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Fashion deserters and classic domestic products (very long, no patience, and Lu Yu fans do not enter)

 Lined, beautiful, spent $ 2,000, life seems to wear at least .10 years later, she spent 500 dollars and buy a PRADA irregular cut thin poplin trousers, put it gently through his pants leg, torn hem; hands into the pockets, the stitching cracked; squat to pick up her two year old child, breaking the back of pants out of a big hole. less than 10 minutes, this pants falling apart film, disintegrated. Donna. PRADA Thomas to a former assistant designer complained. Times have had! 3 years to write a book: , deceive customers, stripped of all unique characteristics so famous. by the reader to conclusions. bad reputation for the man, nicknamed fear a businessman, I just admire him do it. take, readily available, and all sounds so noble, hell, just like communism! can it not, it is from the inside out capitalism, straightforward goal: to make more money. The most important means is the brand name have become the brand lost the basis of: hand-made and high quality while reducing costs in the price gouging, shoddy work. . to the classic LV suitcases mm, for example, Louis 1854 is still carried on. Vuitton invented production method: frame using a hard, lightweight wood of the African Aoku Mei, glue a layer of canvas where convergence, both difficult to rupture the box is smooth and flat, with brass corner protection layer, edge decoration is called ; VUITTONITTE 500, and other LV products are completed in the production line, most from the machine.
LV in the mansion at the outskirts of Paris courtyard, a production line of 12 seamstress to use the machine processing of hundreds of best-selling models LV handbags . boxes of traditional hand, when pay big bucks to buy a handbag off the production line, they were mistakenly thought to buy a timeless tradition. There are other tricks: the sleeves cut half an inch (one employee said: cut to 1000 will save you know how much The most exotic countries: Origins here, back here eventually, production and consumption are both. color and texture), but hard to conceal this fact. a few packages mark magnifying glass to see. some of the After the meeting are posted as , only a very small number of brands produced in China take the initiative to recognize.
2006 年, COACH, President and CEO Ian. Bickleigh (Ian Bickley) reporter in an interview said: Italian leather artisans to send team to teach the Chinese workers, China's production process has reached the standard of quality. her visit to a foundry factory in Dongguan, the experience, she was under conditions of confidentiality were allowed to enter and see the workers in sewing a certain brand of handbags and the brand has always claimed that all their products are hand-made Italian. She did not points out the brand name, and bird on the assembly line production handbags cost about 120 dollars, then it is in a department store in Hong Kong soared to 10 times the cost.
It is estimated that by 2011, China will is the world's most important luxury market. And some of China's consumers, while around the turn of mad attraction of these products, while Quedui Great Brands Group is the crazy side effects caused by expansion of a show off mm label brand logo, even if the loss of original quality, the label attached to the illusion of this road still. When a package of genuine and fake is just two different drop line drop line or three, during which the difference becomes very strange.
