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12-year-old girl suffering from leukemia to save his brother after school doing odd jobs (Chart)

 A sister, Jessie D, Yangcheng Evening News Caihong She

 Yangcheng Evening News Lvnan Fang

12-year-old Zeng Jiahui doing odd jobs after school every day, she even want to drop out of school because She wanted to earn money to his brother, A D treatment. A 10-year-old leukemia D, day treatment costs 1,000 yuan, Zeng Jiahui New Year to tens of thousands of hand-made card to earn back. The son of divorced parents are due to the disease re-establish contact, but the face of huge medical expenses, they do nothing.

dry day as his brother earned a lunch box

Zeng Jiahui's parents divorced three years ago, his younger brother with her mother Zhang Minru D Ah, she and her father, Zeng Qingyuan, while living in Guangzhou Zengcheng, but their two days together just the weekend, this is their happiest time.

early September last year, A D in Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, diagnosed with leukemia. A mother take care of resignation D, Dad still pick up the mess on the failure of a business, all the medical expenses by borrowing. Patchwork 5 million to spend over the first two treatments, the hospital will contact the charity contributions, the text is not just another 20 days left.

sensible Grenville around to find where to do part-time, and ultimately find a system greeting card workshop, workshop owner willing to let her go home every day with the materials produced greeting cards, a greeting card to a dime. Use of spare time each day, Jessie can make about ten dollars. This ten dollars, perhaps only enough to buy lunch in Guangzhou brother.

treat his father to make money by working debt

13 am, Summer Street Estate in Zengcheng of a narrow lane, the reporter saw the Grenville. Among them the empty lobby of a small wooden table, the table loaded with cards and line groups, Jessie had

help her along with two smaller partners in the same village, had frostbite on one finger, a foot bandaged, Jessie is full of gratitude, told reporters that the two smaller partners in Afghanistan since the D ill will from time to time to come and help make greeting cards, three of the division of labor, day's income can rise to twenty or thirty dollars.

the second floor, Jessie's grandparents are anxious for another pile things: a few months ago a four year old child drowned in the village my grandfather contracted fish ponds, kids parents sued the grandfather. The father, Zeng Qingyuan A D owed thousands of dollars just because of business failure.

accompanied his son in Guangzhou Zeng Qingyuan rule only two courses to return to Zengcheng looking for work, and now driving in a construction site, about 2,000 yuan a month income. He also went out early this day, no energy and reporters. The only 29-year-old man is suffering under the kind of mind, outsiders can not imagine.

sensible D Disease A Diary cry mother

10-year-old Arab-Israeli D big eyes and demeanor are very lively and lovely, more than 4 months of illness did not seem to affect the his innocence.

A D love playing computer games, in a hospital ward, holding his mother's cell phone every day to play games, and still be happy with the children next door to share their experience of hospital beds.

Zhang Minru 24-hour care of a man, O son of D, in addition to mobile games to see him play cartoon book, she really do not know how to coax his son happy, A D has never been any requests made with her mother .

D, QQ space in Afghanistan, the reporter saw several logs, A D are written using a mobile phone in the morning. Screen name

disease after seeing his son be so mature, Zhang Minru heart would break, He was quite frightened, but only hold me behind my back tears.

bad effect of chemotherapy, transplant need large sums of money

13 days, A D just finished the third chemotherapy. Ministry of Overseas Chinese Hospital in the sixth floor of a four wards, A D once again see the press, immediately put down cell phones, and journalists say hello. Contact from the press and the Arab-D, is the sister Jessie's a mood log (along the following lines): enough, every time I hear these people do not take my sleep all night, every day the pain of watching A D really hard to imagine, every night when the D to A can be recovered, because I am afraid of losing his innocence and sensible to me more love and affection, why is God so unfair to be so cruel ... ... help, and the first recommendation Yangcheng Evening News, 8 pm, Jessie hotline to the Yangcheng Evening News editor to speak our fears, hopes to help his brother through the newspaper to find good Samaritans.

Overseas Chinese Hospital, Department of Hematology, Dr Lu Yuhong, deputy director, told reporters early chemotherapy to improve the condition of A is not D, A D are suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia by hematopoietic stem cell transplantation to be, and the maximum matching probability of success who is the sister Zeng Jiahui, followed by the mother Zhang Minru,

In fact, the doctor as early as last September as soon as possible to notify Zhang Minru matching hematopoietic stem cells, as long as the matching success, there is hope. However, Zhang Minru holds day notice, the pain in my heart hard to open mouth, two matching to spend a few thousand dollars, and she is now even a lunch box are reluctant to buy their own, even if the matching is successful, but also a huge transfer fee Where to raise?

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