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Reproduced the absolute benefit from the job experience sharing (big) (4)

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ten, this is my summary of articles
the last part of a series of articles: summary article.
the previous article, 've all aspects of the process of looking for work experience and skills in detail to the people. In this article, I want to find work as a whole during this period to accumulate their own insights and experiences to share to you, and do not involve to find the specific details of the work, but I believe may be those who are still looking for a job or looking for work to inspire the students.
(a) of the critical success factors
job I do not think they are cattle, because In the process of looking for work, I experienced a lot of setbacks and failures, but also because of this, I could better understand the difficult process of looking for work, those who are still looking for work experience students who are facing pressure. with their own experience I sum up a bit, I feel the process of looking for work, determine your personal success or failure lies in the following four factors:
1, target
job, be sure to set clear objectives for themselves. this goal to combine their own personalities, hobbies, professional expertise, career planning, the actual ability to make a relatively objective and rational judgments, identify their own position, do not set unrealistic goals. like my character is more assertive , rich in personal experience, technology is not strong nor weak, after a comprehensive analysis and felt more suitable combination of technology and management walk the line, of course, but also very clear: Microsoft, google, Baidu These are not my ability to reach get, not for me, so I have written them all did not go. Here, in addition to the general lock their goal to find a job outside, but clearly:
own character more suitable to do? What are the advantages of their own ? what industries should be locked which position? For example, if you feel strong technical communication skills, but can not, then select the technical category positions; you if java is very strong, to focus investment and java related jobs; you if the hardware is very strong, hardware-related posts to vote; if you outgoing, often organize activities, better communication skills, management class to choose jobs, sales jobs category. These must be based on full and objective understanding of their own, based on the other, each person personality characteristics, technical expertise are not the same, do not blindly follow others, to combine their own situation, choose the most suitable for themselves, their target the most advantageous position. So, I hope we will not be misled, I just according to their own the actual situation of job-seekers to choose their own goals, is not encouraging students to engage in technology have to give up technology, I believe that most of the students of engineering or technology is more suitable.
here, I hope you remember that word: not the best work Only the most suitable job.
2, mentality
I think this is the most important job a determining factor in the failure of most of the students are often looking for work because the mentality is not correct. personally think: looking for work should holding a proactive attitude, rather than the passive state of mind. The two are qualitatively different state of mind, and the result will be a big difference. This is mainly reflected in: the attitude towards work, attitude towards opportunities , the attitude towards competition, the attitude towards cattle and attitudes towards all aspects of the failure.
1) attitude towards work
our basic school in the school for 4 years, 6 years or even longer, has been accustomed to school life, here and now facing graduation, finding a job, once pushed to the community, and millions of work force to compete, most people may find it difficult to adapt to the changing role of short period of time can not accept, or to the school's attitude towards this way of life and employment, passive, passive waiting for opportunities, but the results are often thwarted at every turn.
each graduate to complete the biggest change is that people from students to change career, and in the process of looking for work actually requires you to complete this transformation: the students can no longer treat their own standards and habits, and should be based on standards of professional people to treat themselves, asked themselves in this process, as soon as possible personal role and attitude change.
then, students and professional biggest difference between what is it? personally feel that responsibility.
from our high school and university entrance exam, and then to graduate school, more often family members to help us make a decision, or that we study in this way is already planning a good, we rarely make choices for themselves, very few real life to take responsibility, because we are students, During this time, we more often obtained from the parents, to the community request, giving them little in return because we are students, we do not need to decide their own future, as yet to come, we are students .
But now, when you graduated, is pushed this society, you're ready to take on the responsibility they should take up?
Now, you have to decide their future path in life, must be responsible for the future for themselves, no longer have parents to help their loved ones, totally depend on you, you ready to take up this responsibility?
previous years, we have been obtained from others now about to into the community, you ready to take up corresponding social responsibility?
previous years, we have been under the care of their parents grow up, they can find money, out of the problem can be look for them to solve, and now, these umbrella was gone, you have a person to face the pressures of life and responsibility, to be completely on their own efforts, to make money, buy a house, get married, raise children, support parents. this time, you are ready to take on the responsibility of living up?
they can stop and think about: I try to force their own future yet? If not, then I ask you: you do not responsible for their own future, who responsible for you?
This is the biggest problem facing many students is to treat yourself, treat the family, the lack of a sense of responsibility towards society, and this sense of responsibility, it must have a professional person, and it is lacking in many students . I think a lot of students looking for work negative and passive, often causes here.
fact, the process of looking for work is to give each of us an opportunity, a way to decide their own future opportunities in life, there is no people can help you, including your family, your entire future entirely up to you to decide success or failure of all in your own, the results bear all by yourself, you face is the responsibility of their own future life.
