Monday, December 20, 2010

Fate is doomed, and happiness on our own fight!!!

 There is a vision, always breaking up, before she is emotionally attached.
There is a feeling, the total after the departure, is that it is lost.
Have a feeling, always sleep when it is recognized as Acacia. < br> There is a bond, always wake up before that is eternal.
some fate is doomed to lose, some fate is never a good result, do not necessarily have to love a person, but have a must be good people to love him.
life is the process of looking for love, each person's life must find four people: yourself, your favorite person, person who loves you, spend my whole life, but it pessimism is your favorite, and often did not choose you; love you, more often than not you love; and most long-term, but why are not you love is not love you, just in time to the most appropriate man.
have a memory for a long time,
there is one thought for very long,
there is a love can be very broad,
there is a beautiful way to illuminate the life,
because It stems from love and strength.
true love is the journey of life hand in hand in the arm, is two strings of harmony in the same melody in the quiver, it is not how possession, mutual trust between the two sides should observe the post- A `` `` waiting for you, is not a simple pale vows, but a dull day in the same boat many, whom.
decided the fate, the decision means mentality, happy or not is not how much you have, but rather you to What kind of mind to look at life.
love sometimes like a dish, a taste of a long time will inevitably make the taste numb, then more important than haste for a Spicy Love Soup, but calm down, in plain the surface to find love mellow taste, if necessary, came alive again in some seasoning, perhaps love is still delicious.
When you came to me the most cold; you through the long and arduous journey, but the results back to the starting point of pale; you think you are all abandoned, but saw his standing in the results between lit. often encounter some unexpected things, change your life, change your route, or even change your character.
some people may have been carved in life, and even forget his voice, forgot His smile and forget his face, but think of him every time, that feeling, but you would never change.
I always thought the story of mountain water, the cloud is the story of the wind, you are my story, but do not know, I was not your story.
this world there are a lot of hatred without reason, a lot of no apparent cause for jealousy, no apparent cause of suspicion, no apparent cause of the anger, these are in the human secretly grow under the bright side, waiting for the day was off by disclosing a beautiful hole in the surface, then, these things will be dark and dirty spewing out, a moment to take over the world.
who have never thought will forget the pain, those that can not be gone forever wound, will be in the palm of time and slowly get healed.

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