Thursday, December 9, 2010

Introduction Introduction Introduction Zodiac Constellation

 Aquarius (January 20 Gregorian 18 -2 Aquarius born in the autumn night sky when a southerly constellation of symbols that represent a symbol of water. Aquarius is ruled as all the inequalities and contradictions, with a total attitude of doubt or uneven heart, and will gradually tend to anti-establishment thinking. Thus, sometimes even heresy will become lonely, or show a more dramatic action. independent and persistent personality . often have some radical, innovative style of thoughtful, the characters belong to a new era, a rich sense of brotherhood and democracy, to break the social class and ethnic differences, and cultivate a true friendship. For some the concept of de facto, to be loyal to their own belief,UGG boots cheap, excitedly trying to resist. This type of person, often found in order to achieve a common purpose peer node group of the party, launching the movement of people.
Aquarians are fickle, and sometimes lively, very confession force, funny, charming, and sometimes depression, indifference and laziness. a charming demeanor, sometimes conservative, timid, but it is quite a confession capacity, is honest and loyal friend, altruism is the highest one of the main features, some humanitarian spirit is conceited, stubborn and independent, adventurous.
emotionally very sensitive, easily hurt, so openly angry, but soon calmed down, will not grudge a long time. a lively mental, showing extraordinary sense, but by the feelings and prejudices, common sense will become poor. with extraordinary sharp observation, to note the details. analysis, synthesis, classification of the ability to quickly , others think before they have been able to take action. This response is good, only used their own feelings Shique is not good.
have a natural reason to understand the nature of the human heart, in addition to a high degree of tolerance, personality is usually balanced and healthy. full of the spirit of research, like all new things, to accept new findings. with good observation skills and the ability to build theory, often caused by genius, inventor, scientist or a an astute researchers of human behavior. believe that humans are brothers within the four seas and the concept of one world. However, to achieve objectives, the method does not take the violent extremists, will support the holding of self-determination, with the moderate attitude.
not susceptible to the surrounding environment, rely on their own intellectual and spiritual capacities, for their utmost efforts, to act according to their wisdom. is fair and reasonable means to resolve the matter, but sometimes your opinion is not necessarily realistic, because Your vision is far more freely that it seems impossible in a short time. but the best things are often expected to occur properly, do not rush with human friends, but once made friends very loyal friendship. < br> Pisces -3 Gregorian February 19 Pisces born March 20, in the fall to winter, between the constellations seen in the top of the head to the east, the sign it as a symbol of two fish. Pisces is ruled by the , the patron saint of help, but also attach a lot of love! learning in helping others before their own ability to measure whether the permit, if necessary, said, too honest, vulnerable to other people into trouble. As the relationship between personality, he is not dared to refuse the trust of others things, so often the case does not knowingly be involved in the incidents being. often watch others change their face and therefore attitude, we can see he is a man without self-confidence. As a more sensitive nature, so easy to fall into serious setbacks Zhimaxiaoshi into, or which lead to depression. talented, like fantasy. by Lai Xinjiang, can adapt to different environment and position. a wealth of creativity and artistic talent, indulge in the plot and poetic dream, that true happiness is the spiritual body of the world combined. Choose from the earthly life, the material will not be much achievement. full of compassion, and sacrifice, the spirit of self, particularly the weak and compassion in society unfortunate.
a good observation, insight and common sense, ability to learn very fast, very good memory, but also flexible imagination, like daydreaming, enjoy the whimsy of the state, also have good reasoning ability, like to travel and get comfortable. born with kindness, generosity, compassion, patience, and conservative temperament. the words of others are quite sensitive , the attitude of the people around is no different. nature, peace, extremely sensitive, angry and perverse tendency to be troubled by the nervous system.
If we can overcome the conservative habits, the feelings are very straightforward, affectionate and considerate of your love people, but beware of irrational jealousy. nature, need other people's attention and dear, if it is not susceptible to deep injury. In love, very sensitive, romantic fantasy, and unrealistic ideals will make you greatly disappointed .
Pisces people are warm hearted, affectionate, and loved romantic atmosphere. of any people are very friendly, very easy to put into the arms of others, trust others. see other people hurt, often forget their skills, for others efforts, Auntie, easy to believe others do for others, but also want to get a good impression on others, if the other side too realistic for you, destroy your dreams and hope, you will feel dissatisfied with a large against injustice. nature, generosity and mercy, will get a lot of friends, these are spiritual and intelligent, loyal friend, willing to sacrifice themselves to help friends. personality is inclined to sympathize with other people, sensitive and rich intuitive. personality alertness, mental strength are particularly sensitive, with a vivid imagination and easy to accept the hint,UGG boots clearance, easily affected by others.

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