Therefore, a right attitude should be: in line with their responsibility to their families, socially responsible approach to the treatment of serious employment, positive, active and make the greatest efforts to fight for their future every opportunity.
if There is a mentality of looking for work, you will not stay in the dormitory, waiting for someone to tell you jobs, waiting for someone tell you to go to job fairs, up late would not be missed because of recruitment, not think of a daily talk will start the first day of play will be games, irrigation and irrigation, to see the film, they will not say like work has nothing to do with other people. no one can be responsible for your future, but you. No one can rely on their own, can only rely on their own.
can understand the difference? When you begin to understand: to find a job is your own share of responsibility, it is your own to find their own path in life an opportunity is you formally into the community, participate in the competition and take responsibility, return the mark of parents and community, you will be proactive, systemic heart into it in the process of looking for work, do their best to create their own fight for every opportunity. because: you have to be responsible for your life, your parents want to raise responsible, responsibility to society as a whole, can not let themselves married in the future, and take a lot of detours later, because this time back to the force did not do regrets.
Therefore, the attitude towards a job should be: responsible, proactive and go all out, do no regrets .
2) the attitude towards the opportunity
many students complain that they have no chance, then, is how come the opportunity? to rely on other, or rely on someone to give you come from? not, chances are on their own earned. I heard we have a boy next, Huawei to days of age, did not give him written the opportunity, he went to King T; interview and without him, he went to King surface; later, hair offer Shiyou without him, he went to King to sign. Finally, his perseverance finally moved the HR, given his offer, and sent him to his most want to go to Shenzhen. At this point, I would like to congratulate the man Xiongtai: You The future will be bright, because you know how to fight for their every opportunity. then the other students? Have you ever wanted to fight for their own past, such a chance? Perhaps you will find it very difficult to feel no hope, however, As long as you try to fight, it may be impossible possible, even if the failure has no regrets. But how many students take the initiative to fight for their chance to do each time? When you're sad sigh, watching movies playing games When the opportunity was ignored from you.
have the chance later, but also how to hold it? believe that every student will have many opportunities, but why some students missed the first times? I think the key is How do you present the opportunity to look at, whether it was fully prepared. If every opportunity, you have to make the greatest efforts, and that if they fail have nothing to regret. fear most is not try, so I missed opportunities, as will a lifetime regret.
here, to mention a little episode. I signed up to join the last unit of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation has experienced many twists and turns in the process, then go to Beijing to interview HR informed me when I was in Beijing written authority in foreign currency, cell phones off, so do not get through. Thanks to a call to remind me to do business, exam, after booting to see missed calls, play in the past before I went to the interview that is to inform, or is likely to miss the life opportunities; interview, more than 20 people attend last as long as three individuals, competition is fierce. 2 weeks after the end of the interview, HR sent a letter telling me that I and other 5 people in the waiting list, in the December 31 jobs As before, if someone give up, will consider us. was no hope that the results did not expect December 31 at noon in the streets of Beijing HR suddenly received a phone call telling me to give up in front of a man, so I decided to hire me . back and experienced a lot of twists and turns, and finally the successful signing of this unit. So, the opportunity may come at any time, the key is whether you ready.
cherish every opportunity, your life will not leave sorry.
3) attitude towards competition
We go to school all these years, very few experienced real competition, but when we graduate into society, we are facing a variety of brutal competition, should be What kind of attitude towards the competition? personal thought and social development is a source for competition, natural selection, survival of the fittest, is the universal law of nature, the same, in order to progress in our society, survival of the fittest is inevitable results. Therefore, we must find a job from the first day to establish a sense of competition, courage to face competition. competition is actually to provide everyone a fair chance to everyone to improve themselves in the competition. Sports , when there is a strong opponent and your competition, even if lost, you will find that their performance has greatly improved, and this is the result of competition. Similarly, in the process of looking for work, when you constantly, and some cattle to compete, you will find yourself slowly into the last cattle. If so, why not a positive attitude to face the competition? Think of it as you find enough to improve themselves and improve their own process if they fail, will be harvested, is not it? Do not take any chances, and you hope no cattle competition, you will be able to get the offer, if you can not improve their core competitiveness, then the work , you will still be eliminated.
everywhere life is full of competition, only the right to face competition foothold in this society you can.

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