Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fengshen left in grief is to spend the end of the tears, the sun where you can not see the kind of beauty,

 And in last night, they indulge wantonly whipped mood.

Faun bottle grief is lost between the notes in the grass, there is no heaven that the translation of the book you can not read that language, even if the above is written things, each piece is about you.

There are two water bottles sad face: tears and smiles.

bottle is not as sad and cry easily, to be so, they also will try to avoid -open.

if they really cry in front of you sad, then privileged to witness the people must pay attention to, you in front of the bottle really is sooo sad! he can not control themselves, Xinmaitong completely gripped by grief, the heart and soul very cold at the moment, are broken into a piece of debris, was breathing with the ... ... do not want to indulge themselves so he cried, he has forgotten how to walk away from your face, He did not stop blocking efforts to explore your vision, you see that he was no longer ignore the mean unsafe, he has spent the.

this time, the real concern bottle friends please try to give them a hug a little longer so that they can hide in your shoulders look sad face, to cover some of the tears flooding it. Congratulations to looting, others, and take advantage of this time verbal irony, and I guarantee a word casually can produce immeasurable destruction, water bottles will truly remember forever.

not in front of people, water bottles tend to cry more thorough, more amused.

but will be much shorter duration, particularly the ability to bottle immersed particularly weak, most thirty-five minutes reason to come back, then obviously do not go on crying. He will resolve his analysis of the subconscious, and then come to a rational conclusion, one of which is: crying, useless.

, however, can make water bottles is already amazing sad cry, water bottle is very easy to cry, because the bottle is too kind and easy moving. They even bloom because of an overly beautiful, a gust of wind blows the familiar aroma to tears, but definitely not to say that they are willing to surrender because of sadness, break the strong.

bottle of tears, sad face particularly valuable.

tears if you know this, you will know why the sun after the rain is not only refreshing, but also a misty rainbow.

sad if you understand this, you will know why in addition to waking dreams of regret, there is not dare to sleep loss.

I believe you sad the most common type bottle is smiling.

usually quiet with, do not speak, because there is no strength to speak, after thinking it afraid of hurting the man, who does not think his first injury in such a way, that there is no desire for revenge, only to consider the how to appease, All this mess to appease the situation, to appease his bleeding heart liver and lung, that person may be the uneasy calm.

to say, but also obey other people say against his words. Yi Zizi like a knife cut out in his mind, often still see the look of joy that person, then cut out or increase the Shoujin force, or simply rubbed poison in the tip, Antiaris Lesch. Either shut up halfway, only the curvature of the mouth of the larger and more obvious Alice, sweeter and more charming. Perhaps because they allow water bottles

sad smile, and only love.

bottle sad smile, there are three components: sadness, relief and self-deprecating.

as sad smile bottle though, is only included in the mouth, their eyes watching it, the pair was cheerful love, because look at you and shine, it seems that harbors for you to use throughout the spring also use up the gentle eyes, still alive? Is not very cold, have been frozen, like a Wang was imprisoned in the pit, not Zhaoying out of your shadow? The Silence of the eyes, mouth and smile at you, this is my sad to tell you the water bottle one-third of expression.

relief is targeted at you, do not doubt, indeed hurt the bottle that you bring them to grief, without any liability. They are afraid you will therefore upset, while not suited to the feeling, so they smile and deliberately to show you that smile, so you know you can, you are permitted to do so. You have absolutely no love lost because of damage by water bottles of his power, on the contrary you love him this right is given more privileges, so you do not because of concerns about their feelings rather than happy Oh, bottles afraid of you cranky, Raising a smile was timely. position look at what they are doing is logical, is commendable. Matter of discord, peace-loving actions bottle a few commonly used: polite, back away, indifferent to shake their heads, but smiled in silence. So once he felt sad discord, he will begin to laugh at my ignorance of the. Reasonable person would be sad how ah? All intelligent people should be able to get the thing. Not surprisingly, water bottles is like that. So he laughed, a bitter mockery of his own heart, and innocent smile more brilliant, more innocent and lovely.

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