the secret not well known, the brand through advertising group are more willing and open a new source of inspiration, social significance, and with a colorful life closely. Donna. Thomas said: confidence. they will stop buying, profits plummeted, the company, as well as their parent group, will face bankruptcy. publicly traded companies need transparency, that is, the annual financial information presented in financial statements, but branding as a group, they can be confused with all the numbers. We always see LVMH profits obtained, and its brand as the hype, seems to be extremely successful, but you do not know is, LV annual turnover hit record Meanwhile, Givenchy and Kenzo Takada's revenue is so-so. . Mr. Arnault Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LV St. Carsley (Yves Carcelle) refused an interview, but fortunately she had seen them many times. But as the book there were rumors she was blocked LVMH Group, forbade her to appear any brand in any of the group's conference, and asked her to apologize for remarks made to the Group. Donna. Thomas refused to acknowledge what's wrong, she joined the ultimate resort of fashion journalists, President's wife, commented: broken heart to cherish the memory of the service only a small minority, She believes that this is the real founder of boutique, hand-blown glass, they used to make decorative flower dress, with gold and precious stones to decorate her long dress design. Chanel studio to produce hundreds of pieces of dazzling long dress, the silver flakes made of stitched pearls, so it is cumbersome. open jacket covered with pearls and sequins, mosaic of beautiful clothes at the end of the linen lace again. inspiration, is the fine against the trend of globalization. works, and Goosens of gold and silver. The punk elements. Special of the Lesage embroidery workshop in the rush for 1 month, every day they are sitting around the wooden sewing machines busy before, gold nails to turn on clothing, sewing crystal, inlaid beads, elaborate and carefully pin them, as if Sewing sweet caramel brittle. Embroidery Workshop has worked with Christian Dior, Givenchy, Yves St.. Laurent and other senior garment manufacturers, is the world's largest embroidery supply-side fashion, with more than sixty tons of supplies inventory, including flash preserved 1870s crystal, the twentieth century arched stones, rhinestones, glass beads. . Laisa Ji (Francois Lesage), said he is 76 years of age, skills honed after 50 years in 1949 from his father lived to 125 years old took over the embroidered Square, he will hand known as ethics and can not tolerate a little harsh impurities elegant more than 20 million women wear high customization, which is part of the bourgeois women's daily lives, buying custom clothing is a senior social activities and thoughtful etiquette. Diaw will do twice a year, mailing out 300 of gold floating Convex invitation cards to customers, journalists and celebrities, the conference each year in January and July at 30 Avenue Montaigne Dior headquarters, guests sit in a chair on the beautiful, huge flowers stood behind the cylinder, stuck inside the roses, gardenias and carnations, the conference started on time and will not compromise for anyone in particular. late Duke of Windsor once said, can only stand in the hall. But now, advanced in mass customization for produce clothing line, buy clothes Haute Fashion Week will also be replaced every year to buy advanced custom clothing less than 200 women, hand workshops serious loss of customers, the number plummeted artisans, embroidery work in Paris is not only .2002 to 200 people were Chanel acquired Corner Lesage embroidery, but not monopoly, still allowing customization with other high-level suppliers. Laisa Ji said that after the acquisition embroidery workshops situation getting better and better as more and more clothing range of services.
Desrues Square button is the hand of the oldest workshops in Paris, was established in 1929, originally located in Bali Ma black area in the 1930s tens of thousands gathered here tailors and artisans busy, and later left it one. once Desrues Square button is depressed, in 1984, only 20 craftsmen, after the acquisition in 1997 by Chanel, artisans increased to 170 the number of the original old mill are less than Sheng, and had to move to the outskirts of a 8600 Paris square feet, bright and clean a large plant. Button Square, the old practice of the basic continuity, but also gradually joined the modern technology. process begins by the designer to build a metal or silicon cast model, the alloy is poured, after centrifugation from the mold removed, trimmed after being polished, plated with gold, silver or green rust, and finally the polishing. If the so-called designed according to the procedure with a laser light sent to the unmanned machines. Button Square button daily production of 4000, each year 1 million specifically for Chanel, of which only 3000 series for advanced customization.
as a French Lin Zuqiang state media work in the past 10 years, visited more than 30 hands of the French investigation workshop. He said: Square always has time protection, such as industry associations selected every year, . In the past 10 years, the global marketing and brand group workshops are a veteran hit the French market bear the price, some workshops had to shift production base, reduce labor costs. Linzu Jiang visited a small town in southern France, a bronze workshop, part of the production has been transferred to North Africa, and even the use of machinery instead of hand, he saw the finished product back from North Africa, old suitcases, and the French local homemade poles do not, luggage and boxes of copper rivets embedded corner of the arc line, have no old subtle and refined. Linzu Jiang that the big brands really eased the acquisition of the old mill source rare, economic strain, but the quality has been the definition of is called the concept of difference, the high value-added custom clothing transferred to the clothing accessories, and buy a product standardization and mass production, seemed to enjoy the glory of high-level customization. more of the best hands of the workshop is in no hurry to be acquired, because in recent years the number of consumer aversion to popular products gradually increased, these workshops are returning customers.
