Sunday, January 23, 2011

Barbara Han cosmetic face bloated after the recent ridiculous fake nose is too (Figure)

 Southern Metropolis Daily reported on January 19 from the monastery to the cosmetic, ultra short female Korean Barbara has given rise to concern. In every discussion of just the voice of silence soon, South Korea was widely circulated on the Internet a few cosmetic illustration of hot friends again cause, the girl was compared before and after plastic surgery focus, there are views to that plastic surgery costs for naught,

after plastic surgery Korean Barbara.

Yesterday, the reporter contacted the agent Barbara Han Li Yang, who confirmed the authenticity of the picture, for some that is not the voice of cosmetic results, Li said: How do some people feel what we feel is a lot better. We're not living for others to see. attitude has also been adjusted.

Korean Barbara cosmetic ago. (Data for)

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