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Chocolate, lose weight or secret enemies

Some people say chocolate is the enemy of weight loss, while others say that as long as you can lose weight eating dark chocolate.
Us about the relationship between chocolate and weight loss knowledge, how many is, how much is wrong? < br> This is the translator of the first detailed analysis to see weight loss effects of chocolate on the article.
you love chocolate, but to convince myself that chocolate will make people fat. you chocolate and weight loss between the two relationship really know? for chocolate has different opinions on the impact of weight loss. which of them is true and what is false? our dietitian in this for you to tease out the chocolate and the role of right and wrong.
chocolate and calories
point 1: more than 70% cocoa content of chocolate in the lower calories.
This is wrong. All the same calories of chocolate, whether it is dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, milk chocolate cocoa if hh content of less cocoa and white chocolate is completely free. But no matter how much the content of cocoa, each containing about 100g of chocolate are 500 to 550 calories.
should also remember that chocolate is usually the higher the cocoa content, the points less sugar, but the higher the fat content! with a cocoa content of 74% of 10g of chocolate, for example, only two small pieces or larger piece to contain a teaspoon of oil, is common only 40% cocoa content dark double chocolate.
point 2: with the \Most of the sugar and fiber are replaced by sweeteners, and partly replaced by polyol, polyol to contain calories! less sugar, even sugar-free chocolate, but still the same fat content, and may even contain more fat .
10g of \.
This is true. Like all other foods, chocolate contains calories. even say that it is high in calories. but, like all other foods, chocolate can be regarded as completely harmless to health and You do not have to worry about fat in food. the key is the quantity of food, day or week, the frequency of consumption, there is more critical than the other eating chocolate in addition to how to.
chocolate and its ingredients
point 1: The chocolate is almost no sugar.
This is wrong. edible chocolate body parts as will bring the sugar, in order not to make sugar stored in the body, you can not eat too much, but also to find ways to put them consumed. analogy, a moderate intensity activities, women consume about 2,000 calories a day, eat 40g of chocolate per day, that is 8 small or 4 larger, and contains about 200 calories, total days calorie needs the amount of 10%. Obviously, in this case, she has all the necessary intake of sugar a day. daily intake of sugar does not exceed 10% of total calories is important to maintain the health of the principle of body organs. So This woman must be to ban or strictly limit the other sweets, such as jam, honey, candy and other sugary drinks.
point 2: fat-free chocolate.
This is wrong. and eating chocolate also requires you to ban or strictly limit the use of other fatty foods, such as cheese, fatty meat, so as to achieve the objective of reducing fat intake. either have to restrict the use of fatty condiments such as oil, butter, cream, etc. . For example, 40g of chocolate containing at least 10g of fat, the equivalent of a teaspoon of oil! it is equivalent to a full day's recommended fat intake!
diet of chocolate
view: weight loss diet can not eat chocolate .
This is wrong. to health, but also to make a diet can persist longer, the diet still must maintain the nutritional balance, eating sweets can follow the following three principles:
1, sweets, including chocolate intake of calories should not exceed the total calories a day 10%.
2, a single carbohydrates, including sugar contained in chocolate, intake should not exceed one third of intake throughout the day one. In fact, the carbohydrate in the diet should be the preferred complex carbohydrates (such as bread, cereals and potato), lactose (milk and dairy products) and fructose (fruit and vegetables).
3, fat, containing chocolate contained in fat intake throughout the day should not exceed 35%.
chocolate and minerals
view: chocolate is rich in minerals and vitamins.
this is true. chocolate rich magnesium. magnesium in the nervous system plays an important role. some people eat chocolate to supplement the body through a lack of magnesium, especially for those who follow a strict fat-free recipes were more meaningful.
Chocolate also contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin A (in the form of beta carotene), vitamin E and B vitamins.
but note that the judge chocolate is \to meet the physical needs, it is to eat lots of chocolate hh so, intake of fat, sugar and calories and over-the!
chocolate, to the mind or to build?
view: chocolate is not excited about the role .
neither right nor wrong. was mistakenly believe that eating chocolate is a sin to happiness. Indeed, people suffering from anxiety, depression or have a tendency to often addicted to sweets, and of course, they also eat a lot of chocolate. Chocolate contains ingredients that stimulate the brain, can stimulate people's pleasure. but be careful mm more you eat, the more deeply you will become addicted!
is particularly important is, do not eat chocolate as a result guilt, because the more you enjoy the taste of a chocolate bar against their own fun, your desire for chocolate, the more intense, and even become catastrophic, resulting in the final ruin your wonderful body curves.
In addition, when people suck some kind of food, such as when the chocolate will produce a comforting feeling. think about that wonderful taste of the mouth, do not make you think of my childhood it? theobromine (per 100g chocolate contains 40-500 mg) can stimulation of smooth muscle, but also speed up nerve conduction. but the difference is that caffeine, theobromine on the central nervous system, almost no effect. caffeine (per 100g chocolate contains 70 mg) of the role is to raise awareness, encourage people to play extraordinary enhance the powers of observation, resistance to fatigue and to improve the efficiency of mental activity. chocolate amphetamine contained in the molecular structure is very similar to amphetamines. which also has a refreshing, to stimulate the hypothalamus in the secretion of norepinephrine. < br> In short, chocolate is indeed in terms of nerve conduction stimulants.
following is a \still too high, so high heat. However, should not be completely refuse to eat chocolate, even in the weight loss should not be!
transferred from translation of words.

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