Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Selina does not affect fertility is still sweet voice will mesh with lifelong scars

 Because Argentina engaged before the accident, so she also affect fertility because of burns to his family worried, but fortunately not affected. Into the rehabilitation period, the outside world are worried about the date of her comeback within the foreseeable future, in addition to damage due to appearance, but also worried about her voice choked by smoke affected by injury, but any father to clarify: the day before her voice still clear, sweet, singing proof is not affected.

serious burns to his legs though, still have long-term rehabilitation, but the father of her comeback any optimism, stressing: Chih-Hung Lin, director of plastic surgery also revealed that, Selina treatment of fungal infections of Zengyin decreased immunity, herpes, but fortunately did not cause organ failure caused by sepsis, and he also said that her condition is getting better, the future can run you can jump on stage No problem is more singing. caused by blasting opera

54% body surface area burns Selina hospital, but her future rehabilitation of the road is long, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, director of plastic surgery Chih-Hung Lin, said she now had legs traces of mesh skin grafting, wound length there will be signs of a good mesh. The future may also do a skin surgery, which is the scar cut, take the scalp or other body parts to make the skin may also do other cosmetic laser treatment, but she'll always be scars.

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