Tuesday, December 14, 2010

33 years later, still young tips

 Fourth, the spirit of the young secret

15, minimize the use of eye shadow, eye shadow first, then cream, avoiding eye injuries.

9, smear some products containing vitamin C, keep looking rosy, even if is also not the spirit of lipstick.

Second, details of youth care tips

7, pay attention to the neck of the care, use cream and more like oily skin cream points,Discount UGG boots, to control the neck clear stripes.

16, if the eye make-up of the well, the eyes may be more of his voice, but note carefully the use of green eye shadow.

23, not to deliberately imitate the words of that young student, trying to make himself younger. young and naive is a difference.

33, take vitamin every day, such as vitamins C,UGG bailey button, E cabbage, Chinese cabbage, peanuts, etc., contribute to weaken and break down the melanin already formed.

19, stay in shape, Yong swollen body and whole body fat will make you look doddering.

How to remain young in years? Completely avoid and stay away from it all against the hidden valley into the Youlin Happy health does not seem realistic, and we continue to explore and identify only truly effective way to protect themselves, refused to defile the time and erosion.
17, makeup, bags under the eyes following the use of light concealer , cast a dark concealer in the bump, blurred the boundaries of uplift and sunken, covered with bags under the eyes.

13 If the color is too bright, the face appears to be oil, so do not wipe too much foundation, or only make wrinkles more obvious.

8, before going out, attaining a hot towel, activation capillaries, ease wrinkles.

20, met acquaintances greeted each other when the body should be straight, maintain posture and mental outlook, they will cast an appreciative look.

6 facial care: facial massage from the bottom skin, morning and night.

25, tired eyes: Use a fresh spoon soaked in warm water, then placed on the eyelid for 5 minutes, until the temperature slowly cooling metal spoon, such a simple recovery process is complete fatigue.

27, Lip Care: Use a toothbrush dipped in honey and painted lips, keep for 2 minutes.

3, moisture: Do not let the skin dry, often drink water. almost to drink 2 liters of water a day. every day to shower, skin care.

five, the young tips of small TIPS

24, covered with gauze or cotton moisturizing serum or deposited in the face of water for 20 minutes, let your skin drink enough water overnight.

1, first of all we propose, should have a perfect right skin care procedures, skin care plays an important role; and long-term use of high-quality skin care products is the secret of beautiful skin.

14, used to avoid cold or too dark colors. bronze will be people looked very pale, and dark red mouth lips will look thinner.

31, once a week facial scrub particles, or more acid skin care products, or use the aging exfoliating cream skin removed, the skin restore luster.

10, apply eye cream, do not ignore the markings around the eyes, otherwise they will deepen over time.

28, in the use lip balm before going to sleep, soothing light applied to the lips around the post, and ways to tap a little massage to make lips smooth and spread the effect produced.

11, nails also need to use the nutrition cream, to prevent yellowing.

22, new things to maintain their freshness to the outside world, have such attitude towards life and mood can make people look refreshed .

4, sleep: to ensure sleep, life law can make people immediately resume the mental and physical.

one large main skin care tips 5

21 avoid unhappy with those who have more contact with nature, so as not to influence their emotions.

three make-up of young secret

six, a good anti-aging habits < / p>

29, calls the skin aroma therapy: maintain adequate sleep, and neck massage with peppermint oil.

26, insisted to do some eye care and exercise, you can try at the office or before going to bed.

2, Nutrition: you should determine your skin, hair and fingernails, what type. But the nursing of skin care products to pay attention to what their adverse reactions.

30, adhere to good and regular habits, drinking less before bedtime, there are Air doing the eye massage to reduce swollen eyelids, eyes not to divulge secrets ages.

12, glossy color: make-up than the color when the note not to use dark foundation.

32, to go out every day use sunscreen, the sun's UVA causes skin aging is the culprit, to persevere in an effective sunscreen.

5, drawing some famous skin care way.

18, the right hairstyle: short hair will make wrinkles appear more pronounced, more old. so you can stay shoulder-length hair, slightly cut a number of levels, it is natural.

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