Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ben Thanh Beauty - Xinghai Square and the park's picturesque

 This series of picturesque come from teachers in the beam, until finally I said, I come to a few more photos, he said: Do not grab my camera. What can I say? O (c_c) O ~ bandit ah.
in fact, is a beauty wherever Dalian, poetic way, so it does not matter in the Xinghai Park or at the Golden Pebble Beach, Gold Coast, every place has a unique taste, but also have the same views. Seaview, Yishanbangshui villa, and roadside stalls selling street. There has just released a hot dog roast company. sunny sky is very blue, cloudy is gray. all are in line with the laws of nature, no lack the slightest.
Xinghai Square, next to the Shell Museum, and we photographed in the taxi. We did not go, because we were on the shells are not very interested. layman can not see any doorway. then gave up. Xinghai Square. city is really beautiful, very clean, many buildings are very beautiful and stylish. people are few. Oh, here it is suitable pension. There are some small things, we fear that will delight time and every time have enjoyed the feeling, because it has its significance in the. like those were fleeting bubbles up every time a child blowing bubbles want some summer reading, I wander in the small Which of the following which city buildings and other children together. in the beautiful city, blue sky, sea, mountains and forests. such a wonderful time, I always think this is a whole different country or even another round of mood. people can not help imagination can not help but recall his childhood, when there are milk Po ah, blue ball, ah, the feeling of bicycle bells. of course, include in such a strange and beautiful city that slowly recall their childhood away. The whole journey , I uttered temper, yelling over him, and he is also happy with the way the inquiry, sitting in cars, this city is full of trivial character and beauty belong to our beautiful city with great memories. minor blog changes became the yearbook. This may be just the place I vent a lot of emotion. I think my own memory. the sun I can hear the sound of the waves, flapping on the beach. this time to say I love you enough I moved. Then I will be in this strange city looking at each other's face. sparkling light up.
Everyone rushed to pick up those sea jellyfish or seaweed, the shore a lot.
wind quietly blowing , co my IPOD came the music, and sometimes not name a song in English, most of the time is Faye Wong's song lived for many years, and forget a lot of trouble right from wrong. so good. from the heart of the good. every once in this time, I would like to find me a warm pair of eyes and hands, listen again, especially sincere Faye Wong voice. Fortunately, everything is done well. Xinghai Square, the night people are still fascinated, as Asia's largest square, it does have its pride and glory of the flash. We can see it. feelings and experiences of tourism, historical sites seems There are many, but today this is probably fanciful text, only text, and I love beauty and the people together, I feel very good, some say because a lot of things that many people are not happy, but more often think about it We are unhappy because something is not, but because we want too much. put down the extra want, the rest of us very satisfied.
Convention and Exhibition Center
Sometimes, I think thousands of miles , travel and turn turn are memories, beautiful geometry, there is always a place to go for. but gradually found his heart, is a circle whose center is the one I love. to see that four different front building of the bar. O (c_c) O ~ Andy Lau's house was among them. Oh, the choice really is king. is a lot of traveling, I have a slight embrace him, and his body wide and safe. indifferent October, thousands of miles No clouds. We can not stand being loud disturb beauty of it. co staring blue sea products of nature, there is no steady stream of vehicles crowd. no one special note of our expression. all along its beautiful natural predicament. This picture of U.S. students the reality of the dream.
Indeed, landscape, love is a good medicine. No matter what kind of mood, can heal good.
still will be more tomorrow bright and happy, Tiger Beach goodbye you? O (c_c) O ~

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