brand era How to lose luster, The clothing line, is about These ingenious craftsmen, and the skills used in the future from the past is, although a bit later, he could not find the North, there are some ambitious rhetoric: with McDonald's products and philosophy is very similar to each buy a McDonald's hamburger and experience you have exactly the same, LV no difference. We help create the phenomenon GUCCI, at the time was right, even if we do not, others will do, At that time the world is globalization, everything is in place is money, I take pride in what we do. But this is not my interest now, and I strongly oppose! All of these handbags ads make me queasy, it was too than standard. think about the customer will not like us very tired of stupid, I believe the influence of small companies do not lose a large company, we can from small, boutique learn something old. Louboutin is rare in the fashion industry, product, owned and operated by designer, little ambition, the production perfect, but extremely successful .2000 sit in Paris dinner in a private residence, Mrs Louboutin designer and sat on the sofa to surrounded by four successful businessmen. When asked dream, it is necessary to face the Faustian choice mm is to gain wealth, fame and the soul sold to the accumulation of the devil, or to maintain the character of the others? this fact, it is only a personality test. Advanced customization and Muji, though different, but they are manufactured by the Group of big brands with the standard of tired of mediocrity is its own little resistance to globalization. Some people are willing to review the court that originated in the era of luxury, Donna. Carl Thomas to repeat it again. Lagerfeld talk about scripts: Chanel Haute buy some clothes are busy, and they are aboard a private jet to try on clothes, regardless of when to appear in red carpet style, those women will immediately cancel the custom. a pride. modest and frugal life skills in the confidence of satisfaction and calm. All this and Yingyinggougou, audacious and arrogant rich and poor in the material could be seen on the tit for tat kind of worry about the outcome. ; known as the infamous dress elegant make-up, do not want to wear jewelry, work also performed on the release of the spinning operation in Guizhou, Mongolian dyeing technique, experimental means strong. Prior to this series has been named the show works and compete for the In fact, just going through the history of humanity that attracted me simple times, when the people with a deep reverence for nature and the initial understanding of things and live a simple life one of the most essential . those sources rather than life simple for the famous master of time for a strong penetration across the thousands of years, hitting the heart now. This is my quest, so simple garment back to its original charm and let people return to over-stimulate the senses of the sensitive nuances. Today's era, the real trend-driven fashion is no longer empty beautiful packaging, but should be back to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, I believe that true luxury not its price, but should be representative of the spirit in his. and the product manufacturer to start to with oriental features, high-quality technology to conquer the world. From Shiatzy. Chen, on the beach for the design using the theme of Chinese traditional culture into the international perspective, the 1960s, , nothing to fear by a group of young people to lead.
Lao Jin is the one. 6 am, his fringe in Beijing a Flea Market composite trading public Department is waiting for the demolition of the village, which markets there is a they call it here, ; Yantai Clock Industry Yongkang unlimited company name car only sold in the UK and Japan, vehicle photos printed in the global sale of large packages, the price over a million. but in the Lao Jin opinion, bag kits are similar. British model of industrial MINI COOPER, the object of his old Amoy in China and both are the essence of contemporary design, which contains the same strain of the pure aesthetic and lasting charm, showing the interest and return to primitive simplicity shine. The difference, MINI COOPER and Paul Smith have been incorporated into the fashion flow; while others are lying, ; Chinese elements No. 59-1 in eight homes. Lao Jin research, which Pán courtyard is a warlord's concubine concubine, which sounds like a self-comforting, as if this ever-changing city, there is something to continue down the same strain. He also printed the pictures to display collection: Double Happiness fans with the 1968 toy pistols; mapping Lennon and Yoko Ono nude the good news is that big round mirror Hongmei; Seagull alarm transferred to 4:00 8 points, next to that you can copy a famous poem. there Andy. Warhol, Woody. Allen, Kubrick, and so a lot of ambiguous, it is very mixed. album begins to write: Red 20r, bamboo metal thermos bottle to replace the warm water bottle in the hands of the working class. will not change shape to attract public attention, can not any of a number of pointers on the satisfactory end of the heavy. stirring feelings and reservations with the object covered with dust.
showed a picture of the Lao Jin Tsinghua University, Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts between the Professor, Head of Design Art to see, the professor took out another of the album: In this collection of 999 industrial design classic atlas, we can see the prototype of a permanent bike In the United States, 999 There is only one from China, ranked first, a copper pair of scissors.
