Wednesday, December 22, 2010

For further Ge Yuhong Zhang Nianqi heaven and hell is often a game of chess

 Zhang Nianqi: for further Ge Yuhong: heaven and hell is often a game of chess

AP July 22 Shaoxing news: 2009 be the first men's tournament in paragraph 9 Harding Park, a small player Zhangnian Qi Ge Road to 9 straight victories as a good career ahead score early stage. Sina sports in the first interview with the new Section 2009 champion, and his teacher Ge Yuhong .
Zhang Nianqi: born in 1993, 6 years old learning chess, will be the Qingyuan section of the former chess club in Woodland (Ge Yuhong Go Dojo) Training, 2008 National Rank in the 20th game.
Sina: First of all congratulate you on your scheduled segment successfully.
Zhangnian Qi: Thank you.
Sina: after paragraph has given nothing special to say?
Zhang Nianqi: Oh, very happy.
Sina: There are people who do not want to thank ?
Zhang Nianqi: would like to thank my parents, for teachers Ge.
Sina: Please tell us about the experience of learning chess.
Zhang Nianqi: I am 6 years old started to learn chess .2003 dojo Go to Beijing to learn chess Nie, Later, Ma Xiaochun Go into the dojo training, has been followed since 2004, GE teacher, last year into the Ge dojo.
Sina: What do you plan after paragraph set it?
Zhang Nianqi: not thought too much, for further it.
Geyu Hong said: a hot day 40 degrees waiting anxiously at the door, two words that sum up the last r. l long story, I hope a lot of media attention to these ideals and strive for the children, more of a concern to a little more power.

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