally settled, and I no longer frequent transfer, and have more opportunity to contact the teacher, the teacher The impression a lot of deep, silent no one, I also began to think about all the teachers move Why.
pig said members are accused of this art class, and she said why do the export? pondering this question I for a long time and finally fails to grasp, she I do not know how high quality, but one thing I know very well, because she gave us when the class has been two years, her biggest advantage and cultural conflict with members!
specifically that she does not understand or accept why the study of obesity is not a good long he can sing as good as her? Gengrang she is intolerable to accept his classmates also like her, especially girls singing teacher hh
OK? realistic to say that good. like the United States national has a slight sound, each calisthenics back, there will be a very spare eight minutes, which is dedicated chorus class time, class teacher, volunteered to start each time the command we sing If the rhythm does not she will immediately stop, start all over again, until she satisfied.
this way, cultural members on the sidelines.
students do not agree, each member of a shouting cried for Art We come to one, that is to one, the reality is that each time you come to two or more before they agree to give up. Each member art drew beautiful voice applauded, the teacher standing are very uncomfortable, like be eliminated contestants, unhappy face.
year is the Forget Love Potion volunteered, one nation after the teacher does not feel fun, like the whole point of tricks, she had an idea, let's Chorus year-old boy First love can be such a blatant love song duet in the class, was quite shy. but also worried that the corridor should be punished for decent schools run, how can we sing this song in class, but also singing duet? But in view of teacher's full enthusiasm and curiosity of our restless, we finally obeyed.
may be due to relax, not past experience, we demo several times, the pace of the old inconsistency, the sound is not loud More seriously, is still laughing. teacher anxious! consolidation, stated the choral techniques and points should be stressed that the young vibrant and real time hh not to mention the urgency of rectifying effective, students also clearly knows, re-duet excellent results.
classroom echoed with our voices loud and clear mm boys sing: bow, brother child you go on shore, off the Western Hills ditch only hope that the sun, so you fill mm oh, oh pro-hh blushing sing, head teacher was very happy, smiling back bent.
after our private discussions, that we all feel the trend of their own representatives was young, in fact, teachers are also tide go again.

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