Hang professor of aesthetics between the history of design theory, the history of industrial design in China to sort out only until the Ming Dynasty. He said: History of Design from about l r started the Westernization Movement, l Learn the Technology from the Western r, learning things that are foreign. Life Aesthetic sporadic in the see .1920-1930 era Shanghai, Paris, degree of urbanization is comparable, but still self-sufficient rural, urban life dependent on foreign goods supplies. After our own soil has been very poor design, all attributed to a unified, practical and a dominant aesthetic retreat later, foreign industrial design is a lot of the classic reference and production. the so-called design r l not be advocated, it is split in heavy industry and traditional handicrafts in the two areas. She said: work produced a l r the middle school arts marketing system context. then management is the handicraft Authority, the handicraft industry is a combination of art and industry, so there contradictions in the management of ownership, as art, should be placed under the Ministry of Culture management; as industrial, belong to the Second Light Industry Management. Finally, the second was placed under the Ministry of Light Industry arts management, according to the model of industrial management. So on the one hand led to the embarrassment of artisans, on the other hand l the planned economy system too much, the management r die without being able to cast too. money is limited, the purchasing power are not met, the basic attend to buy the brand, quality and style. that time, people pursuing a large, live in a peaceful plain Army green, slogan.
1954 年 10 on 2, the Soviet economy and culture Exhibition in Beijing, which is held in the new China's first international exhibition, exhibition of a luxury is the watches, even though the dial is marked in Chinese, but its manufacturers is the first watch factory in Moscow. This year, when he was director of the State Planning Commission inspection in Shanghai, Li Fuchun raised: that of six hundred million people in big market, watches Industrial accomplish much. hope Shanghai will produce our own manufacturing watches. domestic development and production of watches is a long and complicated story, but to comprehend the gateway to the entrance to No. 378 Changle Road in Shanghai, where the independent designer shops from the area gathered has been a bit far away, surrounded by mostly sell antiques and antique furniture stores. old watches the store only a small counter, more of a porcelain vase, root tea table, antique clock and the like. shopkeeper Mr Yung sitting at the table after playing with computers, a customer asked: JOEL CHAN collector admits that he's old and watch more than 700 pieces, mostly from China, Shanghai store .1956 of this annual production of Now the market is a rare collection. Shanghai Watch Factory in 1958 produced A581-type watches, watch the Chinese large-scale production of iconic products, discontinued until 1967, total production of several millions, is now an antique shop in Shanghai , the 100 dollars a .1963 began production of A623 type, then the general public a rare, only senior officials of the military and government use. Premier Zhou had been wearing is A623, the piece of watch collection in the Museum of Chinese Revolution. China successfully tested an atomic bomb in 1964, A623 has also released a special commemorative section. made the investment value of the watch is not great, the prices of these old watches, mostly in between 1000-2000 yuan, many entry-level collectors recognized collection of 60 Age-made table, not in speculation or investment, but to those days in mind. One collector said: not copy the movement is almost completely out of the process. This imitation on the surface has not yet own design capability, but it is a national metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and precision machining technology reflects the level of importance. watch is small, but can a country which overall strength of the glimpse. Nguyen Chung Shun Fat Factory Master of the trial how to complete the main task of plywood. In Lao Jin seems, no matter where you come from, the name of China's brand of old design, implicit in old times, he also understood some of the design imitation from abroad, But the process has reached a considerable level with foreign ...

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