Thursday, December 2, 2010

Process of experience

 Long time not to update, and have not taken the time to sit back and write something, but I hope you bear the responsibility. A lot has happened recently, although the results as good as we imagine the outcome, but for us, enough to do their own.
the most recent state of my stable for a period of time than before a little more confident on the court to take firm responsibility for the old players. In the final game with the time of Changchun When grabbing rebounds later in that time I did not look, when I passed the ball to his teammates when the ball in a moment I'll regret that, because I immediately saw the other player's hand over, and one to the effect The bad almost everyone's efforts to ruin, but fortunately, Hawkins finally come forward at the last moment, as we staged a wonderful lore, so that our team won the victory, also I have been hanging in the heart finally ease down. After this a competition, although the game has lost a win, but our team is able to draw on experience in the game, and constantly improve our own technical and tactical, learn more through the game to make themselves more mature and stable may be more important The.
With the advance of the league schedule, not much left after the game, and as each of us should treasure the opportunity of a ball, play our basketball team spirit in Tianjin, go all out to strive and work hard Each opponent, process-oriented process of experience, I believe the result is inevitable. has been here to thank the care and support of our fans, thank you for your support with us to this day.

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