Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Amsterdam gay

 Gay Amsterdam yesterday to see , gay  Three well-known around the world were in San Francisco, Sydney and Amsterdam, Amsterdam has its own characteristics gay ,  different from the other two cities, The most important thing is held in the canal is the only gay in the  at the canal. gay  general named - Pride, pride in what means, the Chinese translation is not quite the same, Carnival has called pride, a pride of name, and even called the glory, regardless of how the translation, are rather point The Little Mermaid, the streets each year  basically, and performances in the Town Hall Square.
gay  Amsterdam Pride Amsterdam known as the biggest in Europe, fixed in the year the first Saturday in August, this year from 3 to 5 August 2007, held the first big  gay Canal, nearly 80 boats participating, attracting onlookers quarter of a million. primarily in Prince Canal (Prinsengracht) held,  route from Westerdok sail north-west of Amsterdam, has been to the north-west Oosterdok.  kicked off on time at two in the afternoon, but before the official start as early as , reported the City of Amsterdam has been the influx of hundreds of thousands. each column to Amsterdam Central Station by train or crowded around from the Netherlands to join the festivities in other cities from Europe to the tourists, most of them of course, is gay. so we rushed to the canal side,  has begun, residents and tourists from all over Adam or surrounded by the canal has already, more proximity to those who catch their own boat parked on the side, drinking all kinds of beer, Banlu belly comrades enjoy a performance on the vessels.
PINK POLICE most impressive, quite like the style of the police
 The purpose of course, to lively, entertaining the public, there is an important goal, which is a homosexual is more accepted in society, to promote their rights in order to obtain public acceptance. In the Netherlands the concept of opening up, people do not have to deliberate on education, the love of gay tolerance and acceptance is very high, not to mention such activities to promote tourism development, and give an unbelievable income Cheng, the annual Gay and Lesbian , is expected to attract four hundred thousand visitors, the event not only enhance the Amsterdam became the than one year in a bold, lively discussion each year the Dutch public criticism, it was said that this  immoral, unhealthy trend can not be long. However, the authorities maintained the principles of freedom and tolerance, annual audit, made express provision, allowing creative nudity, but intentionally exposed a private part is strictly prohibited and public sex.  As in previous years were too naked into battle with the wild enthusiasm of the show even happens, the city of Amsterdam this year, the city police had earlier notice of the gay bars and the club, warning nude is not allowed to protect underage visitors.
us that visitors to watch the Psychology With layman  this canal, in fact, these performances with the Amsterdam Queen's Day, Layton City Qing little difference, but the theme of love into a homosexual.  personnel on board have their own theme, or promotional safety, or to raise charitable funds, or the protection of gay rights advocacy, or simply for fun, some play a fairy tale characters, here a fireman, police, singing dancing in the ship, shore-phase response of the audience away, cheer or dance to it from time to time. Dutch ABN Bank and other large enterprises are very good at seizing opportunities, seize the opportunity to have to chip in sponsorship to advertise.
our fun with them, drink beer, look at the show, listen to music naughty, balloon ribbons, colorful, still very flesh, and spend a comfortable at the beach There is not much difference between the afternoon. However, a few of the comrades next to it is as a grand festival, looked very excited, kissing and other intimate actions cuddle constantly. son says: I know that the fish is happy? to be with them music, but feeling, but they could not share my generation.
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