Thursday, December 16, 2010

The origins of Valentine's Day-century21-focused blog

 Valentine's Day is a day belonging to friends, belonging to the family day is Valentine's day. As the Chinese people now have with the almost fanatical enthusiasm as from the Christmas, Valentine's Day has quietly infiltrated the minds of many young people among a outside of the traditional Chinese festival is another important festival. Valentine's Day on the history and meaning may not necessarily be known to most people. The following are to be introduced, only one of the legends about Valentine's Day part. (say a) in ancient Roman, 14 February is that the respect of some Na designed holiday. about Tina is the queen of Roman gods, the Romans worshiped the same time, her marriage to women and God. next February 10五日 is called Sarah Day at Lupa, boys can choose a girl, his beloved name on the vase. In this way, the holidays, young man to the girl of their choice can dance to celebrate the holiday. If the girl was also selected young man interested, they could have been paired, and eventually fall in love and together they walk into the church to get married. posterity for this purpose every year on February 14 as Valentine's Day. (say b) is probably the first Valentine's Day originated in the ancient Roman Lupercalia (ancient Rome, a festival in early spring.) early in ancient Rome, fierce wolves are commonly found in the nearby woods, the Roman people will pray to their god Lupercus wolves to help them out. To commemorate Lupercus, They will be early spring in the annual February 15 celebration activities, which is the Roman Lupercalia festival. The original Lupercalia festival has a beautiful custom, that is, young people, is arbitrary.'s New Year's Eve at the Lupercalia, the names of each of the Roman girls were written on a small piece of paper, and placed in a bottle, and then each young man from out of one, so that the corresponding paper on the girl's name He has become this year's Si II ordered all the young soldiers do not allow marriage or engagement, he was worried that married men just want to stay at home, do not want to go to war. Valentine Bishop sympathize with them, often secretly marry young, so enthusiastic people get married. This makes a very angry Crow Judith II, Bishop Valentine was imprisoned and was executed. Later, the Roman young man in the annual February 14 (Lupercalia festival of New Year's Eve, but also Warren Thai bishop's martyrdom day) of spontaneous activity Ji Nianhua at Bishop Valentine. Later, the gradual prevalence of Christianity in Rome, Rome, bishops of the church on February 15 put the Lupercalia festival moved to February 14, so that February 14 be --- The real Valentine Day is Valentine's Day. In the West, Valentine's Day is not only the best time to express affection, but also propose to their loved ones the best time.

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